MoxiWorksTips and Tricks February 7, 2014

Use Video in Your Real Estate Presentations

Maximizing your homes value

The combination of sight, sound and emotion that online video provides makes it the most powerful marketing tool available. It’s an excellent choice for showcasing neighborhoods, virtual home tours, client testimonials, new listings, your brokerage and even yourself right inside your TouchCMA (now Moxi Present) presentations.

The Time is now for Using Video

august-2013-video-statsConsumers are watching online video in droves. In fact, the average American now spends more than 21 hours watching online video each month1.

Growth rates for online video are impressive. Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer internet traffic in 2017, up from 57% in 20122.

Marketers Recognize the Value

Video has rapidly become indispensable to markers across all industries. An astounding 93% of all marketers use video in their online marketing efforts3.

Real estate is no exception. is the top destination for video viewing on the internet with over 131 million monthly U.S. visitors4. Finding an agent and agent related searches on YouTube has grown 46% year-over-year5. Real estate professionals not only recognize its reach, but are leveraging it in their marketing effort by posting millions of videos6.

Real Estate Videos on YouTube

Use Videos in Your Interactive Presentations


Engaging your clients and prospects with video presentations is easier than you think. Once you create your video, simply host it at a video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo and then embed it into your TouchCMA presentation using a custom page.

This really is just a simple copy and paste job. The video hosting sites provide a unique embed code for each of your videos and you past that code into a TouchCMA custom page. This puts their player with your video right into your presentation.

If you’d like help embeding  a video you’ve created, check out our training guide on embeding video. You can also contact our support team who is here to help.

Good luck with your video presentations!


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