5M+ Sales in 2023 | November 2023 Home Sales Predictor

Industry Insights | Home Sales Predictor | November 2023

Top things to know this month:

  • Based on the HSP predictions for Nov & Dec we should narrowly surpass 5 million agent-assisted (existing + new construction) home sales in 2023  
  • There were 411K home sales in October  
  • 388K home sales predicted for Nov and 385K for Dec

For those of you keeping score at home, November did not start quietly by any stretch. We know the chatter over the next few months will be what this verdict means for the industry. While yes, some things will change, something that won’t change is the fact that winning the listing/representing the seller is the thing that has always mattered, and your sphere is the source of that.  

If you’re a Moxi customer, you’re already good at this. It’s been harder the past 11+ months, that’s for sure, but you have tools that help you nurture your sphere to find & win your seller leads.

What is clear to us now, is that this legal exercise has shined a bright light on how the industry has become overly focused on the buyer, when we should have always been focused on the seller. And we’re right, right? You’ve always preferred a seller to a buyer, but with all the shiny stuff in buyer land maybe you lost sight of that. Now you just have to get back to what you know how to do and do it well.  

Ok, let’s get to the numbers.  

The Home Sales Predictor model predicted there would be 429K home sales across the US in October and we wrapped the month with just 4% less at 411K. 

Home Sales Predictor | November 2023 vs December 2023

Looking ahead to November and December the HSP predicts there will be 388K homes sold in November and 385K sold in December bringing us to just over 5 million agentassisted (existing + new construction) home sales in 2023. So while we’re ending the year still in line with 16, 17, 18 numbers, we’re still going to end the year just over 5 million home sales across the U.S. which is nothing to sneeze at.  

Year over Year - November 2023 - Home Sales Predictor Graph

With 44 days left in 2023 now’s the time. Time to find the listings. Time to win the listings. Time to help you sphere realize the opportunity in front of them.  

You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

Until next month.


This data correlates user activity within
MoxiWorks products to the predicted number of closed listings two months into the future. Learn more about, or subscribe to, the
Home Sales Predictor.  

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