Our Growth Leads to Your Value: A letter to MoxiWorks customers


Dear customers,

There’s increasingly more horsepower behind the rate of innovation and growth of our offerings here at MoxiWorks and we’re thrilled to share the benefits of that growth with our customers aka you. With your support, we continue to push progress of the industry as a whole with our suite of products and services we offer. And as we grow, our focus remains to provide continued benefit to you, our customers as we innovate and establish new integrated partnerships.


From open platform to open house

We believe that no two brokerages are alike, which is why we’ve built the industry’s only true open platform, which gives you – the broker – the power of choice. Working with a truly open platform means even though you and other companies may have the same tech partner in us, you’re still able to provide unique value to your agents. Each brokerage has the ability to mix your own unique cocktail of technology and fill it with your own unique content and branding geared at a specific market, which drives the success of your agents and enables you to advance your value proposition and stand out in your market. This allows you to grow your technology strategy along with your company and we’re right there with you along the way.

All our customers have access to the same SaaS products and open platform that we have created. Therefore, adding new customers means added revenue, allowing us to expand our ability to build and enhance those products, benefitting all customers equally. It’s a win-win situation for all.


Getting faster, better, stronger together

Yes, bringing on new customers means we had to grow our team and we’re proud to say we’ve increased the number of full-time Moxians by 25% since the beginning of the year – we’ve already hired 35 new employees so far – and we continue to bring on talent across all functions of the organization. The result is that we’re more capable than ever for all our customers, you included.

The MoxiWorks philosophy has always been rooted in driving the industry forward through collaborative investment in innovation and that only continues to strengthen. Our initial investors/customers: Windermere, Long & Foster, Howard Hanna helped fuel our growth strategy to get us where we are today and continue to push us to where we can get tomorrow. Along with over 150 integrated partnerships and new innovative product offerings, we are bringing the benefit back to you, our customers every day.

We look forward to continuing to support each and every one of our customers in a unique way that drives their business forward. Let’s sell more homes together.