MoxiWorks + Buyside

Better Leads with Buyside

MoxiEngage™ CRM and Buyside work together to provide brokerages and agents with a streamlined solution for leveraging their data to capture more seller leads, win more listings, and close more sides. Automated Buyside account creation using the MoxiCloud makes onboarding simple and lead data flows between MoxiEngage™ and Buyside seamlessly to ease agent engagement with their clients!

How the integration works

Each agent receives a seller lead-gen marketing suite complete with a landing page that has multiple home valuations to drive homeowners to seek the guidance of a professional agent. Their intelligent system cross-references against every actively searching buyer to alert your listing agents of matches. This functionality can be used on a MoxiWebsite or within your responsive, dynamic MoxiPresent presentation. All of these leads drop right into MoxiEngage for little to no effort for agents.


Win new business.

Capture Seller Leads

We use your buyer data to address the most important question every potential seller has: What is my home worth?

We’ll provide homeowners with 3 valuations along with insight into the number of buyers actively searching for a property just like theirs – providing a powerful new way to generate and capture seller leads.

Win More Listings

Buyside helps your agents dominate every listing appointment by arming them with the ultimate differentiator: BUYERS.

Your agents will stand out by showcasing to homeowners a list of buyers actively working with your brokerage, who are a perfect match for their home.

Close More Sides

Buyside matches more buyers to your listings, helping you close more transactions in house. Listings get promoted intelligently to agents with a matching buyer, selling faster. Buyers get the inside track on hot new properties, including Coming Soon Listings and Quiet Exclusives that they can’t find anywhere else.

MoxiWorks Buyside Integration

Turn your data into leads, listings and profit.

Buyside is a data analytics & marketing company on a mission to help real estate brokers profit from their largest untapped asset: data. Buyside aggregates the activity your buyers generate online, using it to power actionable insights and intelligent marketing tools that help brokers: capture seller leads, win more listings and close more transaction sides in house!