How Brokerages Save Money While Connecting with Agent Spheres

Agents Spheres with PublishMost people don’t realize that an agent needs to wear multiple hats every day in their position. You are your own accountant, a superior negotiator, and an expert salesperson all within one role. Selling homes is an ambitious feat to take on with so many responsibilities to be successful at the end of the day. One driving component of the real estate industry will never lose its value — connectivity. A successful real estate agent thrives off of strong customer relations.

Every agent has their own sphere of influence that stretches its branches further and further, growing their network. With those agent spheres of influence, how can you not only nurture and expand your agent sphere but take it to the next level while saving precious time and money? We’ve got you covered.

A new way to connect with agent spheres.

At MoxiWorks, we are continuously ideating ways to improve our agents’ business in the most cost effective and timely way possible. Before an agent even begins to show listings and make sales, they are reaching out to all of their contacts for any potential homebuyers — an extremely time-consuming task that most agents can’t afford to fit into their hectic schedules. We would like to introduce Publish to you if you aren’t already utilizing the enormous potential it has to offer.

With Publish, you can not only preserve those connections but increase them faster than ever. The good news is that users of MoxiPresent already have access to Publish in their MoxiWorks account. You are literally only a few clicks away from being at the forefront of expanding your agent sphere like never before.

The power of Publish.

At no additional cost, Publish can help agents, brokers, and office managers increase their relevance with little to no effort required. The good news is users of MoxiPresent and MoxiEngage already have this feature at their fingertips. We have integrated the capabilities of Publish in your CMA tool, MoxiPresent, and your CRM, MoxiEngage to make it as user-friendly, modern, and dynamic for your business.

Deliver engaging 360-degree virtual tours via Matterport and MoxiPresent to dazzle potential buyers. Make lasting impressions to synchronized members of your agent sphere in MoxiEngage with regularly automated personalized messages. Hyper-localize your community with invites to house showings, social mingles, or client appreciation events in the area. Publish is the secret advantage tool that instantly turns agents into master marketers.

Like staying in touch with a friend, regular communication is the name of the game for real estate success. Say goodbye to spending hours sending individual holiday wishes, greeting cards, and newsletters to clients. Through Publish, you can modify the way you reach out to clients and potential leads while saving your valuable time.

“Publish was at the inception pretty pure: give brokerages a way to push that content out to agents and for agents to push it out to their contacts. We wanted to automate it so it was easier for them,” said Jillian Igarashi, Director of Project Management.

Ways to stay connected with agent spheres.

Say you are an agent part of a multi-state brokerage who is selling listings for another neighborhood you’re not acquainted with. This new program also gives office managers and admin who know those specific areas better than anyone else the ability to tailor and contribute their local knowledge to boost your sales.

Although Publish gives power to office admin and brokers in your business endeavors, it doesn’t have to be that way. We understand that real estate agents are their own bosses and they still have that authority with Publish.

“The sky’s the limit and whatever the brokerage wants to push out to the agents, they now can. They can access a consumer database they weren’t able to before,” Igarashi said. “Consumer database was very private before but now office managers and brokerages can create and offer their own values, brand, knowledge, contacts, campaigns to the agents and they have the choice of saying yes or no to it.”

What differentiates Publish from other online automated marketing tools out there is the interactive experience that follows from a typical email. With our other powerful programs meshed into Publish, you can go above and beyond with the way you communicate to your agent sphere.

Want to see for yourself how beneficial Publish could be for your brokerage today? Contact your Account Manager at your brokerage for more information or visit our blog to find out more information on Publish.