Sphere Marketing February 22, 2018

8 Ideas to Make Your Real Estate Marketing Stand Out


By Tiana Baur, Content Marketing Manager

Your sphere is the lifeblood of your real estate business, but there’s only so much you can know about every client in it. Public data is the one thing that can make all the difference. Using public data can help your marketing efforts be more tailored to your sphere, and, in return, make you stand out above the rest. Instead of focusing on a given neighborhood, with public data you can drill down to personal interests, like where people like to invest and donate to and if they enjoy reading books or watching sports.

This is where Moxi Insights comes into play. It’s our public data offering for real estate agents to get the most out of their databases and to notify them when their clients are most likely to buy or sell. Moxi Insights gives quick and organized client information to agents through their CRM, from general demographics, housing info, lifestyle choices, financials, and hobbies to where clients/prospects donate and invest their money. Agents can potentially see if their clients have pets, drive certain cars, or if they’re a value shopper.

Notifications and badges let you see when people in your sphere are looking to downsize or could afford a larger home, signaling if they’re highly likely to buy or sell. All of this makes it easier for agents to maintain control of their sphere, and of course, save them some precious time.

Here are eight ways to use public data to make your marketing shine:

1. Instead of hosting a party for everyone, host smaller get-togethers with people who have a mutual interest. Invite golfers out for a round, get a guide for your fisherman fiends, host a wine/tapas tasting evening for your foodies.

2. Know your audience. Send investment opportunities to investors and charity/donation drives to those that like to give their money to a good cause.

3. It’s the little things that count. If you know someone is a book lover, invite them for a coffee at a bookstore instead of at a random Starbucks.

4. Send soon-to-be empty nesters your “Downsizing tips from the pros” guide. Moxi Insights informs you when people are probably thinking of downsizing.

5. Buy a suite or even a few seats to the next game. Invite your sports fans or send the tickets to them as a special treat.

6. Send all the highly-likely-to-sell people your “How to list your home” guide. Moxi Insights lets you know when someone is highly-likely-to-sell. Maybe they just had another kid and are going to need more room, or maybe they are living well below their means and are looking for an upgrade.

7. You get internet leads and you don’t know anything about them. Having a little background info on them shows you’ve done your homework. Everyone does the same thing before they get interviewed for a job – this is no different.

8. If anyone has a badge (which many likely will), send an unsolicited CMA, a handwritten note, or text or Facebook message them for a coffee or cocktail date just to chat and catch up. Spend extra time with them – not necessarily talking about anything on the Insights report but reconnecting with them at the perfect time.

Customer data is an extremely powerful tool – it’s time to implement it into your marketing strategy. Remember, knowledge is power. If you need more ideas for how to use public data for your marketing and real estate business, we’ve put together a list of 100 ways to use Moxi Insights to make the most out of your marketing efforts. You can download the entire eBook here.

Sphere Marketing December 27, 2017

How Advertise Your Listing Earns More Listings

By Maddie Jostol 

Win more listings by marketing your current listing. What’s that mean? Your marketing efforts do more than just promote a given listing, they contribute to the long-term growth of your business. That may sound a little convoluted, so let’s break it down.

Win a listing, market that listing, impress your clients, grow your sphere, win more listings.

Facebook is the largest social media network, with a higher user count than the population of China. Using the network, you can quick reach tens of thousands of people, inexpensively. Now imagine showing your client that you put their listing in front of that audience. The truth is, ads boost client satisfaction, which increases repeat and referral business. Of course, advertising your listing will help to sell the home quickly, as it will be exposed to thousands of people. However, there’s more to it. Your marketing is no good if your client doesn’t know about it. Your clients want to see that you’re a digital-savvy agent who is going the extra mile to get their home sold.

Digital advertising can be time consuming and frustrating to navigate though. The complicated process was built for digital marketers, so it can be a huge burden for busy agents. We created Advertise Your Listing to make promoting your listings on Facebook a breeze. Agents can advertise a listing on Facebook in just five minutes, by following three easy steps, directly from their Moxi Works account. Sound easy? It is. You can easily up your marketing game, without dedicating extra time or investing in training.

Do you need to be a social media marketing expert? No. Do you need to have a Facebook business page? No. Do I need to connect it to my personal Facebook page? No. In addition, you get to select your own budget, target audience, and the duration of the campaign. Since it’s part of your Moxi Works account, your MLS data is integrated, which means when you go to start a new ad, you select your listing and all of the information and images auto-fill. Just swap out photos or adjust text as you see necessary.

When you use Advertise Your Listing, automated reports are sent directly to your clients (you can even change the settings to select how often you’d like them to receive reports). Your clients will see the effort you’re putting in and appreciate that you’re going above and beyond. At the end of the day, it’s all about making your clients happy because, in turn, it’ll grow your business.

Why should you be expanding your pool of repeat and referral business? In today’s competitive market, sphere selling is gaining importance each and every day. When you nurture a sphere that leads to repeat and referral business, you are able to rely less on low quality purchased leads. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Click here to learn more and try Advertise Your Listing!

Sphere Marketing December 8, 2017

15 Ways to Stay in Flow With Your Sphere

15 tips for sphere marketingBy Tiana Baur

Staying in flow with your sphere is possibly the single most important piece of maintaining a successful real estate business and personal brand. How you choose to go about sphere marketing is what helps define your personal style, brand, and keeps people coming back for more (or doesn’t).

We’ve put together a list of 15 ways you can stay in flow and tackle sphere marketing. By no means is it necessary to start allocating all of your time and resources to do every one of these, but it is highly advised to incorporate at least five – that is if you haven’t already.

1. Instagram

Are you on the gram? Do you post regularly? If you said yes to both of those, congratulations are in order because you are far ahead of your peers. Just don’t forget the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should be educational and entertaining, and only 20% should be promoting your business i.e. posting listing photos, just sold, open houses, etc.

2. Use Google Alerts

If you work in a city, chances are you have some pretty successful clients who are corporate big dogs. Set up Google Alerts (which are free) so you get an email every time certain words or names pop up in news. If they get a promotion or their company is in the news for something awesome, drop them a quick email congratulating them. Just go to google.com/alerts to set them up.

3. Neighborhood News

If you’re a Moxi Engage user, Neighborhood News is the perfect set it and forget it touch point. It sends automated market snapshots, personalized for each subscribed contact in an agent’s account. These monthly emails keep your sphere up-to-date on the market in their area.

4. Moxi Insights

Moxi Insights enables you to know your sphere better, faster. It is a prospect insights tool that instantly supplies you with access to extensive public data about contacts in your sphere. Here’s 100 ways to use Insights for your sphere marketing.

5. Snapchat

We really only advise you to try out snapchat for your client marketing if you’re mainly working with millennials. That said, if you are, this can be a great way to stay top of mind. Send a snap when you’re walking through a house you think they’d love or maybe you’re at Home Depot and they’re having a sale on holiday decorations. A quick snap is short and sweet.

6. Facebook

If you aren’t already on Facebook, shame on you. If you are, are you posting enough? Once a week isn’t enough. Make sure you’re remaining active on all of your social channels, especially Facebook. It’s where the most people are – two BILLION people to be exact – and where you need to be posting your open house info, but more importantly what is going on in your life. This will help people establish a long-term connection with you.

7. Moxi Present

For those of you using Present, it’s not just for listings. Since they are infinitely customizable, you can make a presentation or nice slide deck around practically anything. Try making one about new, exciting things going in on your specialized area or their neck of the woods.

8. Be helpful

Everyone is busy. Everyone has a full inbox and too many balls in the air. Focus on what your clients need. Is it ideas for organizing their new home? Market news? Anything that lets them know you’re thinking of them and want to help is a good way to stay in touch.

9. Birthdays

Birthdays should be a regular touch point. With Moxi Engage you can use special dates stay in flow. If you can’t think of something to give them, send them a gift from Loop & Tie. It lets you send gifts from curated selections. Simply choose a price point and let your client pick from the amazing array of gifts. By selecting a private price level, your client gets what they want and they never see the pricing.

10. House-iversaries

Just like birthdays, you can set house-iversaries as regular touch points. Celebrate the purchase that turned the house into their home every year.

11. Actual anniversaries

Spread the love. Whether it’s a 2 years, 10 years, or 36 years, sending flowers or a nice bottle of wine is the perfect touch for a couple that is celebrating their special day. Don’t underestimate the impression this will make.

12. Reconnect via direct mail

When it comes to your most important clients, reconnecting with direct mail is never a bad idea. Choose something relevant to them and their area.

13. Monthly E-News

E-Newsletters can be a really great touch point if you put in the time and effort to make them to be. Family-friendly events coming up, a new restaurant, etc., in your specialized neighborhood/area.

14. Do something nice – out of the blue.

A gift or card is nice on an anniversary or your birthday, but it’s even better when it’s unexpected, on a random day of a random week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to send cards and gifts on anniversaries and birthdays and you should. However, a LOT of people are going to do that. A sure way to always be thought of fondly is to do something nice for them, just because.

15. Leave comments

Part of me felt like I didn’t need to put this on the list. The truth is, it’s not just enough to exist on social media. The entire point is to connect and participate. Comment on their posts (not every time, that would be creepy) when it’s something you can congratulate them on, relate to, or can add to the conversation.


Regardless of how much sphere marketing you’re already executing, it’s always good to set new goals, especially in a new year. Try adding one of these ways to stay in flow with your sphere in order to create longer, stronger relationships for more repeat and referral business.

Sphere Marketing October 26, 2017

Technology-Poor Agents are Losing Their Spheres

agent crm

By Maddie Jostol 

Technology is woven into almost everything we do. It’s integrated into our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. Professionals are having to find a balance, using technology to their advantage without forgetting to maintain interpersonal relationships. This is particularly true for real estate agents who primarily manage relationships, but need technology to optimize their business.

The home sales process is a personal one.

People work with agents because they see the value in having a trusted advisor who can lend a professional opinion, truly listen to their needs, and hold their hand through the process. This isn’t going to change – there’s something about the human aspect of a transaction like this that people need to rely on. Does that mean technology should be omitted from the equation? Not at all.

The sphere selling methodology is all about building strong relationships.

Sphere selling is incredibly powerful, and it’ll only continue to gain importance in the future. It’s centered around creating a sphere of influence filled with people who know and trust you. It’s called a sphere of influence because you’re their go-to advisor – the influential, trustworthy voice when it comes to real estate. This doesn’t just mean you should make sure your contacts are in your agent CRM – that’s an important step, but it goes beyond that. Truly nurturing your sphere over the long-term isn’t really an option, it’s a requirement to growing your pool of repeat and referral business, which enables you to rely less on low quality paid leads.

Agents leveraging a sphere selling methodology are able to achieve sustainable growth in their business. Why? Because it allows agents to improve sales by nurturing strong human relationships while simultaneously embracing technology.

Technology is required to help you maintain relationships with your sphere.

Keeping up with your sphere isn’t easy. It takes time and a great deal of organization and small, repetitive tasks – this is where technology comes into play. Agents are continually juggling tasks, clients, and transactions, and more. The heart of a good agent CRM is functionality that enables agents to do their jobs better, in less time, with fewer mistakes, and with less stress.

Moxi Engage, the CRM we’ve built for agents, is geared towards enabling the agent to be more efficient and thorough in how they maintain their sphere of influence. The integration with other tech tools means you always know what actions you’ve taken with a contact and where you stand with that contact. The heart of a good agent CRM is really giving the agent the opportunity to better manage and maintain their sphere. Here’s how:

• Automate repetitive tasks, such as monthly newsletters
• Manage data and integrate with the MLS and other tools, so data is always up to date
• Keep track of all the contacts in your sphere
• Help you stay one top of all your tasks so you don’t miss a beat
• Remind you of important dates
• Recommend actions to take to maintain your sphere

When agents don’t have the technology they need to properly nurture their contacts, they lose their sphere. Without maintaining contact, people take their business elsewhere. This is a dangerous game for agents in today’s market where leads are already scarce. Not only having a great agent CRM, but using it to your full advantage, will ensure you stay competitive and continue to grow your business. Don’t lose out – use sphere methodology and the right tech tools to grow and maintain your sphere.