What’s New. What’s Awesome. — Video Ads, Transaction Templates, and more!

What’s New. What’s Awesome.

It’s been a few big weeks here at Moxi HQ, and we can’t wait to show you all the new features we’ve added to make your MoxiWorks stack work harder for you.

As always, if you have questions or need assistance with implementing these features in your stack, reach out to your account manager anytime!

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Profiles MoxiPromote MoxiImpress MoxiPresent MoxiWebsites ActivePipe ActivePipe for Mortgage MoxiEngage MoxiBalance graphic shows a profile editing screen inside of MoxiWorks with a sample URL for the mobile app and for the tiktok URL

Agent Profile: New TikTok and custom app fields

Your socially savvy agents will love the latest update to Agent Profiles.
Users will now find a TikTok field in their agent profile, so they can let their social media presence shine by displaying their TikTok profile link wherever social links are shared in email signatures and on profile cards across agent, team, office, and brokerage websites.

We also now support a custom app download URL field, so an agent can share a custom URL and offer a mobile app for download in email signatures and on profile cards. This feature supports any 3rd party app URL or other website URL.

Need a refresher on updating your profile? This help center article has your answer!

decoration - mockup of quick start menu on a mobile device and icons of new types of ads: video, carousel, multi-listing

MoxiPromote: Video Ads, Carousels, and UI improvements

We’ve made some important adjustments to the look of MoxiPromote to help users more easily find their way around and get back to working with clients faster. Right off the bat, the purple megaphone has been replaced by a Promote wordmark and the MoxiWorks blue color palette, so your agents quickly know they’re in the right place. Agents are faced with a simpler set of decisions when they first log in: advertise my listings or myself? Facebook or Google?

We’ve renamed Service Ads to more closely reflect how agents refer to this ad type – they are now called Brand Ads

Brand Ads can be placed across both the Meta Display network and the Google Display network. Agents can advertise their brand and business to consumers on the Google Display Network: 35M websites, apps and Google-owned properties like YouTube and Gmail. These ads are designed to drive traffic to a website.

Learn more about Brand Ads: https://support.moxiworks.com/hc/en-us/articles/13389014649236

Performance stats have also been added to the dashboard, so you can easily see how your ad portfolio is performing (all time) at a glance. Once you’ve run an ad and data has begun to flow into the tool, you’ll also be able to see stats for individual ads through the menu on the left.

MoxiImpress: Speedier and smoother

MoxiImpress is faster than ever, with many MoxiImpress customers seeing marketing automation guides and assets delivered within minutes of changes to their listing feeds – truly magical.

We’ve also made a few small but mighty improvements to smooth out the experience of MoxiImpress:

  • Brokerages can facilitate marketing tasks on agents’ behalf more nimbly with improved impersonation capabilities.
  • No more pesky bathroom inconsistencies! We released an update that synchronized how bathrooms are displayed between MoxiImpress and other MoxiWorks products.

Coming soon – we’re packing even more goodness into the Marketing Guide with additional automated marketing opportunities for printing and digital ads. Stay tuned!

MoxiPresent: More options for square footage

We’ve updated how users can configure and display square footage in MoxiPresent presentations. Instead of defaulting to Total square feet, we now support the 3 most common square footage requirements across the industry:

  1. Total square feet
  2. Total finished square feet
  3. Above Grade finished square feet

Brokerages can choose to set a default display calculation or even lock down the calculation tool, depending on their association requirements. No matter which calculation is selected, MoxiPresent presentation pages are automatically updated with an appropriate disclaimer clearly explaining the number to the consumer.

MoxiWebsites: New fields, tags, and search options

We’ve made a number of updates to MoxiWebsites to allow you more customization on your websites and help you guide consumers to explore your listings and agents:

New profile fields: The new TikTok profile field and a Custom App URL field mentioned above can be added to agent profiles across office search profile cards or about pages.

County search: When searching for an agent on a brokerage website, consumers can now search by county (US Only).

In an under-the-hood update, we’ve completed the bulk of the work needed to support the newest version of Google Analytics (v4). We’ll have more info about this update soon for those of you that are big fans of google analytics – just know that your site is in good hands throughout this critical work.


ActivePipe: Fully dynamic SmartFeed panels

ActivePipe’s powerful SmartFeed panels just got a whole lot smarter. They can now be filled dynamically – so you can build your newsletter template once, then set it and forget it! The most recent content will automatically be pulled in via your favorite RSS feed(s).

Learn more on our knowledge centre for ActivePipe.

Additionally, we’ve released a new RealEstate Content panel, giving you exclusive nurture journey content that you can add dynamically to your emails. These articles can’t be accessed anywhere else and are written by our professional team and released every month to power up your agents.

ActivePipe for mortgage: Your Content Library awaits!

RealEstate Content for Mortgage is here! Just like setting up your finance campaigns, our mortgage users can also access our rich library of professionally written, exclusive content to send to their spheres. Learn more about RealEstate Content from ActivePipe on our knowledge centre.

MoxiEngage: Updated CSV Imports

While most users simply sync their MoxiEngage database with their preferred email address book, some folks still prefer to import lists, and we’ve made this process a whole lot easier. We’ve reduced the csv template to 16 fields – and improved our data validation – to make it much simpler to import clean, accurate data.

MoxiBalance: Improvements for franchisors and Payload.io

This past quarter saw many improvements and additions to our franchise management platform – a targeted layer of the MoxiBalance system that truly understands the nuance of franchisor reporting and management. This included:

  1. Transaction type templates – workflow templates giving admins the ability to process varying transaction types at scale (think rental agreement, new construction, single-family residential, commercial).
  2. New sales terms option for Regional membership invoices

We’ve also embarked on a journey with our partners at Payload.io to adjust our API and eliminate time-outs and performance issues in the transaction process. If you or your agents handle cross-client transactions, you’ll definitely feel the power of these updates!