Why It’s so Important for Brokerages to Support Agent Listings

support agent listingsAs a leader at a real estate brokerage, you consider your brand to be your bread and butter. It’s what gives you the power to successfully recruit and retain the agents you need, and establish the killer reputation required to thrive within this bustling industry.

Creating a powerful brand that makes agents want to work for you, and clients want to work with you, requires that you both give your agents what they need to succeed and market your brand in ways that can’t be overlooked.

There’s already a lot on your plate, so the more of this you can accomplish with the least amount of maintenance, the better.

Hint: We have you covered.

Competition for top producers is hot. Brokerages are pulling out all the stops, leveraging every trick in the book to build a powerful team of agents that has what it takes to survive any market condition that might come their way.

The point? Support agent listings.

You, too, need to be smart about how you’re bringing valuable support to your agents, including investing in paid advertising. And luckily, thanks to the feedback and requests from our clients, you now have the perfect tool to enable you to do just that – sitting, just waiting to be used – right inside of your MoxiMarketing suite.

It’s simple, doesn’t require heavy lifting from your brokerage team, boosts your brand recognition big-time, and results in a major win-win for both you and your agents.

How it works.

The latest update to MoxiMarketing gives brokerages the ability to sponsor agents’ ads, boosting the initial number of eyes on their listings and your brand, without the agents having to spend any of their own cash. It will jump-start their marketing efforts. And then, when that ad times out, the agent has the option to pay to continue the promotion if they so choose.

Why it’s important.

The level of support you offer your rock star agents plays a huge part in your ability to keep them on your team. Although the topic of recruiting new agents is a massive one among brokerages in today’s market, retention plays an equally important (if not more important) role in leading your brokerage to success.

Using this feature to take on the initial cost associated with advertising listings will benefit your brokerage in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Taking on the initial cost will encourage your agents to continue marketing that listing, increasing the engagement they have with the tools you provide them with.
  2. It will make your agents feel as though you’re a team, and that you support their success and have their backs when it comes to winning listings and remaining competitive.
  3.  You will build brand recognition by encouraging the promotion of all listings associated with your brokerage.

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