MoxiWorks Agent Spotlight: Derrick Silvers

Derrick Silvers, RE/MAX MetroDid someone say agent spotlight?! These might be our new favorite! Derrick Silvers, of RE/MAX Metro in Seminole, Florida is a superstar like no other. With tons of delighted clients and an outstanding level of productivity, he stands out far above the rest. Of course, we had to ask him what he thinks of our tools and if they play a part in his success and goals when it comes to his real estate business.

Here’s what Derrick Silvers had to say about life as a real estate agent and the tools that power it:

Why do you love being a real estate agent?
“The flexibility of having my own business makes me love real estate. I still work a ton, but now I am able to make time for family when needed.”

What is your fondest client memory?
“There’s been quite a few. So, let me answer by saying the people we have met, who have now become close friends is the fondest memories that keep giving.”

How has MoxiWorks helped your business?
“MoxiWorks is so robust, yet easy to use. When I show agents how easy MoxiPresent makes it to put together a listing presentation, they are blown away. Clients think I’ve worked on something for days, that can take me 5-10 minutes due to the power of the program!

What is your favorite MoxiWorks tool and why?
“MoxiPresent for sellers. You can copy and paste a previous MLS number and ‘boom’ a great looking listing presentation is born, all you have to do is pick the comps you want, which Moxi provides, as well as one of their state of the art templates they provide (which you can also customize). Did I mention the presentation looks amazing on a phone, which most people view things on these days?”

Would you recommend MoxiWorks to other agents? If so, why?
“Absolutely, no one else has a better all in one system. Listing presentations, CRM, buyer showings program with built-in map to easily navigate from home showing to the next.”

In what ways has MoxiWorks helped make you more productive?
“Like I stated before, the ease of doing a listing presentation within minutes is second to none and I can use the program on my computer, tablet and even phone!”

Any client stories about MoxiWorks?
“We met a client in a high-end home. We had the opportunity to compete for the listing. We ultimately signed the listing because the listing presentation was that much superior to any others!

Any tips for other agents using MoxiWorks?
“Don’t be scared of technology and don’t think it will do your job. Embrace technology, be okay with making mistakes (in fact, try to make as many mistakes as possible to learn better and always send the first presentation to yourself or a friend to confirm everything is working the way you wanted) and let technology be a dynamite business partner that makes you work quicker, smarter and look better than the next agent!!”

Wow. Derrick, thank you so much for these fantastic insights and feedback! WE are the ones that are blown away. If you’re reading this and would like to learn more about the power of the tools Derrick mentioned above, you can do so here. Also, if you’re living in or around Seminole, Florida and looking for a great agent, looks like you found the perfect one!