Giving Back to Your Community with Clients

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator

November 21, 2019

Giving Back to Community

Here at MoxiWorks, we have such an abundance of signature sayings and mantras that we’ve practically created our own language.

While each and every one of them contributes to the culture and environment that we’re all fortunate enough to be a part of, there’s one in particular that we truly value to our core.

That saying is simply: “Think outside the building.”

Giving back to our communities is something that should be made a top priority year-round, but as the chilly winter months arrive it’s especially important to go above and beyond with what we do for others.

When it comes to doing good, our belief is that the more is always the merrier. Here are a few ways to get your sphere involved in showing gratitude to those in need this season.

Host a donation-based exercise class.

Contact a local cycle or yoga studio and ask if they are willing to volunteer their space and an instructor’s time to co-host a charity event. Invite your exercise obsessed contacts to your class in exchange for a reasonable donation. Promote it on your social media channels and encourage the studio and possibly even the charity (depending on which one you choose) to push it on theirs as well.

In one sweaty event, you are partnering with a local business, donating to charity, growing your sphere, and getting a killer workout in. Talk about multitasking.

Play pet matchmaker.

Although humans are important too, don’t forget about the furry friends out there who are in need of a home.

Consider partnering up with a local animal shelter to help match stray animals with loving homes. This could be something as major as hosting an adoption event, or as subtle as posts on social media or add-ons to one of your regular emails/newsletters.

Who doesn’t love seeing a cute animal pic? It certainly won’t do any harm, and even if your contacts can’t take in an animal themselves, they may be able to connect you with someone who can.

Organize a park cleanup.

Hosting an event to cleanup a local park is a great way to get people involved while also having some fun outside. Make sure to have all the supplies you’ll need ready to go. This includes bags to put trash in, music to keep the spirits high, snacks to keep people working hard, and treats to keep the people happy.

Not only is an event like this good for the environment, but it’s an easy way to make a big impression on a lot of people, all at one time.

Food drive.

Hosting a food drive for those in need is a fairly straightforward way to make an immediate difference in one’s life, however, instead of simply putting the word out about it – make it more personal.

Send out an announcement about it to the people that make up your sphere and offer to personally pick up their donations from them. Although it may require more work from you than simply having them leave it at your doorstep – trust us on this one. Picking it up yourself provides you with a valuable opportunity to make a face-to-face impression they won’t forget.

After you collect the donations, make sure to send out a “your community thanks you” note in the following weeks to those who participated. Not only will this extra step help you stay top of mind and reinforce the positivity, but they’ll appreciate the acknowledgment that they made a difference is someone’s life.

Donate in their names.

Although this might not be a realistic action for everyone in your sphere, pick the main people that you believe are likely to list sooner than later and make a reasonable donation to a charity in their name. Send them the certificate with a note explaining it. Oh, and make sure the packaging looks pretty.

Although it may not be as personal as a face-to-face interaction, it will surely boost your rep and make them more likely to think of you the second they decide to list.

Collect clothing.

Let’s face it – all of us could probably stand to go without a few items in our closet, especially if they haven’t seen the light of day since the 80s. As with the food drive, do your best to pick up the clothing donations from your clients personally.

Consider taking it a step further by including the specific organization that their donations will be going to. Not only will it force you to be more organized, but it will lead them to become more invested and (hopefully) more likely to be generous with their donations.

Care packs.

Another meaningful way to donate is to make care packs for the homeless. These can really include anything you’d like, but many care packs include items such as:

• Toothpaste & toothbrushes
• Gloves/warm hats/socks
• Handwritten notes
• Protein bars
• Hand wipes
• Band aids
• Combs
• Dog/cat food (if they have a pet)

You can either simply collect donations and create the packs yourself, or you can host a party where everyone works together to fill the bags. Either way, it’s a great way to make people feel cared for through some good old-fashioned teamwork.