Real Estate Marketing July 27, 2018

Differentiating Your Content Between Social Media Channels

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

social media blog header imageThe number of social media users worldwide is estimated to reach an excess of 2.77 billion by 2019, so if you aren’t currently incorporating it into your marketing efforts, you’re going to want to start – ASAP. Not only does it give you access to this booming population of users and potential clients, but it also allows you to do so without breaking the bank, a major plus for any business. Although it is becoming a widely used marketing tactic, many professionals are spending valuable time posting on various social media channels while failing to generate the levels of ROI they are searching for.

We get it- the world of social media can be confusing and a tad messy at times. Luckily navigating it isn’t as difficult as it may seem, however, it’s essential to make a game-plan for how you plan to utilize it. One of the keys to making the most of social media marketing is knowing what types of content to post where. No two channels are exactly alike, as they all tend to be used by different groups of people that are in search of unique types of content. If you don’t have one already, creating a social media content strategy should be at the top of your to-do list! Plan out what kinds of post would likely build value on which channels and create an action plan to bring them to life. Here are some content-related recommendations for a handful of the powerhouse channels to keep in mind as you develop your plan!


Where to begin. Let’s just say, if social media channels were bees, Facebook would be the unrelenting queen. According to NAR, 69% of real estate agents use Facebook and it’s quite obvious why. The channel should be an integral aspect of your marketing endeavors, as it provides you with a variety of different ways to grow your sphere quickly via shares and word of mouth (or mentions). Virtually anything goes here, as adding a variety of content will increase your likelihood of it resonating with a wider reach of users. Blog posts, articles, videos, announcements, contests, and content that shows your brand and personality should all be in the line-up. In addition to the wide variety of acceptable content, Facebook also gives you the ability to get specific when it comes to who you would like your posts and ads to target. This is why Facebook advertising is known to be so effective, and why we here at MoxiWorks incorporated it into the Advertise Your Services feature that many of our clients have already started using to grow their business.


Hold off on the gifs and memes, and instead keep things purely professional. LinkedIn is all about growing your network and connections, so avoid posting anything that could potentially hurt your image to prospective clients and partners. This is the perfect channel to practice recruitment marketing – essentially marketing that makes people want to work with or for you. Focus on sharing content that expresses what your brokerage specifically brings to the table and what you can provide to others in real estate. Blog posts, articles, calls to action, images from company events, and sneak peeks into your business’ culture are all forms of content that will likely perform well on LinkedIn, enabling you and your followers to get better acquainted with one another.


As you know, real estate is an incredibly visual industry – all the more reason that channeling your efforts into Instagram is something you’ll likely find beneficial. With more than 800 million users, the app is mainly accessed by people who are on-the-go via tablets and smartphones. It’s a valuable opportunity to share images and videos that tell a meaningful story with just a glimpse, but make sure to maintain a level of high quality content. Experimenting with hashtags in your comments is a powerful strategy that can rapidly increase your reach on Instagram. For example, #RealEstate and #justlisted are both top preforming tags in the real estate industry specifically. Using tags related to your geographic location is also a powerful tool. Graphs and visual representations of data tend to perform well here too. Utilizing the story feature of this channel can go far in terms of giving followers a more personal and approachable look into the daily life of your business. And don’t forget those high-quality professional listing photos you’ve already paid for!


80% of Twitter’s users are said to be affluent millennials, the very group that is currently making up a major portion of the buyers in today’s real estate market. With that in mind, it’s likely worthwhile to incorporate this channel into your plan. The content that seems to perform the best here is videos, which have been shown to be 6x more likely than images to be retweeted. Engaging with followers through polls and contests are also great ways to take advantage of Twitter.

Although these guidelines are definitely important to keep in mind, being truly successful at social media marketing often entails a whole bunch of trial and error. Make sure you are tracking your analytics and monitoring the success of your content, so that you can make adjustments and see continually improving results. Doing so will contribute to increased levels of loyalty, marketing effectiveness, and profits – who doesn’t want that?

Tips and Tricks July 10, 2018

Artificial What? 4 Tips for Appealing to the Traditional Consumer

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

traditional consumer header imageLet’s face it- the process of buying a home can be one giant migraine waiting to happen. From finding the right agent to closing the deal, the stressful decisions having to be made by buyers can often times overshadow the generally exciting event that it should be in one’s life. Although the notoriously tech-savvy millennials may appreciate your incorporation of technology, for the more traditional consumer who is not up to speed with the latest tech advances, facing them can be an experience that adds even more stress to this already exhausting process.

In order to help you, the agent, navigate the divide in capabilities and preferences, we are sharing a few tips that will likely make the process with the traditional consumer a more enjoyable and stress-free one from start to finish for both you, and your client.

Get back to the basics. The golden rule here – don’t assume that your clients can figure out how to use a program or website. To avoid anyone becoming overwhelmed, it would likely be worth your time to carefully walk more traditional clients through each program they will be using step-by-step. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they are familiar with certain systems at the beginning stage of your relationship, as clarifying this right from the start can help provide a smoother experience overall.

Put it all in one place. Remember, less is more. Instead of leaving it up to the client to navigate the web in search of information such as listings and drive time calculations, beat them to it and use a program like Moxi Present to create a one-stop shop for all the answers they are likely looking for.

Go the extra mile. Adding personalized elements to their buying experience will likely go far and make your clients all the more confident that you genuinely care about them finding the right home. Although listings often contain detailed information regarding the surrounding location, consider taking the time to set up dinners for clients near their top prospective homes to help them get more acquainted with the neighborhoods firsthand.

Visit the post office. Chances are, if you’re teaching a client how to google something they probably aren’t checking their email often enough for your marketing efforts to have a significant impact. Only 26% of real estate agents claim to use postal mail as a form of communication with clients, so what better way to set yourself apart then to get out your old stack of postcards? Send them notes while you’re working with them, as well as after you’ve closed a deal to celebrate events such as birthdays and house-iversaries. Have a blog? Send them paper copies of your posts every so often to keep them in the loop.

If you think about it, working with clients who aren’t familiar with technology can be a refreshing breath of fresh air. Technology allows us to operate on autopilot so much of the time, it’s likely healthy for all of us to have an opportunity to make things personal, show off our creative side, and take a little trip back to 1989.

MoxiWorksProductivityTips and Tricks March 23, 2018

How Facebook changed real estate marketing for better or worse

By Tiana Baur

Facebook is definitely not everyone’s favorite topic right now, especially when it comes to politics. That may not be our scene, but the Book has affected the real estate industry fairly heavily as well. It has changed the way we look at digital marketing and the way brokerages and agents alike view social media as a business tool.

In our industry, there are now specific tasks that are expected. Creating a business page and implementing property ads to your marketing campaigns are now the status quo. If you’re not doing them, you’re falling behind, and if you don’t at least update your page 2-4 times a week, you’re not doing nearly enough.

It has also become one of the hot topics to write about – every update, newsfeed changes, ad creation, features, etc. There are millions of blogs and articles giving tips of how to use the channel to its fullest (we have quite a few in our repertoire as well). It’s all due to the fact that Facebook has become the ultimate channel across all forms of social media – it’s where the world hangs out… or at least 2 billion people do. Therefore, it’s where all your prospects and clients are hanging out. So, whether we like it or not, the Book is still king, and therefore is a channel no one can ignore. Not the agents, or the brokerages, or even companies like Moxi. We’re all slaves to the Facebook Machine.

It’s also why we completely transformed our Moxi Marketing suite. Although agents know they need to be active on it, they don’t necessarily know where to start, or how to effectively advertise their listings or themselves. With over two billion active people on Facebook, we felt it was important, no, vital for agents to showcase themselves and their business on the channel in every way possible. Plus, we also wanted to take some of the pain out of Facebook, so agents can spend more time focusing on their precious spheres.

Our Facebook Ad tools, Advertise Your Listings and Advertise Your Services, are some of our absolute favorites. We’re especially excited about Advertise Your Services, the latest installment of the Moxi Marketing suite, since it has all the juicy goodness that is Advertise Your Listings, only this time it’s for agents’ personal brand and business. Like previously done in Advertise Your Listing, you can link to your personal Facebook Business Page, and if you don’t have one you can still use it. Even if you have no personal profile, even if you never ever want to have to type into your navigation bar, you can use Advertise Your Services (and Advertise Your Listing). Talk about leveraging the Book with very little effort!

We try to not only focus on trends, but what we’re hearing from our clients. That’s why Moxi Marketing was created and why we’re rooting it on and celebrating its successes. If we can put just a few more hours back into an agent’s week – we’re happy. At Moxi, we’re only as good as our tools and we stand by calling them the best-in-class. Try these time-saving tools out today – won’t regret it.

Real Estate Marketing February 14, 2018

5 Tips to Generating More Leads on Facebook

lead generation on facebookBy Maddie Jostol

Homeowners now expect social media and digital marketing to be a part of an agent’s marketing plan. Yes, expect. We live in a digital world and with tools like social media, agents can up their marketing game and expose a listing to a massive audience with the click of a button. Digital marketing, particularly on Facebook, is now often a cornerstone to lead generation for real estate agents.

Here’s the deal: we understand that Facebook advertising can be a huge pain. It’s a tedious, time consuming process that feels like a burden to manage. The team here at MoxiWorks has become very familiar with the benefits and challenges of Facebook lead generation for agents with the launch of Advertise Your Listing, so we compiled a handful of tips to help you generate more leads on Facebook.

1. Target

Reach the right people at the right time. When setting up your ad (through Facebook or through Advertise Your Listing), you have the option to select your audience, targeting specific groups of people. When it comes to real estate, geography and income are the two most important parameters. Select a geographic area where you’ll reach your indented audience – both those looking to purchase the home, and those who might share the post because it’s in their neighborhood. Similarly, selecting an income range will help to reach an audience applicable for the listed home.

2. Select imagery

Think about what your audience is looking for and display those features in the imagery. The more eye-catching the better. These ads will be seen as people scroll quickly through their Facebook feeds, so the imagery should speak for itself and prompt people to stop and learn more.

3. Report

Deliver on and exceed client expectations by showing them the effort you’re putting in through reports. Offering reports display your effort and give your client something tangible to remind them of the level of service they’re receiving. You don’t need to show them how much you spent, just that you got thousands of eyes on their listing. The goal here is to win more listings down the road by marketing your current listings. When you impress your clients, you grow your repeat and referral business.

4. Engage

This one is for those of you who advertise under your personal Facebook account (which isn’t necessary when you use Advertise Your Listing). When people engage with your ad, keep that momentum going. When your ads get comments, like those comments or respond. Begin a dialogue and get your audience engaged.

5. Automate

The good news is that the frustration and time commitment that typically accompanies digital marketing doesn’t have to apply to you. Try using a system like Advertise Your Listing, which will do the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is select your budget and adjust the auto-filled parameters as necessary. Automate these efforts and put your marketing on autopilot, so you can impress your clients and generate leads without the hassle.

Interested in taking your marketing efforts up a notch? Advertise Your Listing allows agents to advertise a listing on Facebook in just three easy steps, directly from their MoxiWorks account. Learn more about Advertise Your Listing here.