Sphere Marketing August 28, 2018

5 Fun Ways to Engage with Your Sphere

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

client relationships header imageSaying that client relationships are tricky is an understatement, everyone knows that. For you as an agent, relationships are more than just tricky – they are the foundation of your career, so keeping them strong and healthy is essential to your success.

If you’ve ever been one to miss an important event, an anniversary for example, it’s likely safe to say that you’ve found out (the hard way) the important role that timing plays in building said client relationships. Mediocre efforts to maintain them and get the timing right will cause you to fall short, meaning that you must go above and beyond to stay top-of-mind and wow your clients, constantly. Don’t stress – we’ve got you covered.

Enter: Moxi Insights. It gives you all the information about your clients that you need to do the right things at the right time, every time. Read on for ways to utilize these insights in order to maintain long term engagement with your sphere, and keep the business rolling in.

Do they have a pet?

We all have them – the clients that constantly talk about their dog, show you pictures of their dog, and refer to their dog as their “kid.” Those clients make the world a better place, so make them feel appreciated by sending them a BarkBox once a year to spoil their pup and acknowledge them in a personal way. Make sure to include a personalized note in it so they know it’s from you!

Do they have a special occasion coming up?

Sending clients cards to celebrate birthdays, graduations and anniversaries are great, but you don’t want them to end up in piles along with the rest of their forgotten mail. This means you need to put that extra bit of effort to exceed their expectations and make your efforts unforgettable. If you are sending a card, make it pop. If you are sending them a gift, make it personal. Either way, make sure to send it ahead of time!

It’s almost Fall already?

Keeping up with which holidays are celebrated by which clients can add stress to an already stressful attempt to maintain relationships. This is just one of many reasons why celebrating seasons can be a safer and more enjoyable alternative. If summer is approaching, send them a card that contains a schedule of nearby outdoor movies. If it’s winter that’s looming, send them a list of places to go for the best cup of hot cocoa. Not only will it show them you are thinking about them, but it will keep you top of mind year-round. Consider downloading one of these apps to stay up-to-date with potential events and activities to send their way.

Do they need a bit of (guide)ance?

You want to be your client’s go-to consultant, so why not provide them with guides they need to get them through sticky times in their life? It will be a fun project for you, and the insights provided by Moxi Insights will help you feel confident that you are providing them the information when they need it most. For example, if they have kids that are graduating, send them your “Guide to Downsizing.” 

Do they have kids?

If you’ve spent time around kids you’ve probably noticed two things. One – they are pretty ease to please. Two – if they think you’re cool, they will let everyone on the planet know. Giving clients tickets to go to the local state fair or out to a movie with their families will likely be something they won’t forget and provides an easy way to become a familiar name.

Building client relationships is sort of like learning how to run. Its awkward and confusing at first, but over time it gets easier and you never want to stop – at least that’s what runners say. Anyway, it’s something that will take work, but will become what you depend on to build a strong business over time. There’s no better time than the present to get started!