API Nation: MoxiWorks Onboarding Just Got Even EASIER

API Nation

In our forever quest to provide the best tools, services, and experience to our clients, we continue to grow and expand the MoxiCloud open platform. For us, making onboarding easy is a major priority and we’re proud of just how easy that process has become. However, like technology, onboarding can always get better and faster as well, which is why we’ve partnered with API Nation to make our easy onboarding process even easier.

How it Works

Changing technology solutions can be hard, especially when you have to move over years and years of contacts, that sometimes even exist in different places. Now you can bid tedious file work adieu. Instead of having to go through the often-painstaking process of moving over your own contacts to a new CRM, API Nation quickly and accurately syncs them into your MoxiEngage CRM account for you!

Agents can bring over full contact information, including notes and custom fields (yay!), and API Nation automatically imports and ensures 100% integrity of that data, so agents can rest easy knowing that every important piece in their sphere is in MoxiEngage and ready to go. That means all of your client’s birthdays, house-iversaries, and more will seamlessly move into your new CRM.

The entire process only takes about two minutes to set up and one minute to complete. We know, how fast, right?! If you’re currently a user of MoxiEngage you can try it out for yourself here!

More on how this integration works here.

More on API Nation

The heart and soul of API Nation is very similar to that of MoxiWorks, which is what makes this partnership and integration that much more exciting! Since launching, API Nation has been working to connect software systems and expand their power and reach by building and automating workflows between them.

From sharing contacts with marketing systems, pulling real estate listings from MLSs into brokers’ tools, to automating e-commerce orders, invoices, shipments, and payments, each app they connect, and each workflow they build, saves thousands of hours and brain cells from mundane, tedious work.

We’re so excited to have you on the MoxiCloud open platform, API Nation!