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MoxiWorks + Rental Beast

A unique duo.

Say goodbye to rental market madness and hello to the beast that will cure your agents’ business woes. RentalBeast is a comprehensive, reliable, and technologically advanced multiple listings service.

RentalBeast is dedicated to simplifying the rental real estate market with a SaaS platform designed to empower brokerage firms, real estate agents, and landlords.

How it works

RentalBeast integrates with the MoxiCloud via Single Sign-On (SSO) and our API.

Give agents access to powerful tools designed to help them grow their business and fast track their success.

Agents using RentalBeast saw a 102% increase in GCI over their first 12 months compared to non-RentalBeast agents.


The largest centralized rental database

Unmatched depth and accuracy of information and validation for each property by the RentalBeast team—giving your agents an opportunity to close more details expand their book of business.

Keep agents productive with lead sourcing and management

Agents need to stay organized and on top of their business—RentalBeast helps them manage incoming leads allowing them to identify and convert renters into homebuyers.

A built-in outreach plan for your agents

Agents with an outreach plan report that one out of every three clients convert into homebuyers. With RentalBeast, agents will have access to email outreach plans and social media sharing tools right at their fingertips.

Keep your agents FCRA compliant

RentalBeast offers a native application processing tool within the platform which keeps your agents FCRA compliant.

They take care of training your new and experienced agents

Brokers and managers will benefit from Rental Beast University—a comprehensive digital educational platform taught by licensed industry experts. They offer multi-day, self-paced boot camp courses, on-demand webinars, how-to guides, and best practices.

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Less Hunt. More Find.

RentalBeast leverages the insights of knowledgeable local experts and a comprehensive database of the latest rental market data to ensure each tenant, landlord, and real estate agent has access to the information they need to navigate and succeed in a competitive rental market.