How to Take Real Estate Pics Like the Pros

real estate pics header imageExcuse the cliché analogy, but photography really is the jelly to your content’s peanut butter. Without it, your online presence would be dry and subpar at best.

With real estate being as dependent on visuals as it is, you’re practically expected to be a professional photographer (or at least be exceptional at pretending to be one) in order to produce the quality images that clients have come to expect.

These expectations make sense, as you want your clients to know the perfect home when they see it without poor photography getting in the way. Although hiring actual professional photographers is usually the norm when it comes to getting snaps of homes that you’re listing, the quality of your pics should be consistent across all of your channels. Here are a few ways to take real estate pics like the pros!


It’s a big deal. Bad lighting can cause graininess and take away the texture that would otherwise tell viewers a lot about the subject. As a general rule – let the light in! Open the shades and curtains in the homes you are listing to capture as much natural light as possible. We aren’t all professional photographers with loads of equipment, but investing in a simple and transportable lighting kit would likely be worth your while in case you find yourself in need of a lighting boost.

Take the time to define your subject

Although it can be tempting to take a quick snap, it’s usually a smart idea to slow things down and take a moment to plan out your image. Using grids can be a great way to make sure your photo is balanced and visually appealing. If you’ve ever taken a photography class, you’ve most definitely heard of the rule of thirds. There’s a feature on most smartphones that will allow you to bring up a grid and make sure you are abiding by the photography law (or at least getting the general idea of it).

Keep negative space in mind

Another element of the rule of thirds is referred to as “negative space”. Incorporating it into your images makes a huge difference when it comes to gravitating people’s eyes towards what you want them to see. Check out some examples for inspiration on how to integrate it into your real estate pics.

Keep symmetry in mind

People love symmetry – it’s why nose jobs are so popular. It’s hard to explain, but there’s this weird sense of accomplishment when you see an image that can be divided into two equal parts. Whether it is a vertical or horizontal line of symmetry, adjusting some of your real estate pics to have it is a great way to further enhance them.


Make sure that your photography inventory contains a wide variety of shots. We’ve all seen those accounts that seem to post the same image over and over again – we don’t usually follow those for long. Make sure you find ways to mix it up, make your real estate pics interesting and produce content that keeps your audience engaged. Close-ups, portraits, landscapes – you’ll want to have them all!