20 Questions: The Wonder Woman Leading our Sales

georgia perez, VP of business development at moxiworks headshot20 Questions with Georgia Perez, VP of Business Development and Product Evangelism at MoxiWorks

Our MoxiWorks Business Development Team is led by an insanely brilliant and vivacious women, Georgia Perez. With 10 years and counting as a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Manager, and more than 25 years in the land of tech, she couldn’t be a more perfect fit for her role. Her understanding of what it takes to be successful in the real estate world, combined with profound technical acumen, give her unique insights into the needs and challenges of our brokerage clients. She is a vital piece in the creation of our products and we can without a doubt say MoxiWorks wouldn’t be where it is today without her!

Want to find out more about Georgia? You’re in luck because we got her to sit down for a 20 questions session!


1. How long have you been at MoxiWorks?

Six plus years.

2. How many employees do you manage?

I have a team of 4 at the moment but am excited to announce we’ll be growing by several (so let me know if you know someone wonderful who should join us!).

3. What has been your favorite product and why?

That’s like asking a parent to pick their favorite child! MoxiPresent launched the company and is without question the “best in class” CMA and presentation platform in the industry (we were voted so by an independent review and not just our clients!). There is so much you can do with it; I still get excited about it every day. MoxiEngage is my favorite for accelerating our brokerage and agent’s business by huge leaps, by giving them the road map to success, and coaching them, and their company on how to get them to their goals. I wish I had had something like it when I was building my Real Estate career.

Recently, we’ve added MoxiTalent, and having been a manager – I never had such an outstanding system to help me in recruiting and retention, offering a plan developed by 20+ of the leading recruiters in the nation, combined with the data to track performance, and suggest best matches for your recruiting. Before MoxiTalent, I had to go get a giant data dump from the MLS, or other expensive data products, and then try to read the tea leaves on who to talk to; now, the system tells me who is a high match to my needs, and takes me step-by-step through a sophisticated recruiting plan, while also helping me “re-recruit” my existing agents every day. All of these products are mobile ready, so I can do my job from whatever device I am using in the moment.

SEE – it’s impossible to choose!

4. What makes you feel accomplished?

I’ll let you know when I get there, lol. Seriously, I am super hard on myself, and very driven; I don’t ever feel I have arrived – I just keep moving the goal out. That said, I feel amazing when I see our clients, and their agents truly succeed with us! Living up to our promises every day is a worthy accomplishment!

5. Window seat or aisle seat?

Window. Mostly because I don’t want people hitting me with their bags as they go down the aisle. I typically fly around 100,000 miles a year – so these things matter!

6. What’s your favorite thing about MoxiWorks?

It sounds so trite, but honestly, everything! I love our mission, our culture, and I work with some of the best and brightest people in the industry! I feel lucky everyday (even the hard days)!

7. How long have you held your real estate license?

10 years and counting!

georgia perez headshot disney8. What energizes you and brings you excitement?

Professionally: I love being in the field with our clients, or speaking at industry events, helping to shed light on what’s going on with technology, and firing up their businesses.
Personally: I am a Disney nut, so I get excited when I can step into a Disney park and have a little time in the “happiest place on earth!”

9. If you could be famous for anything, what would it be?

To be remembered for being a kind person, that helped others in their lifetime. I have a favorite song by Nicole Nordeman that says, “I want to leave a legacy. How will they remember me? Did I choose to love? Did I point to you enough?” I think that is more important than “fame.”

10. What keeps you at MoxiWorks?

It comes back to the people. It’s called “work” for a reason; when you can do it with people you enjoy and respect, and you are growing every day, it is so worth it. I also really believe in what we are doing for brokerages and their agents. Our systems really do work – so it can literally change the lives of our clients, by helping them make a great living, and achieve their goals! What’s not to love about that?!

11. Who is your favorite Disney character?

It’s like that favorite child question again! I love Mickey, always – but Tinkerbell is also a fav (though my hubbie would say that it is because her color is green, and it’s my favorite color)!

12. What is your most used emoji?

Smiley face for the rest of the world, but for my husband the heart eyes or the kissy one!

13. What was your first job?

Other than the typical babysitting I did as an early teen, my first formal job was at Prospero Mushroom Market in Santa Cruz, California. It was a vegetable market with a delicatessen and ice cream parlor. My job was the ice cream scooper and deli clerk. The owners were friends of our family, and it was a great first experience! My brothers best friend worked in the veggie market side and kept an eye on me (this was all before I was old enough to drive).

14. What interested you about MoxiWorks in the first place?

I felt this was meant for me. I had been in tech for more than 20 years, and for personal reasons changed my career to become a Realtor at Windermere Real Estate. Several years later, after building a successful RE biz, I learned they were launching an independent tech company, building real estate technology. It just seemed like my two careers came uniquely together! I have deep respect and understanding of the Real Estate Industry, and deep roots in the tech industry.

15. What do you do when you’re not working?

Sometimes it seems I am never not working; except for when I’m sleeping, (and even then, I think I dream of Moxi)! That said, my husband and I are actively involved in our church and social causes. On occasion, you can also find me at a Disney Park, and at least twice a year I run in Disney races, and also, when travel allows, dozens of other races throughout the year.

16. Did you choose this career path, or did it choose you?

It definitely chose me. I could never have foreseen that my strange hop from tech to real estate would have opened the door for a Real Estate Tech career.

17. What advice would you give to other real estate agents?

Seek help and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. The real estate business is wonderful but can be hard. Being self-employed is not for everyone, and if you have never run your own business, can get you out over your skis pretty quickly. As humans, we are naturally resistant to change, so even when we go take classes, attend a conference and get all jazzed up about new ideas – as soon as we have to implement, people tend to revert to “old habits” pretty quickly.

I read a blog from Seth Godin today (love him!), it said:

Just because you don’t understand it:

  • Doesn’t mean it isn’t true
  • Doesn’t mean it isn’t important
  • If we spend our days ignoring the things we don’t understand (because they must not be true and they must not be important) all we’re left with is explored territory with little chance of improvement

Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable, without allowing yourself to quit! It’s like going to the gym, and starting to work out for the first time. It may feel awkward (heck it might even make you sore for a bit!), but when you start to see results, it’s easier to build upon that success, and keep growing!

Keep in mind, the only one you hurt when you don’t seek to learn and implement great systems, is yourself. It’s your business, your income, and your life! Seek experts who can guide you on the right path.

18. How would you describe your management style?

Intense, but loving, lol. My role in the company is driving revenue. It’s not something one can afford to fail at; our clients, co-workers and investors are counting on me and my team. I take that commitment very seriously, and I do drive to results. That said, my philosophy is to be the “wind in the sails” of my team. All boats rise together, and we are a team (along with the rest of the Moxi team). I truly want better for my team than I want for myself. We work long hours together, so it’s great when we can genuinely enjoy, respect, and support one another.

19. What do you feel is the biggest barrier to agent tech adoption?

A few things:

  • Being overwhelmed! Self-employment is no joke, and agents are very busy taking care of their clients, while simultaneously needing to do everything required to build a consistent business, and take care of all of the things people who have a steady paycheck, vacation pay and benefits take for granted. Pausing long enough to learn anything new, can feel impossible to squeeze in.
  • Fear – fear of change, fear of the unknown, even fear of tech. Many agents look a lot like me (a middle-aged woman!), they tell themselves they won’t be able to figure it out. I know, at least with Moxi technology, you can’t break it! So, come on in, the water is fine. You don’t have to jump into the deep end, you can wade in, and gradually find your swim lane.
  • Disappointed expectations. Many think that tech, in and of itself, is the proverbial “eat all you want and stay slim pill.” The tech is going to do it all for you, and business will just magically pour in and happen. While technology can definitely automate a lot of functions, contribute to lead generation, and keep you focused on the right things, Real Estate is a relationship business, and there will still be work you must do to build genuine relationships. Our sphere is the greatest asset we have, and some focus and effort here will pay off in big ways – but it requires tech and work.

20. What is one of your 2019 goals for MoxiWorks?

Continued growth and continuing to be thought leaders in the industry – by helping to make the businesses and lives of our brokerages and agents better. I want to accomplish something so big, that we can celebrate with something crazy, like a company trip to Disney!

Want to chat with Georgia about your brokerage 2019 goals? No prob. She’s happy to chat with you!

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20 Questions: Our Director of Making Magic Happen

Get to know Regina Kelley, Director of Program Management at MoxiWorks!


regina kelley header image

Regina Kelley is like our coach and our cheerleader. She keeps us on time, helps decide which plan of action to take, and helps us execute all while rooting us on along the way. She’s our Director of Program Management, and she gives a whole new meaning to “efficiency.” But she’s also much more than her job at MoxiWorks and we wanted to get to know her a little better. Basically, she’s the perfect victim for our next 20 Questions!

Drum roll please…


1. How long have you been at MoxiWorks?

Five and a half years.

2. What do you do at MoxiWorks?

I help plan and manage the company’s large strategic initiatives and projects.

3. What’s your favorite MoxiWorks product and why?

I like them all! Our Moxi Engage product specifically though because when we came up with the concept of an “all-in-one” CRM (that could also help agents manage their transactions and be more productive and make more money) it was something no one else had done or thought of up to that point and it was really exciting to be a part of from the beginning.

4. What’s your philosophy in life?

It’s corny but it’s “have fun and be yourself.” No matter what situation you’re in, whether it’s at work, home, relationships, or with family, and you can be yourself in it, then the rest just falls into place.

5. What’s your favorite movie?

Anything Disney! Right now, it’s Tangled. My husband’s right now is Moana.

6. What’s your favorite thing about MoxiWorks?

Uhm, everything! The people obviously. From day one five and half years ago when people asked me the same question, it’s always been the people. We just have really fantastic people at not only at what they do, but they also care and support each other and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing. It makes it so much better.

7. What’s the best part of your job?

It’s working with the teams of people who are working on the products and initiatives we’re working on as a company and helping them find new ways to do things. I just love it when the light bulb turns on and they discover that new way. I see their excitement in what they do and helping them do that is the best part of my job.

8. Disney World or Disney Land?

Plot twist: Tokyo Disneyland!

9. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

A balance. I’m a libra, so I’m very balanced. I can be very introverted and very shy, but I also have this extrovert side in social situations or at work.

10. Where did you grow up?

I was born in New Hampshire and lived in Northern Maine for 10 years and then moved to Idaho.

11. What’s the next place on your travel bucket list?


12. What’s your favorite part of the day?

Going home at the end of the day and hanging out with my husband and our pets.

13. What was your first job?

I worked at Domino’s making pizzas and answering phones. I was 18 and they let me manage a store when I was home during the summers.

14. What keeps you at MoxiWorks?

So many things! The people. And just how exciting the industry is right now and our part that we’re playing in that.

15. What do you do when you’re not working?

Disneyland! Traveling to exotic destinations occasionally and hanging out with my husband.

16. Did you choose this career path, or did it choose you?

I definitely chose it. I clearly can remember being in Junior High and we had a family computer that we always used, and my sister and I would stay up all night long building NSYNC and Justin Timberlake pages. When people asked what I wanted to do when I grew up I’d say I wanted to be a CEO of a software company. I was always drawn to the software industry from a really young age.

17. You win the lottery. What’s the first thing you do?

Go to Disneyland Paris!

18. If you could meet anyone dead or alive (or animated) who would it be?

My mom’s mom! My parents named me Regina Theresa after her. She passed away when my mom was only 18, three years before I was born, I wish I could have known her. I would love to be able to do that!

19. What is the most interesting part about working in the real estate industry?

All of it. I guess that it’s so personal. Agents are helping their clients buy and sell homes. That’s where you raise a family and live and it’s very personal to clients and I think that’s what is the most interesting is that it’s the most special. It’s a unique industry and there’s not that many things that personal to people.

20. What is your biggest challenge right now?

My biggest challenge right now is helping MoxiWorks scale, because we’re growing so much, and our customer base is growing and the number of products we have are growing. Helping us find new ways to do things to continue moving at our current or a faster pace is my main priority.


Thanks for letting us sit down with you, Regina! Not only have you shaped MoxiWorks into the machine it is today, but you’re continuously making us better for the future. We can’t wait to see how things evolve next! Also, please take me to Disneyland Paris with you. I’ll be practicing my French on the off chance you feel like putting me in your suitcase.


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