2020 in Retrospect: What we learned & what we are bringing with us

2020 in Retrospect: What we learned & what we are bringing with us


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”   –  Charles Darwin


At MoxiWorks, these are the words that we survived by in 2020. As everything we once knew and functioned by was being uprooted, we decided to remain flexible and adaptable to those changes, and because of that, we didn’t just survive, but we saw success.

I asked some fellow Moxians what lessons they are bringing into 2021 from the past year and here are their responses:


Tiana Symmonds – Inside Sales Manager

“The biggest thing I learned from 2020 is to control what I can control and ignore everything else. In 2020 I didn’t have control over a lot of things; my wedding plans changing, my marathon getting canceled, etc. But I did have control over my attitude, how hard I could work, and how grateful I am for my tribe. I have control over what NOT to worry about.”


Daniel Bailey – Senior Account Manager

“One thing that I am taking with me into 2021 is my attention to my mental health and how work-life balance is when working from home and taking on additional responsibilities such as my kid’s schooling. It is important to commit to self-care for not just me but my kids. Whether that means going for a walk, watching funny TikToks or just disconnecting from work at an appropriate time.”


June Laves – Senior Marketing Manager

“The beauty of life is that there is no ‘normal’ setting, it will always keep going and changing and we need to keep changing and growing. From last year, there are two key lessons that are now more than ever sticking with me: In every opportunity, we must always try to choose to be brave. In every action, we must always choose to be kind. I point everyone to check out Reshma Saujani’s book Brave, Not Perfect.

2020 was the perfect reminder to myself to choose to be brave even when things seem out of control, and especially when things seem uncertain or unpredictable. When facing the pandemic, there is no step-by-step guide that says exactly what to do. As an industry, we had to keep customers informed and safe and the economy strong. As a team, we stepped up to creatively respond to our client’s needs. Myself personally, choosing bravery meant rolling with the punches, staying optimistic, and taking time to check in with my personal and my family’s needs. Being brave was actively reminding myself that current events are tough and that surviving, and thriving aren’t about being the ‘perfect Moxian’ or the ‘best auntie’ or the ‘stoic spouse’ it is about being authentically ourselves in all we do.

When we choose to be brave, we must also brace that action with our ability to choose kindness. There are many examples throughout current events where others have demonstrated how not to be kind and how selfishness never wins in the end. Kindness is demonstrated in sympathy, in empathy, and in taking action.”


Bill Yaman – VP of Customer Experience

“As we enter 2021, all of the new processes that we developed in 2020 is enabling the customer engagement teams to fire on all cylinders, even from home. In addition, I am taking into 2021 more patience than I had at the beginning of 2020. We all have our own unique circumstances that we are dealing with and it is important to take a deep breath and give grace to each other, especially during trying times.”


Georgia Perez – VP of Business Development & Product Evangelism

“The lesson that I am carrying forward is gratitude and appreciation. Appreciate what you have as so much of our time is spent striving, that we often fail to look around at how blessed we already are. Appreciate the people in your life as nothing makes you aware of how much the people in your life mean to you than being completely separated from them for a year. Appreciate your impact on others as it is a personal choice each day to be a force for good or bad and whether it is wearing a mask, a kind word, or a simple act of kindness, it can be a true blessing to take our focus off ourselves. This has been a season of loss for many whether it was a loss of a loved one, a job or connection to others, we can help to bridge those hardships through awareness and concern for those around us. Over the last year I have watched everyone in our organization strive to be a blessing to their co-workers and clients. We have been more connected than ever in many ways and some of those efforts extend even beyond work such as virtual happy hours and games and it is a blessing to be here.”


York Baur – CEO

“Some situations, like a pandemic, bring the grit out in people as they are forced outside of their comfort zone and into change. In 2021 it should not take being forced outside our comfort zone to bring out the best of ourselves. We are always capable of more than we think we are, we just have to believe in ourselves and create our own change proactively.”


What lessons did you learn?

2020, although exceedingly difficult to experience at times, gave us so many lessons to learn and take with us into 2021. Even though I am sure we would all like to pretend 2020 never happened and wipe our memory of it, I challenge you to look back and take note of all that you learned so that it can transform into wisdom and success for you in your future. Here’s to 2021!