What’s New. What’s Awesome. — Google Ads, 1099s, and Faster Moxi

What’s new and awesome at MoxiWorks?

It is hard to believe that the first quarter of 2023 is wrapping up! Spring real estate season in the US is heating up, and agents are poised for a healthy challenge this year as markets return to 2019 inventory crunch. No matter what 2023 throws out, MoxiWorks has your back with sphere-focused technology built for your day-to-day.

Check out what we’ve been working on so far this year, what’s new and what’s awesome.

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MoxiPromote adds Google Ads and custom audiences.

Reach more buyers and sellers with branding ads now available across the Google Display Network.

“Services ads” have been renamed as “Brand Ads.” In the left navigation, you’ll see the section titled, “My Brand Ads.” Brand ads are useful for agents who may not have any current listings or are looking to expand their market.

Users can now place both listings and branding ads across the Meta (Facebook) Audience Network and the Google Display Ad Network. Click to learn how to set up a Brand Ad.

The Google Display Network includes 35 million websites, apps and Google-owned properties like YouTube and Gmail. These ads are typically used to drive traffic to a website.


Get the right message to the right people with custom audiences and retargeting available in MoxiPromote.


Users now have 3 audience options when placing an ad on MoxiPromote. Click to learn how to upload your custom audience.

  1. The default, geo-target based on a radius (typically from your listing address or selected location).
  2. Geo-target a custom selected area not necessarily close to your listing or office location.
  3. Upload a custom audience to run ads directed specifically toward your sphere or list of leads.

Streamlined blueprints make it even easier to get started.

You may notice some subtle changes and fewer blueprints when you log into MoxiPromote. Never fear! We’ve simplified the creation process — organizing blueprints by channel like Facebook/ Meta or Google and type like New Listing, Open House, or Brand.

You’ll also begin to see your performance stats front-and-center when you log in. (You won’t see anything here until you run an ad and begin collecting data.) Learn more about these improvements.


Showcase your solds with MoxiImpress

Celebrate those closings!

Our automation improvements allow SOLD listing packages to be sent out to agents, many even the same-day. This is a marked improvement for customers who had to wait for their MLS feed and MoxiCloud data to sync over night before sold materials could be triggered.


Conquer bathroom math.

For MoxiImpress users that also access other MoxiWorks products like MoxiPresent or MoxiWebsites — the bathroom calculations are now consistent across all applications.


Mortgage users rejoice! RealEstate Content, our library of relevant articles, is now available.

RealEstate Content is our curated, custom content library of articles relevant for home buyers and sellers. Read more.


Improved support for exclusive and non-exclusive listings

We have streamlined the way we aggregate listing data to allow filtering office-specific listings (exclusive). Previously, our workflow for exclusive listings would sometimes lead to duplicates showing for consumers. This is now fixed. Read more here.


Process and file 1099s easily

We’ve ironed out our partnership with Tax1099 and enhanced a few of the workflows for processing and filing 1099s through MoxiBalance. US folks, fear January 30th no more!

We’ve improved our error notifications to make the process less confusing when a wrinkle arises. We’ve also made longer running processes (like pushing 1099 data to Tax1099) less of a burden and allow users to navigate away from the upload. Read more about 1099 reporting.


Create plan templates based on transaction type

Brokerages often have different plans based on the type of transaction — residential sale, rental, company provided lead, etc. It’s more than just percentages or caps, but rather these plans are a contained, repeatable structure. MoxiBalance supports transaction type plans, alleviating users from having to manually combine templates or line items for unique types of closings.

This feature has been soft-launched for a few customers. If you’re interested in adding this feature to MoxiBalance, reach out to your account manager.