WikiRealty brings their neighborhood know-how to the MoxiWorks open cloud platform

SEATTLE, Wa. (Aug. 17, 2020) – MoxiWorks, the leading real estate technology platform, announced today WikiRealty is the latest partner to join the MoxiCloud Partner Program. WikiRealty offers automated marketing and advertising focused on building an agent's sphere of influence online. WikiRealty supports real estate agents by creating unique hyperlocal content, content distribution, dynamic audience targeting and retargeting all on one platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms.

WikiRealty offers a fully automated social media and search engine brand growth platform for brokerages and their agents that focuses on "the neighborhood." Agents receive unique to them relevant, local content created by WikiRealty providing opportunities for the brokerage and agent to grow their sphere. WikiRealty then uses remarketing strategies and promotes the agent's listings to those in the remarketing group as well as the agent's database/CRM. WikiRealty can even qualify leads for the agents, bringing the consumer "down the funnel."

"The current Covid-19 state of the world has created a heightened awareness and need for brokerages and their agents to identify technology solutions that will enable them to connect with online consumers and manage the various facets of the relationship and transaction," said Sanjay Kuttemperoor, Founder and CEO of WikiRealty. "MoxiWorks and its continuous efforts to identify and make available on its platform best in class tools, products and services that enable brokerages and agents to work efficiently in the ever-evolving digital world is unmatched in the industry. The WikiRealty team is honored to be included as a MoxiWorks partner and part of the selected suite of products for its brokerage partners.”

With this partnership, MoxiWorks users will be able to access WikiRealty through a single sign-on integration and will also be able to sync contacts to make creating targeted content even easier and more streamlined. MoxiWorks clients will also receive discounts through preferred rates and packages.

“Creating targeted, hyper-local content helps paint real estate agents as experts in their neighborhoods across the web,” said Krista Thomsen, Senior Manager, Partnerships & Integrations at MoxiWorks. “As a technology company built around the sphere-based selling model we are excited to bring in another new technology partner who also emphasizes the benefit of nurturing and growing your sphere. In the coming months, MoxiWorks and WikiRealty will work to deepen this integration and look forward to helping agents across the country expand their sphere’s.”

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About WikiRealty

WikiRealty is an industry-leading search-to-close real estate marketplace dedicated to helping consumers find the best place to live and the leading real estate professionals to work with during the transaction process. In 2015, WikiRealty launched its online platform with the goal of building a truly digital-first ecosystem for the real estate industry; and it now serves 30,000+ agents; premier brokerages; loan officers; mortgage companies; and other real estate professionals.

By focusing beyond the property - on the neighborhood and other lifestyle factors, WikiRealty has become a leading innovator in real estate for hyperlocal sponsored content, dynamic audience targeting, and cross-platform advertising that accompanies its integrations with hundreds of other software tools and services.  This holistic solution has resulted in WikiRealty contributing to a majority of its users' presence across both social and search channels, resulting in new connections that lead to new business. To learn more, visit

About MoxiWorks

MoxiWorks is a comprehensive open platform system for large residential real estate brokerages that serves more than 260 brokerages and 340,000 agents nationwide accounting for more than 13% of U.S. real estate transactions. MoxiWorks’ customer retention over the past seven years stands proudly at 96%. Their integrated tools are centered on sphere methodology that increases agents’ repeat and referral business by 54%, while lowering overall technology, training, and support costs for the brokerage. The open platform known as the MoxiCloud has tools from more than 50 partners that integrate to create unique brokerage solutions. Find more information at

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