Drastically Improve Agent Productivity and Satisfaction with MoxiHub

Successful real estate brokers are keenly aware of the value that productivity and time-saving tools have for the success of their agent’s businesses and theirs. Brokerages who can provide the tools that enhance agent productivity have found it to be one of the most effective ways to increase agent satisfaction, and as a result, are more effective at recruiting and retaining agents.

We see time after time that the more your tools are integrated, the better the agent productivity is. Brokerages using MoxiHub reap the benefits of a fully integrated brokerage. Functioning as the technology backbone for your brokerage, the hub is the single place your agents can go to access everything they need run their business.

MoxiHub – Your Brokerages Intranet

Most enterprise brokerages have a dozen or more real estate applications they provide for their agent such as:

  • Agent websites
  • Lead management systems
  • CRM
  • CMA
  • Print marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Showing solution
  • Document management
  • Transaction management
  • Digital signatures
  • Virtual tours

Our Hub is the central place custom designed to fit all your brokerage’s tools and provide easy access to your agents. All in one easy-to-use intranet.

Additionally, agents can access their email and calendars. This not only gives agents a reason to log in, but once they are logged in all of their appointments, contacts, and email are fully integrated with every tool in the system.

As an example an agent gets a lead and the leads contact information will now be instantly available across every application an agent needs to nurture and convert that lead into a long-term client. The prospects contact information can now be accesses by an agent’s:

  • Email
  • Mobile phone, tablet and laptop
  • Lead management software
  • Drip marketing campaigns
  • CMA and presentation tool
  • CRM
  • Transaction management software
  • Etc.

Because MoxiWorks is integrated, the lead’s contact information is automatically integrated automatically behind the scenes. This saves agents time to focus on more important things; like building relationships and closing deals faster. Agents are no longer tasked with mindless data entry and this is why having a central integrated hub is so critical for boosting agent productivity and satisfaction.

Our research shows that if agents need to log in and out of each application, have to remember several usernames and password while trying to maintain an accurate client record and correspondence, in multiple places they will fail. In fact it’s the top reason why tools aren’t adopted. Agents are overwhelmed.

Use Technology to Drive Adoption

If you look at agent use by product, you are likely to see that fewer than 50% of agents use even your most valuable tools. Even those agents who are adopting the tools are likely only to use a few of those tools on a regular basis. In truth, there was not much that a brokerage could do to fix this problem until recently.

The development of technologies that allow applications to “talk” to each other and share information is relatively new. In geek speak, we call this software conversation an API, or application programming interface. An additional piece of the puzzle to getting software applications to talk to each other is SSO or single sign-on. Leveraging this technology, Moxi Works pulls all of your brokerage’s software tools into one place opens the door to massive increases in agent productivity at your brokerage. Which as we all know leads to happier agents and easier recruiting.

Every day your agents will log into your broker branded Hub and gain access to every tool you offer. Because your tools are displayed before them each day, they intuitively gain recognition and are enticed to press the icon and try it. Because we use APIs and Single Sign On, when they do try a tool, agents will find:

  • It’s already set up for them
  • Their branding is in place
  • Clients and prospects are loaded in the product
  • There isn’t an additional website URL to try to remember
  • There isn’t an additional username or password to remember
  • Their photo and contact information is in place

Ease-of-Use is Key

The biggest challenge to driving agent productivity is getting the agents to use the broker tools that improve the effectiveness of their business. You have no doubt chosen each tool you provide to your agents carefully. Our Hub intranet makes it easy for those tools to be accessed and used by your agents. That is the key to product adoption, higher agent productivity and better agent recruiting.

Improved Brokerage-to-Agent Communication

One of the significant advantages of a central Hub is the gains in communication to your agents. Agents today are so inundated with hundreds of emails every day that today many of the broker’s important messages related to reports, announcements, training, and schedules get lost in all of the clutter. With MoxiHub, your brokerage is now empowered with has a publishing platform, like a website, that is privately and exclusively for the benefit of its agents.

Everything You Need, Nothing you Don’t

The MoxiHub supports a brokerage-level view (group of regions), a regional view (group of offices), office view, team view, and agent views. Everything that user has access to see or do in the intranet is managed by your log-in that defines their role and permissions.

  • When an agent logs in, they see their tools. If that agent is part of a team, they see the team view.
  • When an office manager logs in, they see everything pertinent to their office.
  • When a regional manager logs in, they see everything pertinent to the offices in their region.
  • When an executive logs in, they can see across the entire enterprise.

In this way, MoxiHub gives the right people access to the tools they need to be productive without forcing them sort through a lot of noise that has nothing to do with them.

In Summary

The benefits of having MoxiHub at your brokerage are vast.

  • Higher adoption of all your tools
  • Your agents are a lot more productive which gives you ammo when recruiting and retaining agents
  • Agents, managers, owners save time by not having to sort through information that’s not relevant to them
  • It’s much easier to manage your brokerage documents and collateral
  • Agents are happier. They make more money and love working at your brokerage

A lot of this may sound familiar to you. Many technology firms talk about the same benefits to your business. If you will take a moment to give us a call and see what we have developed, I am sure that you will understand the differences. If we are lucky enough to have you as a partner, we look forward to growing with you as your brokerage productivity grows.