Zillow Agent Reviews Now Integrate with Moxi Works

Today, brokerages and their agents using Moxi Works can display their Zillow Agent ratings on their websites via Zillow Tech Connect. Moxi Works is the first technology company to partner with Zillow Tech Connect: Reviews. This integration is a great enhancement to our brokerage client’s online marketing, will add a level of transparency that consumers expect and will help agents win more business.

 “We are very excited to offer our brokerage customers the chance to add Zillow agent reviews to their agents’ websites. Recent research proves how valuable reviews are in helping agents win business, and Zillow has simplified the process, allowing us to automate access to this information.  It will bring an immense amount of value to brokerages and their agents to be able to show the great things their customers have been saying about them.” – York Baur, CEO Moxi Works

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Reviews are a big deal

Reviews are what is influencing consumers in powerful ways. Reviews are more impactful then ads because they lower perceived risk, appear unbiased and make people feel more confident about their choice, because no one wants to be wrong.

“… because people trust online reviews so much, leads borne of online reviews tend to be easy to convert for the same reasons that referrals from past clients are easy to convert: because those leads arrive with a high level of confidence on the part of the consumer.”

T3 Experts Agent Reviews & Lead Generation Survey 2014

Consumers in all product categories are turning to reviews to help them decide. Everything from where to eat, which doctor to see and where they should work. Now consumers are looking to reviews to answer the question: Who should I use as an agent?

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5 statistics you should know

1. 72% of agents feel that online reviews are important to their online strategy. (source)
2. 87% of all Americans use the web. (source)
3. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. (source)
4. 90% of people say their buying decisions are influenced by reviews. (source PDF)
5. 54% of buyers & sellers mentioned trustworthiness and reputation being the two most important factors when selecting an agent. (source)

 Zillow is just the beginning

The integration with Zillow’s agent reviews is just the beginning of what’s to come here at Moxi Works. In the future we’ll be integrating with a ton of other amazing tools to save agents time and to make them more productive.

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