What’s New. What’s Awesome. — Summer 2023 Release Notes and Product Updates

What’s New. What’s Awesome.

We’ve been hard at work on some impactful product updates at Moxi HQ, and we can’t wait to walk you through MoxiWorks recent updates as of summer 2023. Remember, if you have questions or need assistance with implementing any of these features in your agents’ workflows, reach out to your account manager.


MoxiEngage + MoxiPresent:
Create a property review in minutes

Last year we launched the Annual Property Review presentation type in MoxiPresent to give agents a powerful way to keep in touch with past clients while delivering value. Our latest updates make it even easier to spin up a Property Review Presentation directly from My People in MoxiEngage.

MoxiWorks recent updates as of summer 2023 include triggering MoxiPresent annual property reviews from MoxiEngage.

When you select Presentations on the My People contact card, you can quickly associate your contact’s address with an annual property review (and coming soon, a Seller CMA).

MoxiEngage and MoxiPresent syncing contacts and presentations

MoxiEngage: Friendlier filterings

Being able to segment your database and stay-in-flow with specific clients is a vital function of your CRM, and you should be able to do it easily wherever your day takes you. Our newest updates make MoxiEngage’s filtering menu more adaptive, so you can quickly and confidently filter through your sphere in between showings and meetings.

MoxiEngage contact filters allow you to include and exclude across many different categories and fields

It’s also much easier to create a clean list and maintain a healthy database with the addition of INCLUDE and EXCLUDE filters. 💡 HOT TIP: if you want to build a text message list, you can easily exclude people who are missing a phone number. Read more about the different filtering options in this help article.

Big blueprint updates for Meta

Last month, we made some important simplifications to the dashboard to help agents more quickly find the blueprint they need. Now, we’ve taken it one step further with some big improvements to the blueprints themselves that make it easier to get up and running with a listing ad, and let agents leverage even more of Meta’s ad features to showcase their listings and brand.

Your dashboard now features Quick Program – an ad preview of your most recent listing. This gives you an idea of what your ad would look like before even getting started, and clicking on the preview takes you directly to the blueprint for the ad.

With this update, the available blueprints on the Dashboard look like this:

Display of the MoxiPromote home dashboard showing new blueprint types for real estate ads

Blueprints are now organized by the type of ad — single listing, multiple listing, or brand ad —as well as the ad platform they’ll be promoted on (Meta or Google). Let’s dive a little deeper into the new blueprints:

1. Single listing with visual: Meta

This is where you’ll find Open House Ads, Sold Listing Ads, and New Listing Ads (or custom content) – every occasion to promote a single listing is now all in one place. In addition, you can now feature .mp4 videos in your single listing ads on Meta for even more engaging content. 💡 HOT TIP: If you have MoxiImpress, we recommend using a Video template to create a quick, professional video.

2. Single listing with gallery: Meta

With this blueprint you can show 2 to 5 images of a single home in a gallery ad on Meta. You can choose the images from your listing feed or upload them directly.

Demonstration of multiple image carousel meta ad with one real estate listing

3. Multi-listing carousel: Meta

Now, you can highlight multiple listings in a single ad with a carousel that highlights between 3 and 10 listings. These images will be pulled from the MLS based on the order they appear there – if you choose to display the first image, for example, the first image from the MLS for each of your featured listings will show in the carousel.

MoxiWorks recent updates as of summer 2023 include new ad blueprint design showing a meta ad using a carousel to display multiple listings

4. Brand promotion with visual: Meta

While not entirely new, this blueprint has been improved with the addition of video! Now you can use this powerful media type to showcase your business and brand in ads.

We’ve also made some important UX improvements across all our blueprints to make them easier to use. First, when you set up your ad program, the order of the selections you’ll need to make are now the same across all blueprints. Blueprints with multiple copy choices now give users a choice of themes with associated ad copy and image overlays, whether you’re advertising on Meta or Google.

Content themes in MoxiPromote ad builder

The Content section has also been expanded in all blueprints (rather than hidden within a collapsed section), so agents can clearly see the copy and design choices available for their ads, as well as the option to create custom content.

MoxiPromote: Improved default ad copy

You can always customize your ad copy, but if you use the default ad copy in MoxiPromote, we know you’ll be excited about these updates. We’ve combed through the default copy of all our ad blueprints to reflect updated real estate best practices. We expect performance and ROI improvements for ads using the new default copy – we hope you love the results.

MoxiImpress: Glow up! ✨ Refreshed marketing center updates coming soon!

Starting this week, the MoxiImpress team will be rolling out some incremental improvements to the online marketing center UI. Tools and buttons will still be where you expect them, but you’ll see some cleaner styles and a more consistent Moxi feel.design showing out-of-the-box MoxiImpress dashboard and top nav as well as custom enterprise top nav

Make the most of these updates

Let us know what you think about the updates! As a reminder, our Success Portal and your brokerage’s account manager are critical resources to help your brokerage get the most from these new features, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


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