Upgrade Your Email Signature with This Brilliant Tip

Last week I was emailing with Kevin Scott, a Branch Manager and Broker at Windermere Real Estate. I noticed something brilliant in his email signature! In addition to the default contact information, Kevin included links to testimonials and case study presentations that he created using TouchCMA (now Moxi Present).


Why I like the testimonial presentation

Kevin’s calls to actions in his email signature are casual and it’s something that a prospect could easily click on without feeling like it was forced. After clicking on the “See what our clients say” link, Kevin’s prospects are presented with several powerful testimonials that paint him in a really good light.

For a Buyer or Seller thinking about working with Kevin, this is the kind of content that informs decisions. Kevin has established himself as a trustworthy agent, and all it took was an clever email signature link!

Social proof is huge! Think about looking for a new restaurant on Yelp. Are you going to try a 2-star restaurant or the place with 4.5 stars and raving reviews?

No one wants to make the wrong choice. Having positive testimonials and reviews tell your prospects they are choosing wisely.

Why I like the case study presentation

After reading Kevin’s case studies, one thing that sticks out in my mind is that Kevin doesn’t just say he’s a great broker. He proves he’s got what it takes.

Every agent promises, “I’ll sell your home for the highest price, quickly.” “I look out for my client’s interests.”  Kevin is taking it to the next level in by showing me his expertise instead of just declaring it.

Upgrade your Email Signature

It’s easy to update your email signature with your testimonials if you know a bit of HTML and have a couple clients who will give you a nice referral.

Sign in to TouchCMA for the Web and create a new presentation. If you don’t have a TouchCMA account yet, sign up for a free 30 day trial. Disable all of the default pages, and add custom pages to your presentation. Next, add your content then publish and view your presentation in a Web browser. From there just copy the presentation’s URL into your email signature.


Protip: Use an HTML link to hide the long URL, replacing it with a hyperlink of nice text similar to what Kevin did in his email signature. If you struggle with HTML, use a link generator to receive the code you need.

Posted on March 21, 2014 at 6:00 am
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