What’s New. What’s Awesome. — September 2023 Release Notes and Product Updates

What’s New. What’s Awesome.

Fall is just around the corner here at MoxiWorks headquarters — and we’ve got some amazing updates to help your agents close out the summer strong. We can’t wait to walk you through these exciting changes below. Reach out to your account manager anytime if you have questions or want help implementing any of these features in your agents’ workflows.


MoxiEngage + MoxiPresent: Deeper Integration

MoxiEngage’s power as a CRM lies in its ability to integrate with so many sources of data and give your agents a 360-degree view of their sphere. Now, MoxiPresent and MoxiEngage have an even deeper integration that enables your agents to do some very cool (and slightly magical) things with their contacts. 

See what presentations were shared

In MoxiEngage, agents can now instantly view the presentations that have been associated with contacts, and even filter those presentations by types, title, date created, or recently created.

Spin up more presentation types fast

Since launching the quick-start button on My People cards in July, we’ve heard really positive things about the time savings this feature has brought agents. Now, your agents can support even more clients efficiently, with Annual Property Reviews, Seller, Buyer, and Buyer Tour presentation types all supported from the quick-start button.

Peek at the details of presentations

Agents can quickly view details of presentations inside of MoxiEngage My People cards, so they can get on the same page as clients fast. One awesome example of how this can supercharge productivity: checking recent Estimated Market Values they may have sent to customers in Annual Property Reviews. Having this information at your agents’ fingertips helps them have great conversations with clients about how a home’s value may be changing over time.

Enhanced Features for Testimonial Tree Reviews

For your agents who collect reviews on Testimonial Tree, we have some exciting updates that make it much easier to showcase hard-earned work —  reviews from Testimonial tree now automatically populate in MoxiPresent presentations. Now, if your agents have reviews on Zillow or Testimonial Tree, they can set up an automatic feed from either. And because Testimonial Tree is an aggregator, reviews from Zillow can be included on their site and incorporated into the feed. Go to your Integrated Tools settings and toggle on Testimonial Tree to have those reviews automatically flow into your MoxiPresent presentations.

Small But Mighty Compliance and UX Improvements

As part of our ongoing work to keep agents compliant, we now include the agent’s license # (when present in the data feed or profile) in flyers and print versions of MoxiPresent presentations. In addition, we’ve aligned with wider best practices in the way listing data is represented across our products by replacing the term “Selling Office Commission” to “Buyer Brokerage Commission”.

We’ve also made it easier to configure notifications so your agents never miss a beat. When agents want to adjust the ‘schedule a showing’ SMS text notification from their MoxiWebsite, they will now manage those settings under Notifications in their Agent Profile – previously this setting was in a more confusing area of user tools.

Partner Feature: Nimbl

Considering MoxiBalance? Start off strong with free onboarding help from Nimbl. 

MoxiWorks is thrilled to partner with Nimbl to provide 1:1 accounting expertise for every customer signing on with MoxiBalance. Think of it like a pocket-CFO, with financial expertise to help with every step of the transition and onboarding to MoxiBalance. If you choose to retain Nimbl’s ongoing accountant services, you’ll also get a special MoxiWorks rate as part of our partnership.

Coming Soon

Some impactful updates are underway, so be on the lookout for these improvements from us soon:

  • In-product guidance to help your agents resolve sync issues in MoxiEngage
  • Streamlined social posting from the online marketing center in MoxiImpress, so you can target the right channel and engage with your following in fewer steps.
  • Continued integration between MoxiPromote and MoxiImpress to cut out steps and improve campaign monitoring and tracking. Soon, your agents will be able to launch digital ad buying in MoxiPromote directly from their marketing automation guide emails from MoxiImpress! 

Make the most of these updates

Let us know what you think about the updates! As a reminder, our Success Portal and your brokerage’s account manager are critical resources to help your brokerage get the most from these new features, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.