Huge Platform Expansion for Real Estate Brokerages

Huge Platform Expansion for Real Estate Brokerages

It’s been a busy couple years at MoxiWorks. We spotted a major trend developing that was making it harder and harder for brokerages to evaluate and implement the ever-increasing number of technology solutions. Every day it seems there’s a new lead generation company or mobile app or a marketing program for text. Or 3D video. It’s a tsunami of technology and the brokerages who don’t have an integrated platform are really falling behind.

No Integration Is Painful

It’s one thing just to track all the updates from existing providers and vet the newcomers. It’s quite another to integrate the ones you choose into a seamless experience for your agents. The underlying problem is all these tools and services don’t share data. Many, for example, require you to input your roster so they can work properly. Importantly, they are created independently and don’t work together. Your open house app and your CRM probably aren’t connected and doing things together to support your agents. There’s no cooperation in your system. The tsunami is a big problem that can’t be solved by brokers on their own.

You Need an Open Platform

An open platform is really a data exchange where all your applications give and receive the information they need to deliver a better experience for your agents. Everything from listing and roster data to public records data. The platform acts like a power strip where your applications plug in and everything just works. With it, your print provider can access the consumer data along with your brokerage branding to run effective marketing campaigns. With it, your agents don’t need to redundantly enter the listing information into your digital transaction management system since that can be transferred automatically. Done well, your agents will be presented the right tool at the right time making them more efficient. They like that a lot.

The Moxi Cloud

MoxiWorks has a well-established brokerage open platform, called the Moxi Cloud. It runs many of the most successful brokerages in the country. We have made it easily accessible for the whole ecosystem of tools and services. That was the technical part. On the business side, we created a long list of business relationships with companies that provide the tools and services you need – at a best-in-class level. Not only do they get the data, but we surface them at the right time and place. For example, when your agent goes to manage a transaction in their CRM, a transaction is created in your digital transaction manager. No more double entry. No million passwords to remember since it has SSO (single-sign on).

MoxiWorks now has a full-time team dedicated to building and integrating tools and services. We are providing the resources brokerages don’t have. We currently have over 40 integrated partners and the list is growing fast.