How Instagram Ads Will Win You More Listings

MoxiWorksAs a real estate pro, you know that getting eyes on your listings is an absolute must. You publish ads for your listings on Facebook, post about them on Twitter, and maybe even spread the word about them through local newspapers or monthly Neighborhood News updates. You feel confident that you’re covering all your bases and taking the necessary steps to generate the leads you need for your business to thrive.

The catch? You could be reaching significantly more people and boosting your business in a major way, without adding any additional tasks to your already bustling list of to-dos.

While it may be newer to the game than many of its social media powerhouse siblings (aka Facebook), Instagram is essentially the real estate industry’s newly discovered better half. It’s time that you learn it, embrace it, and most importantly – use the channel to win more business and expand your reach like never before.

Here’s how Instagram will win you more listings:


To start, Instagram’s entire user experience was developed to optimize users’ ability to absorb visual-heavy content. That means that when you post a listing photo or an advertisement for your business, viewers may be more likely to notice it as they are using the app than they may be on other channels simply because the UI was specifically built for image consumption.


According to Hootsuite, brands see 10x higher engagement rates on Instagram than they do on Facebook. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll generate significantly more immediate business from Instagram than Facebook, it does point toward Instagram being a powerful tool when it comes to generating engagement through your ads and strengthening your brand recognition, which will help promote consistent lead generation in the long-run.


More than 500 million people log onto Instagram every single day. That’s a LOT of users, and although your ads obviously won’t reach the entire audience all at once, the platform expands your access to a larger pool of people and audiences both inside, and very far outside of, your sphere.

On-the-go friendly.

Not all buyers have significant amounts of time to dedicate to browsing the internet in search of the perfect home. That’s why you need to cover your bases and make it available to them in as many channels as possible to increase your chances of getting their attention and ultimately, winning a listing. Instagram is a very mobile friendly app, making it a given that your ads will be largely consumed while on the go.

Ready to start advertising on Instagram? The Promote feature within MoxiMarketing allows you to advertise on Facebook and Instagram at the very same time, meaning you get much more bang for your buck without putting any strain on your workflow. Start expanding your reach with Instagram ads today.