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The technology backbone connecting your entire brokerage.

Introduction to Moxi Works
Learn how top brokerages are organizing their tools, data and sales processes into a powerful offering for their agents.
Tour of Moxi Works
See the melding of technology and sales methodology in a sophisticated, easy-to-use interface. Seeing it, you’ll understand the growth you can bring to your agents' business.
Matthew Ferrara Discusses Moxi Works
Understand why Matthew considers Moxi Works a fantastic system. Together with Moxi Works CEO York Baur, they discuss the dashboard approach, integrated systems, goals, sales process, providing value to agents, and more.
Your Tools Integrated on One Platform
By bringing together all of your tools and services on one platform, you can provide the best-in-class to your agents. Everything from Email, to your MLS data to your CRM and agent websites can now be fully integrated.
Moxi Works is focused on growing our agents' business and making their lives simpler. It's a game changer.
Jeff Detwiler, President and COO
The Long & Foster Companies

What is Moxi Works?

Moxi Works integrates the tools and methods that give your agents a strategic advantage. It includes agent email, CRM Moxi Engage™, interactive presentation tool Moxi Present™, agent web sites and a brokerage intranet called Hub. It delivers a sphere-based selling discipline ensuring agents do the right thing at the right time, dramatically increasing their new, repeat and referral business.

Here is what sets us apart from the other guys:
We integrate technology with sphere marketing & sales methodology.
Integration, it's a word that gets tossed around in the real estate industry. But what does it really mean? To us integration means:
  • Having tools that work seamlessly together.
  • Enabling better communication.
  • Having a central place where agents can connect, access documents and effectively manage their sphere and sales flow.
Integration is what happens when technology connects your entire brokerage, gives your brokerage a competitive advantage and makes your agents more productive.

This is what Moxi Works does.
With Moxi Works, your agents can focus on the tasks that matter & ignore the rest.
Productivity is as much about what you do as what you don't. When agents are focused on the most important tasks, their business grows.

Moxi Works starts with an agent's annual income goal, MLS activity and the people in their sales flow to provide a list of high priority tasks that will help each agent meet their sales goal.
Spend less time doing manual repetitive tasks, spend more time closing more deals.
Built in automation frees up agents to focus on closing deals instead of getting bogged down in low-value time consuming tasks.
  • All tools access client information from the same CRM. No more repetitive data entry is a huge time savings!
  • Automatic monthly marketing emails keep your agents top of mind with their sphere.
  • High priority tasks are automatically generated based on each agent's income goal and MLS transactions.
  • New leads are automatically integrated into Moxi Works.
  • Each day Moxi Works automatically coaches agents to do the right thing at the right time.
Understand which agents are struggling and how to get them back on track.
Moxi Works helps agents and managers forecast their sales for the year and provides tips on how to stay the course.
  • Manager Dashboard gives managers insight into how their agents are performing.
  • Automatic coaching keeps agents on track to meet their goals.
Easy to Use
Moxi Works looks & works great on whichever devices your agents use.
Designed from the ground up to be consistent and dead simple to use. Using Moxi Works to run your business almost feels like instinct.

Every element is thoughtfully placed. Every tool is there where and when you expect them to be. Not to mention that Moxi Works looks and works beautifully on any device.
Adoption Plan
We take care of everything. Connecting to your MLS, ongoing training & more.
We know that your brokerage is unique and there isn't a one size fits all approach to launching new tools. So we create a custom adoption plan and take care of everything. Connecting to your MLS, ongoing training, branding, integrating your existing tools and more. With your agents we focus on communicating 4 key points we've found to greatly increase adoption and use.
  • Moxi Works will save me time and make me more money.
  • Getting started will be simple.
  • Training and help is available if I need.
  • I'll be seen as progressive and professional.
When your agents need help, our team in Seattle is a phone call away.
When your agents need help, our team in Seattle is just a phone call away.

And with a customer satisfaction rating of 98%, you can be sure that we'll help get your agents back up and running as quickly as possible.
We were born out of the need to evolve real estate technology for brokerages.
Spun out of Windermere Real Estate, the third largest independent brokerage in the United States, Moxi Works is a now a fully independent technology company with deep roots in real estate.

Born out of the desire to evolve real estate technology for brokerages, Moxi Works counts dozens of brokerages and over 25,000 subscribing agents as customers.
With Moxi Works agents are more productive & your brokerage grows.
Top brokerages are using Moxi works to boost their agent's productivity and attract the best agents. With Moxi Works:

Brokerages are able to
  • Have more consistent branding.
  • Provide better agent training.
  • Understand how their agents are performing and forecast earnings.
  • Attract and retain the best agents.

Agents are able to
  • Increase their marketing efficiency.
  • Grow their sphere.
  • Transact more often and with more consistency.
  • Focus on the tasks that matter most.