Find a Partner – Not Just a Tech Vendor

It happens too often … brokers come to us frustrated and exhausted, stuck in a contract with a tech vendor that promised them the world but fell short. Even if their technology is cutting it, they aren’t getting the service they need or deserve. Technology companies often see themselves as vendors rather than true partners to their clients.

That’s not the case at MoxiWorks.

Customer service is deeply rooted in how we operate. People expect good customer service, remember excellent customer service, and never forget terrible customer service. We understand that it is fundamental to ensuring that our clients are long-term, successful customers of ours. That is why at MoxiWorks, your success is our success.

Success with MoxiWorks

The two largest groups that ensure our clients are successful are our Account Management and Customer Success teams. The Account Management team is our client’s main point of contact and trusted business advisors, providing valuable guidance and support for our suite of tools and partner services. They gain an understanding of our client’s organization, their business drivers, and their service needs, providing a delivery plan that ensures their success with MoxiWorks’ suite of services. The Customer Success team is responsible for ensuring that our clients are wildly successful while using MoxiWorks. They offer several different channels for clients to get assistance including chat, scheduled call, email and help center.

Said best by our Manager of Customer Success and well-seasoned MoxiWorks employee, Nathan Losch, “Our team can help MoxiWorks users maximize the effectiveness of our products, increase adoption of the technology, and reduce the number of users who abandon the technology.”

Our Philosophy Behind Customer Service

Nathan explains that “MoxiWorks wants every interaction with our team to have the result of the requester being in a better situation than before contacting us. Maybe that means coaching on how to use the product. Maybe it means handling something for somebody. Maybe that means getting a bug reported and scheduled or referring the requester to the appropriate party who can help them if we cannot. We want to make it as easy as possible for the agent to successfully use our system to sell more homes.”

I am sure you have heard the quote by Maya Angelou “at the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” We believe that to be true, especially in customer service. We want to make sure that MoxiWorks users always feel supported and never feel overwhelmed or frustrated.


The Proof is in the Data

Our Customer Success team has worked hard to maintain an astounding customer support satisfaction rating of 90% or higher over the last year and continue to do so as reported in a satisfaction poll sent to every single agent that uses our support. This means that at least 9 times out of 10, agents are leaving their experience with Customer Success feeling great about what they learned and accomplished. As a brokerage, that means your agents are continually seeing the value of your technology investment, and in turn, your investment in their success. When you compare this to the industry average customer support satisfaction rating of 78%, it is clear that with MoxiWorks, your agents won’t ever want to try to go elsewhere.

And it’s not just agents. Brokerages who choose MoxiWorks stay with MoxiWorks. Our customer retention rate stands proudly at 97%. Yes, 97% of our customers who have joined forces with MoxiWorks have stayed with us. Our clients see us as a true partner and we see our clients as customers for life, evolving with them and addressing the ever-changing needs of the industry. Rolling out new technology is never a desirable task for a brokerage or any business for that matter. With MoxiWorks, you can find ease knowing that you have found a technology partner for life.

On top of all of this, MoxiWorks is really proud of our Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is the world’s leading metric for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is designed to gauge how willing a customer is to recommend a product or service to others. We actively measure our NPS of key stakeholders and have an NPS of 54, significantly higher than the industry average of 26. This is measured by asking customers the question “on a sale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend our organization to a friend or colleague?” If they answer 0-6, they are detractors, if they answer 7-8, they are passives, and if they answer 9-10, they are promoters. Then, take the percentage of responders that were detractors and subtract it from the percentage of responders that were promoters, and you will have you NPS score. MoxiWorks customers are not just satisfied with their service, but the vast majority of them would recommend MoxiWorks to a friend or colleague as well.


The Process

So how does it all come together for our clients? First comes our ‘Engagement Cookbook’ and onboarding. According to Bill Yaman, our VP of Customer Engagement, this process “has been refined over the years as a result of hundreds of onboarding engagements. It is a multi-phase process with one overriding principle– we are successful together only if the Moxi team really understands your business requirements and becomes an extension of your brand, training methodology, and marketing team. Moxi onboarding is not a ‘one size fits all’ model. Rather, it will vary based on business need, product requirements, geography, etc.”

Also, during this time, our Training and Creative Services teams are working alongside Account Management to ensure all-around success with onboarding, launch, and ongoing adoption. Training will develop curriculums based on a client’s needs and market while Creative Services will work as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams ensuring their content is beautiful and impactful.

Next, once MoxiWorks services are launched, the Account Management team will continue their involvement to ensure that agent adoption and success continues. Shared by Bill Yaman, “we have brokerages that have been clients for five years and we are still holding weekly or bi-weekly meetings with them. That is fundamentally how we achieve 97% customer retention – which is unrivalled in the industry. If you exclude customers that signed on with us in the past year, our average customer has been with us between four and five years.”

Once clients are onboarded, they are also able to utilize our Customer Success team. As mentioned before, assistance can be found via chat, scheduled call, email or help center. Nathan added, “our representatives do not have a numerical or time-based quota; they will help you for as long as it takes.”

At MoxiWorks, customer is key. If our customers are successful, we are successful. When a brokerage chooses us, they aren’t just getting a robust platform of tools to level up their real estate business, they are also getting a team of rock stars to assist and guide them along the way.