6 Tips for Real Estate Content Success

6 Ways to Use Real Estate Content to Boost Lead Generation and Maximize Email Marketing Success
6 Ways to Use Real Estate Content to Boost Lead Generation and Maximize Email Marketing Success

In tough markets, where competition is fierce and securing new clients can feel like an uphill battle, crafting engaging content and building quality connections can make the difference between business growth or stagnation. You worked hard to create a solid contact list, and strategic content can help take it to the next level. Fresh, compelling tips and topics that resonate with your audience do more than keep them engaged—they can also help expand your potential client roster and level-up your email marketing strategy. 

Below are six ways that real estate content can help you generate leads from existing contacts and set you apart from the competition.

1. Blog All About It:

Blogs are a fundamental element of any real estate content strategy and a great way to put your unique spin on issues of interest to your audience. Topics like:

  • Local market trends
  • Home buying/selling advice, or 
  • Neighborhood highlights are great places to start

Take it a step further by creating content that showcases your personality and expertise, and don’t be afraid to make it personal. Success stories, things you’ve learned, insider tips, and more can be a big differentiator. Once you have your content, the next step is to share it. An email newsletter that teases your content can get you clicks, and a quick share button can encourage your contacts to spread the word. Your social channels can also be a great avenue to share your content for lead generation, and who doesn’t want more of that? 

2. The Value of Video:

Video is a potent tool in the real estate industry. Did you know that 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands? It doesn’t have to be overly produced—your phone likely has everything you need to get started. Compelling content ideas include:

  • Captivating tours of properties, neighborhoods, your agency, or local hot spots;
  • “How-to” guides;
  • Video testimonials from past sales;
  • Or helpful tips for clients 

The more relevant videos are, the more they’ll resonate, and the more they’ll be shared with (and enjoyed by) their own contacts. Make sure to end every video with a call to action—to call, text, or visit your website to learn more. Video is a phenomenal way to create a personal connection long before an in-person meeting. That trust-building can pay big dividends.

3. Exclusive Ebooks and Guides:

Everyone likes to feel like they’re in the know. Parlay your professional wisdom into exclusive downloadable resources like ebooks and comprehensive guides that people actually want to read. Ebooks have a lot of advantages: they can make you appear more trustworthy, gently nudge your prospect forward in the funnel through education rather than sales tactics, and can be a powerhouse for lead generation. The key to making strategic real estate content successful is to make it relatable—offer helpful advice people actually want, let them know it’s available, and they’ll come to you. After you’ve created your ebook, build a custom landing page and get to work on your marketing. Promote these materials via email and social channels and offer your ebook for free in exchange for a reader’s contact information. Consider sending it out to your contacts for free and ask them to forward it along to anyone they think might be interested. Once you’ve captured a new contact’s email address, you can nurture these leads further through targeted email marketing campaigns.

4. Infographic Design:

Infographics hit all the right content buttons. They’re easy to make, enhance your brand credibility, and people like them—really like them. Posts with infographics lead to 650% higher engagement. Infographics are 30x more likely to be read than a written post containing the same information. And if you’re presenting? Remember this: presentations with infographics are 43% more persuasive.

All you need are some data points and some visuals and you can get started creating infographics that give clients and leads insight into your market. Create real estate infographics on market statistics, renovation ideas, financing options, or predictions. Include them front and center in your newsletter and email marketing funnel, and make sure to make them sharable. Really want to get them in front of new people? Consider offering your contacts a small prize or reward if they forward those emails to ten of their closest friends in market.

5. Podcast Episodes:

Hosting your own real estate podcast can be a lead-generation goldmine. It’s an ideal platform to share your personality, build trust and credibility, and create compelling content that people can access anywhere. Invite other professionals, local leaders, or anyone you admire onto the podcast to reach an even wider audience. Then share podcast episodes with your existing contacts via email, teasing your episode with a few key facts or insights. Want to go the extra mile? Optimize your email subject lines with keywords related to real estate to grab your recipients’ attention and encourage them to engage with your podcast content.

6. Interactive Webinars:

An interactive webinar is live video conferencing that’s centered around a particular topic. It should focus on something you’re passionate about, something that’s squarely in your professional wheelhouse, and of course, something that clients are clamoring to know more about. Promote these webinars through email invitations, encouraging your contacts to register, participate, and forward to others. Webinars provide an excellent opportunity to capture email addresses for follow-up email marketing, too!

Your Contacts + Your Content = Lead Cultivation

By creating diverse real estate content and integrating it into your email marketing program, you can nurture relationships, establish trust, and transform your existing network into a source of new leads. As you consistently provide value through your content and email marketing efforts, you’ll discover the potential to grow your real estate business is boundless.

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