6 Ways to Engage with Your Sphere This Fall

sphere engagement header imageAh, fall. The time of the year when it suddenly becomes socially acceptable (if not encouraged) to drink pumpkin spiced lattes with virtually every meal as we all helplessly watch our timelines get taken over by “throwing leaves” pics.

Aside from the pumpkin overload and sweater weather, fall also brings tons of new opportunities to engage with your sphere. Here are a few fall inspired ideas to kick-start your sphere marketing this season!

Treat or treat. Leave out the tricks and go straight for the treats. Hosting an open house? Better serve up some pumpkin pies or leaf-shaped cookies to spice it up. We could pretend that we’re all talented enough at baking to pull this one off on our own, but we’re not, so here’s a Pinterest page for some quality fall dessert inspiration.

Provide the swag. Fall sports are in full swing, which means that parents are dropping some serious cash on new gear for their kids. Consider taking the edge off by sponsoring a children’s sports team and buying them some swag (sweatshirts, water bottles, after-game snacks, etc.) Take it a step further and purchase branded blankets for the parents who spend countless chilly fall nights sitting in the bleachers. It’s a great opportunity to grow your sphere while creating a positive association with your brand from the get-go.

Give the ugly pumpkins some love. People get strangely into pumpkins this time of year, so why not have some fun with it? Host a competition for who can find the funkiest looking pumpkin. Have them send you pictures and feature the winner on your social media! Not only is something fun and different, but it’s an excuse to drive engagement that goes both ways.

Do some good. Take on the cold weather by hosting your own event to collect warm coats, hats, and gloves for those in need. It’s a great way to give back to your community while also engaging with your sphere in a positive way. Don’t forget to spread the word about your event on your blog, social media and monthly newsletter!

Up your photography game. With fall comes beautiful landscapes and an abundance of vibrant colors. Highlight the season by hiring a local high school photographer to capture some fresh Insta-worthy images. It’s a great way to mix up your content with a seasonal vibe that your audience will love, without breaking the bank.

Share the DIYs. The world of DIY (Do it Yourself) goes absolutely bonkers during this time of year. If you try any DIY costume or decoration making, document it on your social media – even if it turns out to be a comedic DIY fail. Keep your eyes out for any sharable home decorating how-to articles that your clients will love!