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Streamline Your Team With Moxi Works

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE Diane van der Goes, director of Recruiting, Marketing and Corporate Strategy for Star Real Estate in Fountain Valley, Calif., grew up in the real estate business; her mother was an agent, and van der Goes earned her childhood allowance by helping her mother farm for clients, wheeling a wagon around prospective neighborhoods and dropping pumpkins door-to-door. Wagon wheels aside, van der Goes herself entered the real estate game in 2001. With a literal lifetime of industry experience, van der Goes is no stranger to the complexities of the business; she understands how important it is to keep a team running on the same pulse. Earlier this year, she introduced her team to Moxi Works, an open platform connecting agents with their brokerage systems in an effort to streamline communication and business strategies, as well as place a suite of best-in-class tools in one location with one log-in.
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MoxiWorks Adds CallAction to Cloud Open Platform

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE Moxi Works has added CallAction, an automated lead marketing service, to its Moxi Cloud open platform, the company recently announced. CallAction is the only marketing automation service currently on the market that can be used with offline or online lead generation efforts to respond to inquiries from phone calls, emails and texts. Their powerful integrations bridge the gap between agents’ top of the funnel lead generation and their existing lead nurturing CRM systems for increased productivity.
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Relatability: A Winning Strategy for Staying Fresh

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE "Our focus is to form strategic partnerships with other cutting-edge companies that bring a dynamic arsenal of resources to our agents, and, in turn, our clients. So far in 2017, we’ve enhanced our agent dashboard to include SkySlope, Moxi Works, MoveEasy, Proxio and Spacio. And there’s more to come."
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MoxiWorks Adds AskAvenue to Cloud Open Platform

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE  MoxiWorks has added AskAvenue, a chat tool for real estate websites, to its Moxi Cloud open platform, the company recently announced. “The AskAvenue chat tool gives agents the ability to follow up with visitors on their website right away,” says Mike McHenry, vice president of Channels and Partnerships at MoxiWorks. “We live in a mobile world and potential homebuyers expect answers in real-time. AskAvenue allows agents to accomplish this.”
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