Industry Leader DocuSign Joins the MoxiWorks Open Platform

Industry Leader DocuSign Joins the MoxiWorks Open Platform

The MoxiWorks open platform has just become even bigger with our DocuSign partnership! This partnership allows our CRM to provide a fully digital transaction management program for our agents to manage their workflow with clients.

“PDocuSign Integrates with Moxi Worksartnering with the team at MoxiWorks to deliver a streamlined experience for agents ties into our DocuSign ’Lead to Close‘ strategy. By seamlessly integrating the tools agents use every day, we help them remain at the center of the transaction to deliver great service to their clients while eliminating manual data entry, paperwork and associated cost and delays,” says Georg Gerstenfeld, General Manager of Global Real Estate Solutions at DocuSign.

When it’s time for a transaction, MoxiEngage CRM creates a digital transaction room for the agent with all of the client and property info auto-populated. The digital transaction room enables the creation, editing, and sending of documents to anyone and everyone involved in the transaction. This means clients, loan officers, escrow, etc. can all interact within the same space. Now agents can also see the status of where each participant is in the buying and/or selling process, allowing for proper transaction management and maintenance to take place when needed.

York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks says, “Our open platform and our partnership enables us to achieve the first truly end-to-end digital transaction. Many have tried, but until now there wasn’t a feasible player in the game. Teaming up with Glenn Shimkus, VP of Product at DocuSign has been huge; his idea of making DocuSign an open platform has matched ours and that’s what allowed us to achieve this vision of an end-to-end digital transaction between both of our platforms.”

For those that may not be familiar, an open platform means having published, secure, API’s for all of the important functions and data that allow applications to work together. It may sound confusing, but the definition doesn’t matter. What matters is that this allows brokerages to remove stone age tools and plug in best-in-class applications and tools that agents need today. An Open Platform delivers incomparable productivity to help better business and life.

Make your agents and clients happy with an open platform and the new DocuSign integration!

*Image courtesy DocuSign.

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