16 Ways to Make Your CMA Presentations Pop

listing presentations

When it comes to presentations, you have to put your best foot forward. Every other agent out there (more or less) are doing them digitally too, so in order to stand out, you have to do more. Chances are your presentation tool (such as Moxi Present) auto-generates them based off the MLS number you plug in and voila, a perfect presentation with no editing needed. While that’s already a powerful tool, some customization is important in making you stand out above the rest.

We’ve got you covered with tips on seller, buyer, open house, and all other presentation types. Try these to stand out:


Seller Presentations

1. Staging approach
Do you stage every home you list? Do you partner with a staging company? Do you have your photographer work closely with your staging expert to showcase the listing in its best light? Make sure you put your staging methodology, so your prospects/clients can get the whole picture.

2. Marketing strategy
Lay it all out there. Show them stats on the reach and results you’ve gotten on previous marketing efforts for other clients. You can even show them the auto-sent reports they’ll receive when you use Advertise Your Listing.

3. Listing photos
If you’ve done it before you can do it again. Show your expertise and earn credibility by showing recent listings you’ve sold. Chances are if they like the photos from the past listing, they’ll get excited to see the ones you get done for them.

4. Pricing strategy
Even though you’ll likely be explaining the reasons behind your suggested listing price, it’s good to put a few into the presentation as well, so when they are flipping through it after the fact they can refer back to them.


Buyer/Open House Presentations

5. Neighborhood Info
It’s fun for people to picture themselves in a given place. Showcase some favorite restaurants, parks, and activities in the neighborhood they’re looking to buy.

6. School district
Where their kids will be going to school is sometimes the deciding factor in the home buying process. Put some stats and links to the school district’s website so they know you’re thinking about it too.

7. Negotiation stats: “on average, I win 80% of offer negotiations”
You might not have exact numbers but give your prospects and clients an idea of your negotiation skills.


All Presentations  

8. Video
It doesn’t matter what kind of presentation you’re creating, you must use video somewhere in it. It can be of the property, of yourself, your past clients, the neighborhood of the subject property – whatever you see fit.

9. Catch eyes with short testimonials
A MUST. While a video testimonial is ideal, some short quotes along WITH video will provide added value and set the tone for the video they’re about to watch. Plus if they’re scanning and don’t have time for the video, the quotes will be easy to digest.

10. Supply online and high-end printed version
Having a digital and a printed copy covers all the bases. Maybe they like to take notes while you’re there presenting to them via the digital copy. Maybe they like to take notes after the fact with their spouse on something more tangible. Provide both to make sure they have what they need.

11. Quantify: “My listings, on average, sell within 20 days”
Similar to negotiation, it’s important to quantify your general real estate skills. How long are your listings typically on the market? What’s your satisfaction rating? What percentage of your sphere are repeat and referral clients? Extremely powerful, extremely necessary.

12. Local market data
You want to set expectations right away. If the market has slowed a bit, explain the time on market may be a week or so longer than your average. If there’s super low inventory, tell them patience will be key in finding the right home for said client. Show this in local market data from your provider.

13. Ask questions
At the end of the day, it’s all about them. Show how committed you are by asking them questions and maybe even throwing in a questionnaire or survey into your presentation.

14. The power of your brokerage
Your presentation is probably already brokerage branded, but it doesn’t hurt to add a little more information about the brokerage you’re with. A united front is always a good idea.

15. Personal brand
It’s important to show a strong personal brand with your brokerage brand. Think of your brokerage as the cake and your personal brand as the frosting. It adds some flavor and sets you apart from other agents out there.

16. Consistency
It might seem like a no brainer, but make sure all the fonts and colors match throughout. If you upload any content or screenshots, try to make sure they fit style-wise. It will help you look more professional and put together.

We hope these tips will help your prospects turn into listings and buyers during this busy season. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on your presentation tool, visit our support site.