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SEATTLE, December 4, 2018 – T3 Sixty, the largest management consultancy dedicated to the residential real estate industry, has recently Tested and Certified MoxiWorks, the first true open platform in the industry, through their T3 Tech Scorecards.

“T3 Tech Scorecards are intended to provide the brokerage community with the highest assurances of quality for tech vendors. Having MoxiWorks as one of our first four to be tested and certified was a pleasure. Any brokerage looking at their technology should not hesitate to move forward ,” said Jack Miller, President and Chief Technology Officer of T3 Sixty.

T3 Tech Scorecards include a variety of factors, including an independent survey of MoxiWorks’ users, an analysis of MoxiWorks products, a description of the ideal customer for each product, and best practices for effective adoption by real estate agents and brokers. MoxiWorks, SkySlope, BombBomb and QuantumDigital are the first four companies to undergo this certification process, although other notable real estate tech companies had the opportunity and declined to be reviewed.

Amongst other positive statements on MoxiWorks’ Scorecards, T3 Sixty said, "MoxiWorks’ current capabilities, product mix, and uncomplicated ability to incorporate third party tools makes this this company an excellent choice for brokers that are looking for a platform for their real estate brokerage business." Note that all of the technology vendors reviewed also had to agree to T3 Sixty always maintaining absolute reporting control over the results.

In the Product Features section, MoxiWorks scored in the two highest categories, as they did in the Support, User Value, Product Integrations, and Ease of Learning sections as well. “We're both honored and excited to now be tested and certified by T3 Sixty. We appreciate all the feedback we were given, both positive and areas of improvement. Transparency is wildly important to us and we strive to always be clear about our products and product roadmap. All of the technology we build we see as a work in progress that can be always be improved and updated to better serve our brokerage clients and agents,” said York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks.

MoxiWorks plans to continuously update, create, and innovate for their clients and the real estate industry as a whole. In fact, they are set release many new updates and features in 2019, most notably those mentioned in their upcoming Winter Release.

See the Scorecard highlights here.  


About T3 Sixty

The largest management consultancy dedicated exclusively to the residential real estate brokerage industry. Since 1998, authors and publishers of over 40 studies and reports about the real estate industry, including the Swanepoel Trends Report, the SP200, the Mega 1000 and the DANGER Report. Learn more at

About MoxiWorks

MoxiWorks is a comprehensive open platform system for large residential real estate brokerages that serves over 72 brokerages and 120,000 agents nationwide that account for more than 13% of the transactions in the U.S. MoxiWorks’ integrated tools are centered on sphere methodology that increases agents’ repeat and referral business by 54%, while lowering overall technology, training, and support costs for the brokerage. The open platform known as the MoxiCloud has tools from more than 40 partners that plug and play to create unique brokerage solutions. MoxiWorks also powers the LeadingRE Cloud. MoxiWorks also powers the LeadingRE Cloud. Find more information at


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