Meeting with Clients November 1, 2018

Why You Need to Change Real Estate Presentations on the Fly

By Tiana Baur, Content Marketing Manager


Meeting Prospects: Make it a Conversation, Not a Presentation

It’s hard to act as a trusted advisor when meeting with clients and prospects if you don’t know the answer to client questions or worse yet – can’t look them up (we can’t all know everything). And when you’re giving real estate presentations to potential clients, the trusted advisor perception becomes even more important.

That’s why the ability to change and update your real estate presentations on the fly is an absolute must. MoxiPresent, our interactive CMA and presentation tool allows you to do just that. Below are some of the many ways MoxiPresent allows you to be agile in front of clients – without the mad scramble.

Make changes on the fly/add in new data

Did your prospects’ neighbor’s house just go on the market this morning, but you made the presentation yesterday? No problem. You can add in or take away homes on the fly while you’re sitting next to your potential clients. This is a great way to showcase how nimble you are as an agent and your presentation will become more of a conversation than a presentation, which is the ultimate goals.

Edit the remarks

Did you know you can edit the listing remarks in your presentations? While the normal remarks are most often just fine, that doesn’t mean they’re tailored to your prospective buyer or seller. If it’s a buyer presentation, edit the remarks towards what you know they’re looking to buy. Does it have enough bedrooms? Is it close to a school? Put all the info you want them to see first in the remarks, that way they’re front and center and your guidance becomes invaluable. If they’re a seller, edit to the remarks to showcase how their house ranks compared to others.

Up-to-date MLS data

Okay, this one is awesome because agents don’t actually have to make any changes here. With MoxiPresent, MLS data is always up-to-date. You never have to worry again when walking into a potential client meeting because all property data will be updated the second you click that presentation link.

In many ways, MoxiPresent is the shoes to your outfit. While it might feel like a great real estate presentation can make or break a meeting, what’s more vital is how you come across as a whole. MoxiPresent is special because it puts the agent in the spotlight, allowing them to be the star of the show, winning clients over time and time again. Honestly, what’s better than that?

Find out more about MoxiPresent here.

Productivity October 3, 2017

This Presentation Tool Wins More Business

The presentation tool that wins more business

By Tiana Baur

Moxi Works recently conducted a case study on our popular presentation and CMA product. Why? Well, we were curious to see how agents performed when they used the product vs. how they performed when they didn’t. To do this, we chose Windermere Real Estate agents in Western Washington as the sample for the case study. There are roughly 2,700 Windermere agents in the Western Washington region. We looked at their agent activity for the 2016 calendar year and found some seriously insane results. But before we reveal them, you deserve some background info first.

Who is Windermere?

Windermere Real Estate is ranked the largest regional real estate company in the Western U.S. with over 300 offices and 6,000 agents in 11 Western states. Founded in 1972, Windermere has been family owned and operated since. They are based in Seattle, Washington and are heavily involved in the communities their offices are in. You can learn more about Windermere and what they’re all about here.

What is Moxi Present?

Moxi Present is a tool that allows agents to easily create seller, buyer, and open house presentations. They are MLS-connected, updated to the minute and every property can be shown with the actual driving commute time to any location. This presentation and CMA tool also allows agents to include video and other rich media right into their presentation and enables agents to create listing flyers in a snap.

What did we find out?

Seller-Side Transactions
Seller agents who used Moxi Present averaged 6.4 sales in the 2016 year, while those that didn’t only averaged 4.17 sales, meaning that seller agents using Moxi Present had 53% more listing sales.

Buyer-Side Transactions
Buyer agents that used Moxi Present averaged 5.71 sales, while those who didn’t averaged 4.30 sales, helping those that took advantage of the tool average 34% more buyer-side transactions.

Total Transactions
When adding those numbers up, that’s 12.08 sides for agents who used Moxi Present and only 8.42 for those who did not. Windermere agents who used Moxi Present enjoyed 43% MORE business in 2016! We probably don’t need to point out the fact that this is a huge change to an agent’s bottom line.

As you can probably guess, we were elated when we figured out the results. We are founded on the goal to make agents more productive and brokerages more profitable. The numbers from this case study speak for themselves. Agents that use Moxi Present, a tool their brokerage provides for them, do more business than those that don’t.


Download the full case study here.