Sphere Marketing August 21, 2018

3 Creative Ways to Grow Your Sphere This Summer

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

sphere growth header imageSphere growth is the bread and butter of your real estate business, as it’s an integral part of keeping business constant and expanding your reach via word of mouth. As we have discussed, keeping your CRM database clean and organized is necessary in order to fully utilize the connections you have and successfully turn them into leads. The process of getting the contact information to put into your database in the first place can be a whole separate hurdle to tackle though, as efforts to stand out can easily get lost among the efforts of every single other real estate agent trying to do the exact same thing. It’s incredibly annoying and slightly discouraging – we know.

Rest assured, you’ve got this, all you have to do is bring your a-game to the table. Along with your strong online marketing strategy, get your hands dirty and go the extra mile to think outside of the box and make a lasting impression. To get you started, we have compiled a few unique and corky ideas to further grow your sphere and become the first name that clients think of the second they decide it’s time to buy or sell.

Forget me (not).

Full disclosure – I can’t take credit for this idea as it was something I saw years ago, but it’s simply too good not to share. Go to the store and snag packs of “forget-me-not” flower seeds. You can even order personalized seed packs if you’re in the mood to really get fancy. Attach your business cards to the seeds and spread them around your neighbor’s doorsteps. Not only will this spread your name, but it will ensure they won’t “forget about you.” Get it? Genius, I know. The point is that regardless of how cheesy it may be, the cleverness and effort will be impossible to forget, resulting in a win for you.

There’s never a bad time for skincare.

What earns the respect and attention of people in your community more than you showing that you care about their hydration and skincare? I’m talking about sunscreen and water. Get your logo and name put on mini tubes of sunscreen and water bottles. A website like this will do the trick. Great, the weather forecast is heating up! Sounds like the perfect time to head down to the local park or swimming pool and make your neighbors’ days with your new swag. Not only will they see your name every time they use the product, but they will also have a positive association with you from the get-go because it shows you care about them. Aw.

Get out the hotdogs.

Or veggie dogs, whatever suits your fancy. Who doesn’t love a good summer barbeque? Invite friends, family, neighbors, and your local grocers to join you for a get-together. Know any aspiring rock stars? Invite them to put on a show. People love to work with fun people, it’s just a fact. Showing off your personality will not only help market your personal brand, but it will also serve as a major networking opportunity. If you really want to make the most of it, cover the napkins, beverages, and cups in your logo. Shall I say it again? Exposure, exposer, exposure. If you still aren’t sold, think of it as an excuse to be surrounded by dogs – you’re welcome.

Regardless of if you actually bring these ideas to life (although you totally should), the point is that getting your creative juices flowing can be fun and help your sphere growth throughout the year. You want that, we want that for you – let’s make it happen. And once you get all of those new contacts into your system, let us know, we can help you with that too.