The communications hub for your brokerage. 

MoxiHub is your brokerage’s intranet. The intranet is the central communications backbone that connects your entire brokerage. It’s the single place your agents go to access everything they need to run their real estate business. Improve agent productivity at your brokerage by centralizing communications, tools, and resources.


Annual Agent Sessions
Reconnect agents with your brokerage

Reconnect agents with your brokerage

Make all of the value you bring your agents easily accessible. Agents go to your brokerage’s hub for important announcements, company calendar, training resources, and much more. Your real estate office intranet will centralize brokerage’s communications, making it easy for agents to access everything they need.

Quick access to tools & services

All the tools and services your brokerage provides are found in one place, linked to your Hub. Everything from marketing to transaction management to your MLS can be easily accessed, increasing adoption and productivity.

Quick access to tools & services with moxiworks
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Accessible brokerage roster for easy collaboration

Easily connect with any agent or staff member within your brokerage. The roster allows collaboration among agents and staff and makes referrals within a brokerage very simple.