MoxiWorks Agent Spotlight: Derrick Silvers

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager


Derrick Silvers, RE/MAX MetroDid someone say agent spotlight?! These might be our new favorite! Derrick Silvers, of RE/MAX Metro in Seminole, Florida is a superstar like no other. With tons of delighted clients and an outstanding level of productivity, he stands out far above the rest. Of course, we had to ask him what he thinks of our tools and if they play a part in his success and goals when it comes to his real estate business.

Here’s what Derrick Silvers had to say about life as a real estate agent and the tools that power it:

Why do you love being a real estate agent?
“The flexibility of having my own business makes me love real estate. I still work a ton, but now I am able to make time for family when needed.”

What is your fondest client memory?
“There’s been quite a few. So, let me answer by saying the people we have met, who have now become close friends is the fondest memories that keep giving.”

How has MoxiWorks helped your business?
“MoxiWorks is so robust, yet easy to use. When I show agents how easy MoxiPresent makes it to put together a listing presentation, they are blown away. Clients think I’ve worked on something for days, that can take me 5-10 minutes due to the power of the program!

What is your favorite MoxiWorks tool and why?
“MoxiPresent for sellers. You can copy and paste a previous MLS number and ‘boom’ a great looking listing presentation is born, all you have to do is pick the comps you want, which Moxi provides, as well as one of their state of the art templates they provide (which you can also customize). Did I mention the presentation looks amazing on a phone, which most people view things on these days?”

Would you recommend MoxiWorks to other agents? If so, why?
“Absolutely, no one else has a better all in one system. Listing presentations, CRM, buyer showings program with built-in map to easily navigate from home showing to the next.”

In what ways has MoxiWorks helped make you more productive?
“Like I stated before, the ease of doing a listing presentation within minutes is second to none and I can use the program on my computer, tablet and even phone!”

Any client stories about MoxiWorks?
“We met a client in a high-end home. We had the opportunity to compete for the listing. We ultimately signed the listing because the listing presentation was that much superior to any others!

Any tips for other agents using MoxiWorks?
“Don’t be scared of technology and don’t think it will do your job. Embrace technology, be okay with making mistakes (in fact, try to make as many mistakes as possible to learn better and always send the first presentation to yourself or a friend to confirm everything is working the way you wanted) and let technology be a dynamite business partner that makes you work quicker, smarter and look better than the next agent!!”

Wow. Derrick, thank you so much for these fantastic insights and feedback! WE are the ones that are blown away. If you’re reading this and would like to learn more about the power of the tools Derrick mentioned above, you can do so here. Also, if you’re living in or around Seminole, Florida and looking for a great agent, looks like you found the perfect one!

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MoxiWorks Agent Spotlight: Frankie Hagan

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager


It’s time for another agent spotlight and this week is one of our favorites! Frankie Hagan is a real estate agent at Fonville Morisey Realty, licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina. He’s a tech-savvy, marketing superstar that’s been on our radar for years, and we’ve been lucky enough to get some stellar insights from him throughout that time! His latest super stardom is around his advertising efforts, specifically with Promote, a real estate advertising tool that shows agents’ listings to thousands of home buyers across hundreds of channels, for less. Frankie Hagan

Let’s see what he had to say about Promote:

Why do you love being a real estate agent?
“I have the heart of a teacher. I love being a valued guide through what can be a difficult process.”

What is your fondest client memory?
“Being kissed on the forehead by a 4-year-old little girl, after she saw her new bedroom. :)”

How has Promote (advertising your listings & services) helped your business?
Social media marketing has become more important than the sign in the yard. Creating effective paths for people to discover the home creates dialogues that lead to new clients and more raid sales.”

What is your favorite part about Promote?
“For my company, it’s a fully integrated system. I can make sure ads lead back to me personally, or to a website that I’ve designed. I can target demographics and areas for promotion. I can get the best bang for my advertising dollar.”

Would you recommend Promote to other agents? If so, why?
“Yes. Relying on MLS listing population on other sites is a lazy approach to marketing. Homes that require exposure to set them apart, or that are in price points with more numerous selections really need an edge. Promote can help an agent achieve that edge.”

Any tips for other agents using Promote?
“Consider where new buyers are coming from for the property you represent and use the features to help you target them better. It’s tempting to just take a broad swing, at everything –but a thoughtful, targeted approach can really yield strong results.”

Thanks, Frankie Hagen, for giving us some insight into why you love using Promote to serve your clients and grow your business!

At MoxiWorks our main goal is to help agents by making their day-to-day tasks more efficient, so they have time to do more of what they love doing, which is helping their clients home dreams come to fruition. We’re grateful to hear our new tool, Promote, makes a difference. For anyone out there interested in learning more about this advertising tool, you can do so here.

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52 Blog-Worthy Topics Clients Will Love

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager


real estate blog topicsI didn’t understand why someone would get excited over gardening or DIY projects until I moved into my own home. Now, the mere thought of someone sending me seeds to plant in our backyard gets my pulse going at an embarrassing rate. Just sitting here thinking about heirloom tomatoes and repainting our front door is making my heart race, it’s sad but true!

Now all I think about are the ways in which we can improve our home or what we’ll want when we build our dream home one day. Not only that, but since the city we’re in is constantly buzzing with new restaurants, wineries, shops, breweries, and more, I love to try and keep up with the latest and greatest in our area. I’m constantly checking the locally-focused social media channels and blogs, especially real estate focused ones. In fact, our favorite family-owned Thai restaurant just had to close its doors so we’re currently in the market for our new go-to Thai spot – guess where I’m going to look for recommendations!

Would your blog (or social media channels) be one that I would be able to get all this information from? If yes, great job! You’re probably looking for more real estate blog topics. If no, don’t worry, we have a TON of ideas for you to use as a starting place. We’ve come up with a giant list of real estate blog topics (that you can also use for social media!) to keep your clients, prospects, and those in your community hooked to your content. 

1. New restaurants
2. The best flowers to plant for your area, in terms of climate, level of maintenance, etc.
3. DIY: How to build your own fire pit
4. The best boutique to find wedding guest attire
5. Restaurants that have closed + your fav alternatives
6. A list of your favorite wineries ranked in order (although no wineries are really bad, are they?)
7. Antiquing: where is the hidden treasure?
8. Best ways to improve curb appeal
9. DIY: Dog food station with storage
10. Best ways to organize your home office
11. Blinds or curtains? Why? Indoor vs. outdoor?
12. Your favorite new home gadgets
13. Childproofing a home
14. DIY: Best colors of painted cabinets
15. Tips for hiring a contractor
16. Spring cleaning/maintenance checklist
17. Summer camps for kids
18. Plays and musicals coming to town
19. Air quality? Does it matter? How do you maintain it?
20. Local market updates
21. DIY: How to organize a bookshelf to make a statement
22. A long list of your recommendations for contractors/cleaners/etc. in your area
23. Do’s and don’ts of wall color
24. DIY: How to build a blanket ladder
25. Best indoor plants
26. Breweries, ranked!
27. How to make your house smell amazing
28. List of after school programs
29. DIY: How to build a garden box
30. Tips for avoiding package theft from your porch
31. Brunch or bust: your fav local spots
32. List of family-friendly summer activities
33. Home hacks, what actually works?
34. Security systems/cameras
35. DIY: She sheds/man caves
36. How to pick out and arrange a bar cart
37. Gyms, by price and packages!
38. List of local marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks, etc.
39. The best coffee shops in town
40. Concerts coming to town
41. Bathroom renovation tips
42. Ways to increase home value
43. Storage ideas for home and garage
44. Tips for turning your bathroom into a spa
45. DIY: kitchen backsplash
46. Wall décor ideas
47. How to make your home feel more cozy
48. DIY: how to build a vertical garden
49. School districts/schools in the area, ranked
50. Easiest vegetables to grow
51. Local charities to volunteer at or donate to
52. Selling tips, including home value, things to avoid, etc.

We hope you enjoyed these real estate blog topics! For more, check out our monthly e-magazine, Mile 62, built just for YOU!

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MoxiWorks Agent Spotlight: Tyler Freed

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager


Tyler Freed, Windermere Real EstateIt goes without saying that if we’re spotlighting an agent, they’re obviously the bee’s knees, but we’re going to say it anyways. Tyler Freed is a broker/owner at the Windermere Real Estate PSK Maple Valley Four Corners office. Not only is he insanely talented at what he does, he is also driven and fully focused on delighting his clients time and time again. He also happens to be a marketing maven in his own right, making sure he has his eye on the prize with the help of digital advertising.

Find out more about him and what marketing tactics he’s using to stay competitive below!


Why do you love being a real estate agent?
“I love how each day is full of problem solving and never the same. It allows me to work with friends and challenges my competitiveness.”

What is your fondest client memory?
“Every transaction is different, but my favorite client memory of all time would have to be when I sold a mini farm a few years back. The seller made me a custom mug, wrote the nicest card and gave me a gift card. That gesture really went a long way for me and confirmed why I love this line of work so much.”

How has Promote (advertising your listings & services) helped your business?
Promote is the easiest way to get online traffic to my listings. It looks a lot more professional than other social media advertising and is great tool to show sellers at listing presentations.”

What is your favorite part about Promote?
“I like that it easy to use and delivers the exposure I need to sell listings.”

Would you recommend Promote to other agents? If so, why?
“Yes, Promote is priced competitively, easy to use and in line with our Windermere branding.”

Any tips for other agents using Promote?
“I recommend using it the second your listing goes live and to make sure you bring it up to your sellers in your marketing plan to get their home sold quickly. Always utilize the drop down features for the just listed or open house banners and add your headshot and firm on all ads.”


Thanks, Tyler Freed, for giving us some insight into why you love using Promote to serve your clients and grow your business!

At MoxiWorks our main goal is to help agents by making their day-to-day tasks more efficient, so they have time to do more of what they love doing, which is helping their clients home dreams come to fruition. We’re grateful to hear our new tool, Promote, makes a difference. For anyone out there interested in learning more about this advertising tool, you can do so here.

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MoxiWorks Agent Spotlight: Michelle Harrington

By Tiana Baur, Marketing Manager


michelle harrington windermere real estateOne of the absolute best parts of working at MoxiWorks is getting to see agents not only succeed, but also excel in growing their business, delighting their clients, and making home dreams come true. Michelle Harrington, of Windermere Real Estate in Bellingham, WA, is definitely one of those agents that stands out amongst the rest. Because of that, we couldn’t help but to dig in and see what exactly is making her so successful.

Tech-savvy, forward-thinking, and with a great marketing strategy, Michelle is one to watch. Find out more about her and her favorite advertising tool, Promote, below.


Why do you love being a real estate agent?
“Knowing that I am good at what I do and able to bring this experience to my clients.”

What is your fondest client memory?
“My very first transaction in 2002, where I held an open house for a colleague and the buyer walked in 30 minutes after the open house was over. I followed up with this buyer and he said he wanted to bring his wife by the next day at lunch hour. She was in agreement it was the right house; we wrote a contingent offer and I listed their home on what would feel like the first day of fall. It was windy and rainy on their listing day – we received an offer and sold it the same day, signing their purchase and sale agreement by candlelight. They are still my dear friends today. They truly launched me, and I am grateful!”

How has Promote (advertising your listings & services) helped your business?
“My sellers expect to see their home online. I am able to say so much more about a property and reach people far and wide.”

What is your favorite part about Promote?
“Promote is simple to use and with each new listing or sold – it’s right there as a reminder to use it.”

Would you recommend Promote to other agents? If so, why?
“It is a time saver and packs a punch with social media with one click.”

Any tips for other agents using Promote?
“To get in the habit of using it—layering with social media and traditional marketing is important for your clients so you can be sure you are targeting certain groups.”

Thanks, Michelle for your wisdom and story! We’re honored to be creating and improving tools that, in turn, help you help your clients! For anyone out there interested in learning more about Promote, you can do so here.


P.S. Now through Memorial Day get 25% off ALL Promote ads! Create an ad here

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Real Estate Facebook Best Practices 2019

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 


Facebook best practices 2019Changes to the Facebook algorithm tend to throw users of all types through a loop: brands, businesses, friends, and nowadays, probably even the tech-savvy grandma.

You work hard to fine-tune your social media strategy to drive the highest performance possible for your posts, yet it can be tricky to keep up with the current best practices for the platform. Regardless of frequent algorithm changes, there are several key factors that play into how your content is ranked that seem to remain consistent.

Here are the Facebook best practices 2019 for optimizing your real estate business’ Facebook page and posts:

1. Video rules all.

What should come as no surprise to social media diehards is, video outperforms virtually all other forms of content, so it’s best to use it whenever possible. In fact, Facebook videos have been found to earn 135% more reach and generate 59% more engagement than posts with only a single, still image.

A few more video stats:

Need some help making killer videos for your social media? Check out these video tools.

2. Short & sweet.

Finding the balance between making your post copy short yet valuable can be difficult. However, considering that 88% of Facebook users are accessing the platform on a mobile device, formatting your content to make it easy to consume on-the-go is worth the effort.

According to a study done by BuzzSumo, keeping your posts under 50 characters is ideal for optimal engagement.

3. Conversation.

Over the past few years, Facebook has been vocal about shifting its algorithm’s focus to personal engagement, meaning the more conversation your posts generate, the better they will perform.

A few conversation-generating content ideas:

• Share a personal story
• Ask for reviews & feedback
• Post jokes and memes that your audience will appreciate
• Share a real estate-related statistic
• Take a poll

4. Post often.

Many Facebook pros have differing opinions when it comes to the “magic number” of times you should post per day in order to have the biggest impact possible, but research shows that posting twice per day is a great starting point.

With two posts a day, you’ll begin driving the levels of impressions and engagement you’re striving for and gaining insights into your follower base, without risking too many unfollows due to over-posting.

5. Know when to post.

Not all audiences are alike, so make sure to get familiar with yours. Use analytics tools to get a read on what times & days your followers are likely to be on social media and post accordingly. Here’s an in-depth overview of the built-in Facebook insights tools, along with a rundown of how to use them.

As a general rule, it’s been found that weekends and evenings tend to be the best times to post, although most businesses also post content outside of those windows, depending on the content type and general habits in their industry.

6. Keep it genuine.

To keep us honest, the Facebook algorithm favors posts that naturally generate likes, comments, and shares because of the awesome content in them, not because you directly asked your followers to engage.

Facebook scans for posts that explicitly ask for engagement and will rank them lower in your follower’s feed meaning less reach and impact for your biz, so make sure to avoid this risky practice.

Regardless of the amount of time and effort you choose to allocate to your business’ Facebook account, your time is valuable and it’s important to be strategic about making the most of the time you put into it. By incorporating these best practices into your content strategy, you’ll be generating a bigger impact while keeping your work load to a minimum.

We hope these Facebook best practices 2019 help! Want to extend your reach even further on Facebook? Great, we have exactly what you need.

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Real Estate Busy Season: How to Knock It out of the Park

By Maddie Jostol, Senior Marketing Manager 

real estate busy seasonIt’s go-time. Yes, we’re talking about the real estate busy season. It’s the time of year when listings ramp up, and real estate agents buckle up for an increase in inventory, clients, and closed deals.

May, June, July, and August are the heaviest home-selling months in the US, accounting for 40 percent of an average year’s total volume of existing home sales, according to Housing Wire. For reference, November, December, January, and February are the slowest home-selling months, accounting for only 27 percent of an average year’s total existing home sales.

Remember that the busy season benefits both your buyer and seller clients. Buyers have more inventory to choose from, and sellers see a shorter time on market. An analysis of single family home and condo sales from 2011 through 2017 by ATTOM Data Solutions shows that not only do we see more home sales during those peak months of May through August, but sellers enjoy a premium as well, with increased median sales prices.

For many agents, the real estate busy season is a huge opportunity to drum up new business and exceed those sales goals. How will you ensure you make the most of it? Here’s your step-by-step guide to knocking it out of the park this summer.

1. Stand out from the crowd.

This time of year is busy for you, but remember, it’s noisy for buyers and sellers as well. It’s vital that you stand out in a sea of real estate agents as the one that those home buyers and sellers want to work with. Stand out crowd by getting more eyes on your business, and remember that generating leads is only the beginning, but you need to make a strong first impression in order to seal the deal and start off on the right foot.

Here are a couple things to focus on in order to stand out:
• Response time (don’t forget, timing is everything)
• Market knowledge
• Personalized, thoughtful communications

2. Be the expert.

If there’s a niche market or customer you specialize in, capitalize on that opportunity during the busy season and seek out prospective clients within that niche. You’ll have a higher likelihood of winning their business because of your experience, and you’ll easily be able to wow them with your level of service. Think: first time home buyers, vacation homes, investors, specific neighborhoods, etc.

P.S. This is a great opportunity to build your reputation within that niche and generate referrals. When your clients feel you were able to deliver an outstanding, tailored experience, they’ll tell their friends who are in the same boat about you.

3. Bring your A-game.

When things get busy, in the heat of battle, it’s easy to let the little things slip. Leading agents retain a high level of professionalism, ensuring their business is marketed to be as outstanding as your service is.

As things ramp up, here are a few quick and easy ways to make sure you present your business in its best light:
• Up-to-date CMAs with live data
• Update your agent website with current market information (and an updated head shot while you’re at it)
• Create hyper-local marketing content
• Wow buyers with simple-to-use, interactive buyer-tours

4. Blow your clients away.

Once you’re underway with your clients, it’s time to offer a home buying or selling process in a way that will make them want to tell their friends. One easy way to blow your clients away is to show your clients just how many people you’re getting their listing in front of. When you advertise their listing using Promote, you’ll get their listing in front of a massive audience in just three simple steps. You can then either automate reports so that they’re emailed to your client directly, or you can deliver them personally. Either way, they’ll see that thousands of eyes have been on their listing, and they’ll see you as the digitally-savvy marketing superstar that you are.

With an increase in listings, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Even though your to-do list will seem ever-growing, it’s important not to let your high level of customer service slip. Remember that with this increase in listings comes an increase in potential referrals once the dust settles.

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10 Things for Your Summer Real Estate Marketing Plan

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

summer real estate marketing planIt’s May. The sun’s out, summer’s right around the corner, and after a bustling spring, the beach is most definitely calling your name. While this time of year tends to bring with it a major slump in business for many industries, real estate is quite the opposite – the busy season is just ramping up.

Warm weather drives communities to get out and about, creating endless opportunities for you to engage with your sphere and strengthen relationships. With a few seasonal tweaks to your already killer marketing plan, you’ll be generating leads and boosting your reputation before you know it.

Here are a few must-haves for your summer marketing plan this year:

1. Pop-By Gifts

Never heard of a Pop-By Gift? Well, now you have! They’re essentially small gifts that you can leave on client’s doorstep. They should be low-cost but serve as a nice reminder that you’re there if they find themselves ready to buy or sell a home.

Get out, enjoy the sun and pay your clients a visit. Check out this Pinterest page for a dose of Pop-By Gift inspiration!

2. Referral drive

According to a study by Nielson, people are 4 times more likely to buy a product or service when referred by a friend. To take advantage of this buying tendency, consider running a campaign centered around referrals to encourage your clients to talk about you and your biz while they’re out enjoying the season with family and friends.

Pro tip: Make a flashy presentation using MoxiPresent with an introduction video, info about why they should work with you, and all the deets about your business. Post it on social media to make it super easy for clients to share it with others!

3. Event

Do you love to barbecue? Obsessed with playing badminton at the park? Whatever your summer activity of choice is, make it a small event for your business and invite clients to join in on the fun.

Pro tip: Make sure to invite clients that you’ve worked with before who are willing to brag about you to your other prospects. First-hand reviews tend to be the most powerful!

4. Play ball

Well, you don’t actually have to play it, but you should at least watch it! Pro baseball games are a great excuse to treat clients to a night out without completely breaking the bank. Not to mention that they tend to be pretty long, giving you plenty of time to get the scoop on what’s happening in your clients’ worlds and search for opportunities to help them out.

5. Summer photo contest

While you’re busy chugging away at generating engagement and converting leads, live vicariously through your clients by getting a glimpse into their summer vacations. Host a contest on social media for the coolest/funkiest house your followers can find during their travels. Have them post it (and tag you in it, of course) and reward the winner with a pair of tickets to a local event. Not only does this spread the word about you and your business, but it gives them a fun outdoor activity for their vacation.

6. Summer themed swag

Who doesn’t love some free swag? Take advantage of days at the beach or park to pass out branded water bottles, personal fans, sunscreen, or koozies. Whatever it is, take the opportunity to spread the word about your brand while your community is out and about.

Pro tip: Consider including an invite for a coffee date with you along with your swag. Even if they simply want to hear your take on the current state of the market, it creates an opportunity to talk real estate, make a new connection, and grow your sphere. You never know what kind of lucrative opportunity it could turn into!

7. Go mobile

With people constantly on the go this season, make sure your reaching them in ways that will follow them wherever they go. Sending out neighborhood snapshots via email and advertising your listings and services on social media is a great way to make sure you stay top-of-mind, regardless of what your clients are up to.

8. Hit the major holidays

With holidays like the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and the back to school push in your future, make sure you have fun content lined up to make the most of it! Consider incorporating holiday themed content into your email campaigns and themed cookies at your open houses. Celebrating alongside your clients will only boost your reputation and give them a positive association with your business.

9. Follow the weather

Do you notice an extra hot day coming up? Send your clients a list of local indoor activities to help them escape the heat. These lists could include:

  • Favorite ice cream spots
  • Current movies playing at the local theater
  • New pop-up shops to check out
  • Indoor concerts

10. Think local

School’s out for the summer, and clients will be on the prowl for activates to keep their kids busy. Instead of feeling the need to look for activities in the local paper, do the work for them and give them a weekly activity update on your social media!

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Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator

email marketing tips for real estate agentsA whopping 54% of marketers name increasing engagement rates as their top email marketing priority, and for good reason. While email marketing has proven to be a powerful strategy for connecting to those within your sphere of influence, here’s the catch: it only works wonders if you manage to get your contacts to open your emails in the first place, a task that most find to be much easier said than done.

Here are five engagement-generating email marketing tips for real estate agents to consider when crafting campaigns:


Irrelevant emails are an easy ticket into your client’s spam folder or even worse – an unsubscribe list. In order for your emails to be effective, make them truly valuable to those on the receiving end. Include call-to-actions and provide intriguing content that will make your clients see merit in opening your mail on a consistent basis.

Quick & to the point.

People are busy and don’t have loads of time to spend reading through emails that resemble a lengthy novel. Make sure to limit your email content to just the information your clients need to know, while keeping the amount of “fluff” and filler content to a minimum.


Not only do you want to keep your emails as short as possible, but you also want to make them easy to read on the go. Formatting your email copy into lists, bullets, and changing the color of especially important information makes it more likely that readers will read through your content and absorb the information you need them to know the most.


Although finding your email marketing rhythm can take some trial and error, it’s often smart to set some sort of cadence to your emails.

Do you send out a real estate blog post every Monday? Or maybe a schedule of local events on the first of every month? Regardless of the exact rhythm, giving your clients something to expect on a regular basis can make them more likely to open these emails when they receive them.


In order to stand out amongst the outrageous amount of emails your clients are likely receiving, put the effort into making your emails as personalized as possible, while remaining efficient. In order to achieve this, consider grouping your database based on individuals with similar interests, zip codes, or customer type so that you can tailor the content and subject lines of your emails towards a more targeted audience.

If you’re anything like us, you’re completely ecstatic about the new email campaigns features within MoxiEngage. Utilizing these five best practices will help set yourself up for success with the new functionality. Can’t wait to get started with email campaigns? No need to wait –  get started now.

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How Instagram Ads Will Win You More Listings

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

MoxiWorksAs a real estate pro, you know that getting eyes on your listings is an absolute must. You publish ads for your listings on Facebook, post about them on Twitter, and maybe even spread the word about them through local newspapers or monthly Neighborhood News updates. You feel confident that you’re covering all your bases and taking the necessary steps to generate the leads you need for your business to thrive.

The catch? You could be reaching significantly more people and boosting your business in a major way, without adding any additional tasks to your already bustling list of to-dos.

While it may be newer to the game than many of its social media powerhouse siblings (aka Facebook), Instagram is essentially the real estate industry’s newly discovered better half. It’s time that you learn it, embrace it, and most importantly – use the channel to win more business and expand your reach like never before.

Here’s how Instagram will win you more listings:


To start, Instagram’s entire user experience was developed to optimize users’ ability to absorb visual-heavy content. That means that when you post a listing photo or an advertisement for your business, viewers may be more likely to notice it as they are using the app than they may be on other channels simply because the UI was specifically built for image consumption.


According to Hootsuite, brands see 10x higher engagement rates on Instagram than they do on Facebook. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll generate significantly more immediate business from Instagram than Facebook, it does point toward Instagram being a powerful tool when it comes to generating engagement through your ads and strengthening your brand recognition, which will help promote consistent lead generation in the long-run.


More than 500 million people log onto Instagram every single day. That’s a LOT of users, and although your ads obviously won’t reach the entire audience all at once, the platform expands your access to a larger pool of people and audiences both inside, and very far outside of, your sphere.

On-the-go friendly.

Not all buyers have significant amounts of time to dedicate to browsing the internet in search of the perfect home. That’s why you need to cover your bases and make it available to them in as many channels as possible to increase your chances of getting their attention and ultimately, winning a listing. Instagram is a very mobile friendly app, making it a given that your ads will be largely consumed while on the go.

Ready to start advertising on Instagram? The Promote feature within MoxiMarketing allows you to advertise on Facebook and Instagram at the very same time, meaning you get much more bang for your buck without putting any strain on your workflow. Start expanding your reach with Instagram ads today.

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