Visual Update for TouchCMA for the Web (Now Moxi Present)

TouchCMA for the Web homepage has a new layout! We’ve revamped the homepage layout to make a more user friendly experience. Agent info and logo is now used in the redesigned header and CMA reports are formatted into a 2 column display. The only functionality change made has been the removal of the presentation button. Users can access presentation mode by clicking on the image or prepared for text in addition to selecting presentation mode from the action menu.


While in authoring mode, the header and footer have a slight change as well. The agent header has been removed to give the user more room and also to make these pages responsive and format nicely on mobile devices. The footer now has a few more links to guide users to additional information about the product on TouchCMA .com.


We’ve implemented a new Short Sale and Bank Owned search filter. Short Sale will no longer be a status, but along with Bank Owned, they are now a unique listing sub-type. This will enable users to get results that are limited to Short Sale and Bank Owned Listing sub-types and see the appropriate status for these unique listing sub types.


Select MLS’s now have the additional search feature of Property Styles. Property Styles are feature subsets that help the user refine their comparable results even more. (not yet available with all MLS’s)


The Custom Page editor/creator has also been reformatted to clearly identify to the user what presentation format they are entering content for. Presentation slide format and PDF format have been broken out into separate tabs. A new copy button has also been added to enable users to copy presentation content over to PDF content and vice versa. This prevents the user from having to create 2 versions of their content from scratch (formatting may need to be tweaked after copy has completed)


Listing Details PDF report pages have also been reformatted to make better use of the entire page for Comparables. The new layout helps prevent comp data from dropping to a second page and breaking up content that would normally appear together by using a 3 column format all comp data.


Posted on September 19, 2013 at 6:00 am
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