Real Estate Marketing September 25, 2018

How to Create Content That Makes You Stand Out

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

Marketing real estate content The secrets out – content marketing works. So well in fact, that virtually everyone seems to have hopped on the content marketing train in some way, shape, or form, meaning the amount of content floating around the online universe is exploding at rates that are tough to keep up with. For instance, within the minute that you spent clicking on the link to this blog and reading the first sentence alone, 350,000 tweets were sent. By the end of today, 95 million new pictures and videos will be posted on Instagram. By the end of this month, 79.7 million new WordPress blog posts will be published. Have I scared you away from ever practicing content marketing? No? Good.

Not to worry, the copious amounts of content out there doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create content as part of your marketing strategy. What it does mean is that you have to create better content than your competitors, as well as everyone else competing for your audience’s attention. It’s a big task, as making a statement with content marketing isn’t as easy as simply buying a fancy car or showcasing a new hairdo. Read ahead for some quick tips on how to make the most of it!

Keep it relevant. No blog posts, pictures, or adorable puppy videos (yes, even puppy videos) will be effective in creating your desired ROI unless they relevant to the audience you are trying to reach. If you haven’t already, take the time to formulate clear personas of your target audience. What are they interested in? What are their demographics? What kinds of information might they find useful? Find the topic sweet spots that get people engaged and use them to focus your content.

Visuals are key. You want to catch people’s eyes, so keep things visual. To break out some stats here, articles containing images have an average of 94% more views than articles without images. High quality media is key for strong content creation, so be sure to invest in the resources you need to create it. Videos, images, and charts are all strong performers. Keep in mind that 60% of people will watch a video prior to reading an article if it’s available, so better position them front and center to get people hooked and invested in your content.

Make it a conversation. Engaging with your customers is practically marketing 101. They want to get involved, and encouraging them to do so will only help you become a better agent and a much more effective marketer. Incorporating “ask the audience” style posts will make them more likely to comment and engage with you directly. Creating custom hashtags, polls, and hosting contests are great for engagement as well. Here is a list of even more ideas to keep the two-way conversations going strong.

Straight to the point. Don’t you just hate it when you read an entire article, only to find that it fails to actually contain the kind of information you were looking for in the first place? While creative titles can be fun, make sure that they are informative enough that the reader can feel confident that diving into your post will be worth their time. This can also help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts which, by the way, are definitely worth brushing up on.

Quality over quantity. Similar to the idea of keeping content relevant, keeping your content quality high is a must when it comes to its effectiveness. Instead of publishing content just for the sake of publishing content, ensure that you are creating content that is meaningful and purposeful, and at a pace that people can keep up with. The ultimate goal is to increase conversion rates, don’t forget it.

Get the timing right. To put it simply – there’s a reason we don’t see popsicle commercials in the winter. Timing plays a key role for every business, as you want your content to always fit your client’s current needs as best as possible. Instead of simply guessing when the time is right to reach out to clients with certain kinds of content, utilize data and insights to get it right.

Make it scannable. The reality of today’s mobile word is that we tend to get the bulk of our information while on the go. This means that it’s important to make content scannable, so readers can quickly get to the information they are looking for. Breaking up your content using lists, bullets, and subheadings will help guide the reader through your content with ease and ensure a positive experience that will keep them coming back.

Knowing how to craft your content will help your audience become further invested in you and make them more likely to convert into customers. Instead of focusing on the amount of content you produce, focus on incorporating aspects like these to make your content the shiny penny that can’t be missed!

Moxi PartnersOpen Platform July 23, 2018

Introducing: HomeActions Email Marketing

A complete email marketing system to keep your agent’s pipelines full.

We’re stoked to introduce our newest Moxi Cloud partner, HomeActions! We’ve partnered with HomeActions to provide an easy email marketing solution to our client brokerages. Not only is their tool intuitive, it instantly turns agent’s email marketing efforts into a goldmine.

What is HomeActions Email Marketing?

HomeActions is an e-Relationship platform that starts out as an e-newsletter but ends up as a flawless conversation starter and lead-gen system with the help of their amazing content and tools.

The Ultimate Email Marketing Database

HomeActions helps your agents consolidate their contacts and create their very own exclusive marketing database.

Extensive Metrics

HomeActions provides extensive metrics for their e-newsletters. See when someone opens the newsletter, clicks a link and get immediate feedback as readers respond to how well they liked a given article.

Knowing who is engaging with what content makes it easy to know who to direct your marketing efforts at and who you should pick up the phone and call asap.

In-Demand Content & Widgets

HomeActions delivers content and articles your readers will love that triggers predictive behavior. They drive traffic to an agent’s CMA request page and even works with TrendGraphix reports!

Neighborhood 360

Neighborhood 360 is their newest feature. Recipients can get the “Inside Scoop” on any neighborhood they wish. Home value estimates, cost of living data, demographics, lifestyle data, school info, nearby sold properties, and so much more. This widget covers 150 million street addresses and neighborhoods!

MoxiWorks Integration

HomeActions is integrated into the Moxi Cloud and streamlines an agent’s day-to-day with their Moxi Engage CRM.

Think of HomeActions as the frosting and cherry on top of Engage. It gives the agent the ability to upload their exclusive HomeActions database into their email in the correct format to connect to MoxiWorks tools. That means their CRM and email marketing efforts just got a whole lot sweeter.

Find out more about HomeActions here and read the official press release here.

Real Estate Marketing July 19, 2018

Smart Homes: What Agents Need to Know in Order to Effectively Market Them

By Jessie Trapp, Marketing Coordinator 

smart homesThe technology available at our fingertips continues to become seemingly more advanced by the second, and our dependence on it to perform even the smallest of tasks appears to be increasing along with it. Smart technology is now making its way into our homes, intending to make our lives easier and successfully making us humans lazier than ever. From ordering our groceries to turning on our lights, these cutting-edge devices are changing the way we live life and turning our houses into smart homes.

Smart homes are sweeping through the market, becoming a must-have for clientele that extends far beyond millennials alone. In fact, only 43% of smart home product owners are considered millennials. The usability and, for the most part, easy installation provided by this technology is making it an appealing investment for people of all ages. A recent survey shows that 32% of Americans claim to currently own some form of smart home technology, a percentage that is likely to grow rapidly in the coming years and a trend proving that many of your clients are willing to spend significant amounts of money in order to join the bandwagon. According to a recent report, the smart home market is estimated to reach a value of $53.45 billion by 2020. That’s some serious cash, and the real estate industry will play a major role in making that prediction come to life.

Although this technology has historically been considered part of a niche market for the rich, it is now becoming more affordable and accessible than ever. As an agent, being aware of the latest advances and which smart devices tend to appeal to different segments of clientele is a strategic edge worth brushing up on. If you happen to receive pushback from your clients in response to the added cost, which isn’t necessarily as significant as one might think, make sure to emphasize the savings that the initial investment can lead to in the long run. For example:

• Some insurance companies are now offering discounts on premiums to those who install smart security systems.
• Automated temperature devices can pay for themselves in energy savings in as little as two years.
• Smart fridges can now notify you when your food is approaching its expiration date, minimizing the amount of food that goes to waste.

When touring a smart home with clients, set the stage to help them envision the specific roles that smart products could play in their life. If you are convincing enough, they may decide they can no longer live without it, potentially resulting in a major win for you.

To get you started, we have compiled a list of a few of the major players in the industry today that will likely be on you client’s must-have lists soon, if they aren’t already.

Smart Locks. 62% of realtors say that they have found Smart Locks to be one of the most desired devices among their clients. It’s not surprising, considering that they automatically lock when you leave, unlock when you arrive, and allow you to control them remotely. Imagine carrying your bag of groceries into your home without feeling like you’re performing a juggling act for the neighborhood while simply grabbing your keys to unlock the door. If a home has a mother-in-law suite that clients want to put to use or possibly even rent out, a Smart Lock will definitely be a must-have. These nifty devices have the potential to be incredibly useful, so if your listing has one it’s worth emphasizing. Here’s a leading smart lock on the market today if you aren’t already familiar.

Smart temperature. We’ve all had those nights where you finally get settled into bed, only to realize that you have to get back up to adjust the thermostat. It’s not fun for anyone, making it unsurprising that programable thermostats are gaining popularity. As a favorite among non-millennial clients, this product is already integrated into the homes of 40% of smart product owners over the age of 65. Keep in mind that the benefits that it presents go beyond pure usability. Smart thermostats also appeal to “green” minded individuals and virtually anyone that wants to save money by minimizing energy usage. Have a client that is constantly traveling? Let them know that the ability to control the smart thermostat in your listing remotely will allow them to save energy while they’re gone, but still warm the place up prior to arriving home from a trip. You can see an example of a smart thermostat here.

Smart fridges. Why bother making a grocery list when most of us end up forgetting them at home anyway? Smart fridges now have built in cameras that connect to apps, giving you access to what’s inside of them from wherever you need it. Some even take it a step further and keep tabs on what food you need so they can order your groceries for you. It isn’t just about food anymore though; these fridges also connect to other devices in order to act as a resource for you to do things like check the local weather, watch tv, and rock out to your favorite music. If your client loves to cook or has kids that could use entertainment during meal prepping, this product will likely catch their eye. Smart kitchen appliances are admittedly quite useful, and a definite game changer for users of all ages. This is a great example.

Brush up on the latest products available so you can speak your client’s language when you come across a listing with smart devices. There are constantly new products popping up within the smart home industry, so get excited and remember to always utilize them as a major selling point during your presentations! Use the grocery bag anecdote, we’ve all been there.

Tips and Tricks May 31, 2018

Facebook Best Practices 2018

By Andrew Eberting, Senior Marketing Manager

As seen in Mile 62 eMagazine

Keeping pace with social media can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Why does it seem like some posts get a lot of responses from people, and others not so much?

Trying to figure out the levers that generate these higher levels of engagement from your followers doesn’t need to feel like learning a foreign language; especially if you know how the in ands outs of how Facebook ranks your posts.

Show Don’t Tell

Facebook favors certain types of posts over others. Specifically, Facebook wants you to show it content vs. talking at it.
When you post something on Facebook it typically falls into one of three buckets:

  • Photos and videos
  • Status Updates
  • Links/URLs

Facebook wants you to post more videos and pictures over everything else. Why? Videos and photos are more captivating which leads to encouraging your friends/family/followers to actively engage with your posts vs. passively engage (more on this later.)

Facebook Best Practices 2018

Think of posting on Facebook like telling a story; in order to tell a great story, you need to capture the imagination of those in the audience. The quickest way to accomplishing this goal is with pictures and videos.

Interactions 101: Active Engagement vs. Passive Engagement

Facebook has two categories for the types of engagement any post can fall into: Active or Passive Engagement. Active engagement is where a person takes an action with a given post and can be potentially seen by the people in their network. Passive engagement is where a person takes an action with a post, but their followers won’t be knowledgeable of or be able to see it.

Finding the Sweet Spot

One of the things we’re all guilty of is checking ‘how many likes’ or ‘shares’ something received. Fun fact: Facebook is also waiting to see how many times people actively engage with your content. When one of your content-rich (photos/videos) posts receives a lot of active engagement, Facebook interprets that post as being important and possibly interesting for your follower’s followers.


facebook best practices 2018

The more your direct followers engage, the more Facebook prioritizes or ‘rewards’ your post as being important, thus exposing it to the networks of your followers, and their followers, etc.

Be Genuine: Tell Stories and Share Insights, Not Engagement Bait

Now that you know how to stack-rank your content in Facebook for your posts, don’t set yourself backwards by creating engagement bait.

What is engagement bait? These types of posts are where you, a Facebook page, or someone else, in an attempt to get posts viewed by more people, either askes to have people tagged in or comment with a specific keyword (yes, being the most commonly used one) to said post.

Facebook strongly dislikes these types of posts. Why? Because the type of engagement it generates is viewed as being artificial, or disingenuous. When Facebook identifies these types of posts in newsfeeds, the person or page posting can see a demotion in all of their future posts.

Real Estate Marketing May 4, 2018

5 Ways to Do Great Marketing on a Tight Budget

By Maddie Jostol

Marketing can feel like a necessary evil. It’s easy to get overly stressed, especially for new agents just getting into the real estate game. Being an agent is already a busy routine and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless options when it comes to marketing. Which strategies should you actually put effort into, and more importantly, how can you keep the cost down?

Here are five affordable ways to market yourself and your listings so you can continue to grow your business, without sacrificing a ton of cash.

1. Go digital

Don’t get us wrong, traditional practices such as hand-written notes can never be replaced. For your larger-scale marketing initiatives, however, keep your cost down by going digital. Leverage automation tools for sphere touches online rather than spending on printing and shipping, which can be very costly.

For example, when you create digital presentations for lead generation, it costs you nothing. Printing these presentations can get very costly (think $50-100 each), especially if you have them bound. Plus, if it’s digital, it’s always up to date and easy to edit.

2. Make your marketing efforts go further

Get more out of your marketing efforts through by targeting the right messages to the right people. When you have detailed insights about your contacts and you take care in updating your CRM, your life will be much easier come time to market.

This person likes to golf? Invite them to your charity tournament. That person prefers to communicate via email? Only use that medium. This group of contacts all have young children? Keep them in the loop with regards to family-related news and events in the neighborhood.

3. Leverage existing relationships

When you start your marketing efforts with those who already know you, it spurs word-of-mouth marketing. Those who know and trust you will keep you top of mind and are most likely to share your content and spread the word. We aren’t just saying this because we’re huge fans of the sphere marketing methodology, but because it’ll actually make your marketing dollars go further. When you market to someone in your sphere (invite them to an event, send them a piece of content, etc.), those efforts will be amplified as they go out and interact with people in their own sphere.

4. See what tools you already have

We know… you like to pick and choose your own tools. However, you end up training yourself and don’t have any integration between those tools. Consider the marketing tools your brokerage already offers you. You might be surprised at the tools you have at your fingertips that you never even knew about. They were hand selected for a reason, and you’re more likely to have access to resources and support if those tools are offered by your brokerage.

5. Reach the masses where it matters

Market to your audience in groups. For example, host casual community events, where you can connect with a large number of people in one fell swoop. This will keep your costs down and enable you to grow your sphere, all while positioning you as the real estate expert in your area.

If you’re looking to cast a wider net, try marketing on social media. Meet consumers where they already are. Get in the rhythm of advertising each new listing you win, then promote your business when you’re in need of some new leads. On social media, you can reach a massive audience with just a little spend.

For example, you might spend $79 to reach 3,000-4,000 people (depending on your audience and geographic area) on Facebook. Reaching that same audience with postcards would be very costly (think 10-20x the cost).

Then, the more you decide to spend, the wider net you cast – it’s that simple. Make sure you report back to your clients, that’s where the real value is. It’s an inexpensive way to exceed their expectations and show them you went above and beyond.

MoxiWorksProductivityTips and Tricks March 23, 2018

How Facebook changed real estate marketing for better or worse

By Tiana Baur

Facebook is definitely not everyone’s favorite topic right now, especially when it comes to politics. That may not be our scene, but the Book has affected the real estate industry fairly heavily as well. It has changed the way we look at digital marketing and the way brokerages and agents alike view social media as a business tool.

In our industry, there are now specific tasks that are expected. Creating a business page and implementing property ads to your marketing campaigns are now the status quo. If you’re not doing them, you’re falling behind, and if you don’t at least update your page 2-4 times a week, you’re not doing nearly enough.

It has also become one of the hot topics to write about – every update, newsfeed changes, ad creation, features, etc. There are millions of blogs and articles giving tips of how to use the channel to its fullest (we have quite a few in our repertoire as well). It’s all due to the fact that Facebook has become the ultimate channel across all forms of social media – it’s where the world hangs out… or at least 2 billion people do. Therefore, it’s where all your prospects and clients are hanging out. So, whether we like it or not, the Book is still king, and therefore is a channel no one can ignore. Not the agents, or the brokerages, or even companies like Moxi. We’re all slaves to the Facebook Machine.

It’s also why we completely transformed our Moxi Marketing suite. Although agents know they need to be active on it, they don’t necessarily know where to start, or how to effectively advertise their listings or themselves. With over two billion active people on Facebook, we felt it was important, no, vital for agents to showcase themselves and their business on the channel in every way possible. Plus, we also wanted to take some of the pain out of Facebook, so agents can spend more time focusing on their precious spheres.

Our Facebook Ad tools, Advertise Your Listings and Advertise Your Services, are some of our absolute favorites. We’re especially excited about Advertise Your Services, the latest installment of the Moxi Marketing suite, since it has all the juicy goodness that is Advertise Your Listings, only this time it’s for agents’ personal brand and business. Like previously done in Advertise Your Listing, you can link to your personal Facebook Business Page, and if you don’t have one you can still use it. Even if you have no personal profile, even if you never ever want to have to type into your navigation bar, you can use Advertise Your Services (and Advertise Your Listing). Talk about leveraging the Book with very little effort!

We try to not only focus on trends, but what we’re hearing from our clients. That’s why Moxi Marketing was created and why we’re rooting it on and celebrating its successes. If we can put just a few more hours back into an agent’s week – we’re happy. At Moxi, we’re only as good as our tools and we stand by calling them the best-in-class. Try these time-saving tools out today – won’t regret it.

Sphere Marketing March 5, 2018

8 Ways to Up Your Hyper-Local Marketing Game

hyper-local marketingBy Maddie Jostol

It’s time to up your game. Competition is heating up and the busy season is right around the corner. What will you do to grow your business this year? We suggest embracing hyper-local marketing. Here’s why…

First of all, what does hyper-local mean? It means localizing your marketing efforts down to a specific neighborhood. Rather than blanketing your efforts over your state or metro area, it’s all about focusing in on those specific neighborhoods that you operate and specialize in.

A key reason for this tactic is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your agent website. This means showing up for real estate-related searches for the exact neighborhoods in which you work. This opens up massive lead generation opportunities, being one of the first agents homeowners come across. It also narrows your competition as you only appear alongside other agents that actually work in your area, rather than every other agent in the state. Take it one step further and add consumer data to your marketing strategy (via Moxi Insights, for example). When you have aggregated public data on all of your contacts, you’re now the local expert providing clients with an experience tailored to them. Then the referrals and repeat business follow.

Hyper-local marketing positions you as the local expert for all things real estate. Here are ten ways you can begin upping your marketing game right now.

1. Localize your content

All of your content, but especially your blog content. Your blog is the perfect place to weave in your expertise of the local neighborhood.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

” Is there a new local restaurant or an old favorite that you go to every Sunday? Write about it.
” Hikes that you’ve done in the area – maybe you can wrap in good homes for families who love the outdoors?
” Review day trips or weekend getaway that you’ve done. What getaways are available for homeowners in the area?
” Talk about the community events you attend or are involved in and why they’re important for the neighborhood.

The list could go on, but the idea is to cover topics that will make you searchable and valuable for your target audience.

2. Get involved

Get involved with neighborhood events such as fundraisers, seasonal festivals, and local markets. Participating in community events exposes you to huge numbers of people, offers a networking opportunity, and positions you as an involved member of the community. Plus, they’re fun. It’s truly a win-win.

Go one step further and consider hosting an event. When you have access to consumer data, it makes it easy to segment your contacts so you can make sure you invite the golfers to the golf tournament, the art lovers to the art walk, and the families to the kickball fundraiser.

3. Localize your social media

Take your social media activity to the next level by adopting the hyper-local method. Share your adventures as an agent in that area, posting photos and videos from recognizable local places. When people see you active in your local area in your updates, you’ll be top of mind when they think about agents in their neighborhood. Be the local real estate expert. Share local homes that are currently on the market, and post updates on your successful sales, placing an emphasis on their location.

4. Bring your sponsorships home

If you like to put marketing dollars towards sponsorships, spend that money wisely. Be intentional about the people, events, or organizations you sponsor, ensuring they’re aligned with your personal brand and are hyper-local. When people see you supporting causes or businesses that are just around the corner, they’ll appreciate you as a contributing member of their community.

Pro tip: similarly to community events mentioned above, leverage consumer data to invite the right people to the right sponsored events.

5. Localize your website & profiles

This one’s a given. Do a quick scan of all your online profiles to ensure they’re up to date. Your website and online profiles are your digital first impression, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward by communicating your current areas of expertise and showcasing your most recent successes.

6. Offer local real estate trends

Be the source for local real estate trends by offering insights to your sphere. One way to do this is to offer newsletters that include insights on the local real estate market. People love to know what’s happening in their neighborhood. For those of you who use Moxi Engage, try Neighborhood News. Just select the contacts in your sphere who you’d like to receive Neighborhood News and they’ll receive monthly automated newsletters with real estate metrics specific to their area. It puts your sphere marketing on autopilot.

In addition, make sure you include local real estate trends in your CMAs and interactive presentations (this is super easy for those of you who use Moxi Present). These presentations are the perfect opportunity for you to be the expert and showcase your knowledge of the local market.

7. Share success stories

Sharing client success stories will open the door for people to relate to your clients and connect with you. When you close a deal, ask your client about their experience. Don’t only talk about the house, but also talk about the family and why it’s the perfect home for them. Ask them to tell the story of their home buying process, then ask for their permission to share that story (on your blog, social media, etc.) Take photos (and/or videos!) and include a quote from the client. These are stories that people can relate to and share with their sphere, which, in turn, grows your sphere.

Based on the consumer data you have stored in your Moxi Engage account, when you’re working on winning a client over, send them a link to one of your client stories, but subtly make sure it’s one they’d likely relate to, based on your insights.

8. Be a resource for homeowners

You want to be top-of-mind for anything home-related. That might sound odd, but think about it… if you’re well known among homeowners in your area, they’re likely to refer you to their friends, colleagues, and neighbors who mention moving. Be a resource for homeowners by offering preferred vendors that homeowners might be looking for. The fact that you’re a real estate agent means that you also have a lot of connections in the area. Keep a list of the small businesses you support and your preferred contractors, so that when homeowners need to know who they should hire, they come to you.

Take it a step further and tour homes that are on the market in the area and talk (blog) about trends and thoughts. Be the voice of local homeowners and create a stockpile of content on your blog that you can share at any time.

Stay in tune with what’s happening in your area and arm yourself consumer data to bring a hyper-local, exceptional experience to prospects and clients. Bringing hyper-local marketing to your toolbox will take your business to the next level. Need data? Check out Moxi Insights, which instantly syncs public records data (including financial and family insights as well as personal interests, and more) to all of the contacts in your Moxi Engage account.

ProductivityTips and Tricks March 1, 2018

Get Sh*t Done with Moxi Marketing

advertise your services displayThe Moxi Marketing suite has evolved just in time for the ramp-up to busy season. With Advertise Your Listing, Moxi Insights, and Moxi Publish, now comes a new update so agents can advertise themselves 24/7. With over two billion active people on Facebook, we felt it was important, no, vital for agents to showcase themselves and their business on the channel in every way possible. If you do the math, that two billion is over a third of the entire population of the world. Not only that, but 95.8% of social media marketers say the ever-growing channel delivers the best ROI of them all. So, it’s easy for you to see where our zeal for this update comes from.

Now you can advertise more than just your listings. You can advertise yourself.

Advertise Your Services is the latest installment of the Moxi Marketing suite and it has all the juicy goodness that is Advertise Your Listings, only this time it’s for agents’ personal brand and business. Like previously done on our Facebook Ads, you can link to your personal Facebook Business Page, and if you don’t have one you can still use it! Even if you have no personal profile, even if you never ever want to have to type into your navigation bar, you can use Advertise Your Services (and Advertise Your Listing). There is literally no barrier to entry on this.

Win more listings, promote your brand, and most importantly: spend less time doing it.

Business is slow right now. There’s not a ton of inventory and everyone is gearing up for new listings come Spring. What if you could press a button and get more listings than ever before? Now you can. Advertise Your Services puts yourself and your brand out there to the world in less than five minutes, in only a few short steps. That’s it. We handle every ounce of the heavy lifting.

Show your competition who’s boss.

Your resolutions are calling and it’s the season to get that shit done. Your goals this year are higher than last (and if they’re not, they should be). The only ways to reach these new goals are to try things you never have and be more productive while you do it. Advertise Your Listings checks both these boxes, and is one more thing you’re doing that your competition likely isn’t.

Get the lead with Facebook Ads, win the listing with public data.

When these new leads come in from Advertise Your Services, you can add some super-charged magic fairy dust onto them with Moxi Insights – another key aspect to Moxi Marketing. Insights is an easy way to impress your prospects and clients, making you stand out far above the rest. With unique public data pulled into your CRM, you’ll know everything you need to in order to win the listing. In fact, here’s 100 ways to impress everyone with Moxi Insights.

The newest tool in Moxi Marketing is now at your footsteps.

No matter which products you use from MoxiWorks, your brokerage has access to all of Moxi Marketing, which means you have access to Advertise Your Services! If it’s not turned on for your company, contact your Account Manager and if you’re an agent, you can go here.

Find out more about Advertise Your Services and the rest of the Moxi Marketing suite here.

MoxiWorksSphere Marketing February 26, 2018

Publish is Your New Favorite Tool

moxi publish image 

By Tiana Baur

We recently launched a brand-new tool! It’s called Publish and it’s beautiful.

Publish lets you and your offices create eye-catching presentations for your agents to send to their clients. Newsletters, holiday wishes, and everything else, now as a vital touchpoint.

It happens to be a feature within MoxiPresent, so every brokerage out there with MoxiPresent already has access to Publish capabilities! MoxiEngage can augment this experience as well, which we’ll talk about below.

Publish leverages the brokerage’s biggest asset, without any additional cost. That asset is your agents’ spheres. Think about the number of agents you have in your brokerage for a moment. On average, agents have 400 people in their spheres. So, you would potentially be reaching hundreds or thousands, if not millions of contacts, staying relevant and within your local footprint.

Publish helps in numerous ways, the most important being:

  • Brokerages and office managers can create content
  • Clients get interactive, responsive, branded content from their agents.
  • Helps agents stay in flow without them having to lift a finger

For Brokers

Brokers and brokerage marketing departments can now create and distribute high quality, branded content to their agents through Publish. Brokerages can add value to their agents by providing content while maintaining brand standards and quality.

For Office Managers

The content created at the company level can be passed to the office level, where the office admins or managers can add hyper-local content to the company presentations. This gives the office admins/managers the opportunity to add value for their agents with a brokerage benefit. After all, hyper local content is the essence of all good marketing these days.

For Agents

Agents now have a host of new materials at their fingertips to use to keep their SOI in flow. The agent didn’t have to take time to build it themselves, and the automation through Engage allows agents to stay top-of-mind with very little effort.

MoxiEngage + MoxiPresent

For the brokerages that are MoxiEngage AND MoxiPresent users, the experience also allows for automated delivery of published presentations to pre-set groups or sphere members in an agent’s MoxiEngage CRM account.

Why’d we choose to build it on the MoxiPresent CMA tool? Because it is infinitely editable and doesn’t even need listing data for it to work. Add any dynamic, interactive content you want like graphs, any type of virtual experience like Matterport, videos, and it will be responsive to mobile devices, which is where we find consumers.

Want to learn how many impressions your brokerage could be receiving with Publish? Contact your the dedicated Account Manager for your brokerage to learn more.

Tips and Tricks February 1, 2018

Leverage Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

content marketing blog imageBy Tiana Baur

Time to take the “pitch” out of your marketing strategy. Content is the here and now, and the future of marketing as we know it. Growing your business is all about leads, and attracting said leads comes much easier when leveraging content marketing.

Chances are you’ve heard of content marketing, but maybe you aren’t exactly sure what it entails. According to the Content Marketing Institute, a resource for – you guessed it – all things content marketing, describes it like this:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

The general concept behind it, is getting rid of the “pitch” aspect many marketers in the past have come to love. With this style, instead of pitching your real estate services as an agent, you are providing truly relevant and useful content for your prospects and current clients, helping them problem solve and get their wanted information. In doing so, they will keep coming back for the valuable content you’re providing them on your agent website or blog, making their decision to choose you for their next transaction an easy one.

Unfortunately, content marketing takes some work. It takes quality planning and regular distribution of content that builds your brand and your awareness in the market. There are three things you must do in order to have the content marketing foundation that will pay dividends:

1. Start with a content calendar

A content calendar is the engine that keeps your car running. It also keeps you focused, with your eyes on the road, knowing which turns to take and which roads to drive on. A little content here and there isn’t going to give you the leads and return you are looking for. Consistency is key. Building a proper content calendar that fits your schedule and style is essential. If you’re looking for a template, we suggest taking some notes from this one.

2. Create unique, highly shareable content

A content calendar means nothing if the content you’re putting out is total crap, so play to your strengths and your specializations. You can’t know everything about every topic; pick three or four main umbrella topics and build out your content from there. Maybe it’s DIY projects, fixer-uppers, or interior design. Maybe it’s deep market analytics and investment properties. You know you best and you want to be able to talk intelligently about the topics when you meet these potential clients in person.

3. Provide value

This can mean different things depending on your unique audience. Think about who you want to target. Is it the neighborhood you do the most business in? Or first-time home buyers? Whatever your ideal client looks like, focus on them.

At the end of the day, you get out of marketing what you put into it. Content marketing can take more planning, creating, and time in general. However, it is a prime example of quality over quantity and your audience will thank you for it. This is what gives prospects that little extra motivation to do the one thing you want them to: pick up the phone and dial your number.

If you want more info on content marketing, see Content Marketing Institute’s getting started guide.