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“Everything about our website is different from what you usually see and is focused on what makes sense for a consumer.”

- Kelly Gesick, Director of Digital Innovation


A Conversation with Julie Kozich,
Chief Real Estate Officer with Chase International

Julie and her team at Chase International set out to do something different — something special. Across the industry, we know that the general public turn to the major portals to view available listings, not specific brokerage websites. So, the Chase International team chose to position their website as content that was both engaging and told stories based on lifestyle and hyper-local content.

Don't Get Stuck Inside the Box

An Interview with Kelly Gesick, Director of Digital Innovation at Chase International

“We did a lot of research and worked with our agents in their niche markets to define and embrace the lifestyles within this area. This way, we could share that content across our entire brand.”

- Kelly Gesick, Director of Digital Innovation

MoxiWebsites gave Chase International the freedom to build a unique and engaging website experience without the limitations of hiring a custom developer. Using the MoxiWebsites framework, Chase International can easily update and pivot their content to immediately meet the needs of their market.

Kelly Gesick is the Director of Digital Innovation at Chase International, and led the charge in adopting and implementing MoxiWebsites across their brokerage. In the following interview, Kelly describes the benefits and opportunities MoxiWebsites has brought to Chase International.

Control the Content

Who knows your market and your needs better than... well, you? Chase International needed a website that could keep pace with changes in their community and allow them to quickly adapt the experience when the market changes.

"We were able to use the MoxiWebsites builder and have control over what it looks like on mobile and control over what it looks like on desktop and really dive into the experience for the consumer of adding these interactive elements.

It was really easy to do without having to call a developer. It was very flexible and adaptable. We had an idea and by the end of the week we had a live version we could play with and experiment with."

Engage the Community

Rather than focus their website on simply listing out properties, Chase International takes their community on a lifestyle journey — as a trusted advisor, virtually!

"We've really tried to embrace the virtual experience of buying a home and it's been great with MoxiWebsites. We can add whatever we want to the site, make it look however we want for virtual open houses, and really delight our customers.

Being able to offer that virtual experience got our agents and our clients excited! We've seen our website traffic quadruple when we host these virtual events — people really like to see what it would be like to live in that property.”

Virtual Open House - Chase International - MoxiWebsites

Inspire your Agents

Rather than focus their website on simply listing out properties, Chase International takes their community on a lifestyle journey — as a trusted advisor, virtually!

MoxiWebsites - Chase International - Sparks, NV Home Search

"The great thing about MoxiWebsites is we (management) can just hit share and give [webpage content] to a specific agent and not have to rebuild it for them and without them having to do anything or have to understand how to build a website.

We try to model and encourage our agents to operate at a level of, 'wanting a consumer to have all the information so they can make the best decision possible.' This goal develops a meaningful, trust-based relationship that builds business."

Raise the Bar

Adoption of new technology is always a challenge for brokerages, but Chase International met it head-on. Empowered with a vision to create something unique and truly valuable for their consumers — their websites quickly became the new standard in their market.

“Two months after our new lifestyle website launched, 5 other brokerages in town called to specifically ask — "Hey, my listing isn't showing up on your website, can you help me figure out why, because you guys have the most amazing real estate website in the area and I want to make sure my listing shows up on your website."

Internally, a lot of people still think that your (a real estate) website needs to only be all about listings, but we know that the majority of consumers don't search on local brokerage sites for just listings — listings need to be important, but most important for a consumer is finding more specific information.

It took about six weeks or so for people to get on board. They needed to see that what we were able to do is make it so that if someone isn't from this area they can see why it's awesome to live here and even more awesome to work with us.”

Real estate websites consumers actually like - Chase International - MoxiWebsites

“We're really happy with MoxiWebsites.
What we were able to create is something different — that agents really like, the consumers love, and it's something new and exciting in real estate. It's a different way of talking about real estate in terms of the entire community — not just individual assets.”

- Kelly Gesick, Director of Digital Innovation

We can’t wait to see what happens next for the amazing people at Chase International!

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“With the CMA and CRM from Moxi, our agents are more productive and get more listings!"

Julie Kozich,
Chief Real Estate Officer with Chase International

Julie Kozich, Chief Real Estate Officer at Chase International, talks about her experience integrating the MoxiWorks platform into their brokerage. In this interview, Julie reviews MoxiWorks products, including their websites, CRM, and CMA builder, in addition to discussing her experience and dilemma with previous platforms that just aren't built for agents.

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Julie Kozich, Chief Real Estate Officer for Chase International

Julie Kozich

Chief Real Estate Officer
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Kelly Gesick, Director of Digital Innovation Chase International

Kelly Gesick

Director of Digital Innovation

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