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Your easy-to-use, feature-stuffed, ultra-versatile real estate presentation builder.

MoxiPresent® is more than a top-notch CMA tool; it’s a feature-stuffed, versatile real estate presentation builder. Your agents and teams are trusted advisors to their clients, and your managers are devoted mentors to your agents. Easy-to-use, Present gives you the power to take your audience on a journey: from selling guidance and pricing consultations, creating virtual open houses, recruiting new talent, sharing neighborhood insights — endless creative opportunity!

Second-to-none, Present is the most widely adopted presentation tool in the industry and is proven to increase transactions for agents fully utilizing Present by 77%. Built for real estate — by real estate — MoxiPresent works.


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Productivity Powerhouse

Agents need tools that adapt to how they do business, that are easy to use, and that will make them more successful.

Within 60 days, 60% of agents at our client brokerages adopt and use MoxiPresent with average adoption being over 75%. On average, these agents have 43% more transactions than those not using MoxiPresent – winning more business and serving more clients.

Limitless Opportunities

MoxiPresent allows you to build a rich CMA report in less than 10 minutes. It updates automatically, provides pricing guidance, and allows agents to add unique remarks and adjustments. But as a more-than-a-CMA-builder, you can also use MoxiPresent to take your audience on any journey — from virtual open houses, consultation appointments, relocation guides, newsletters, market updates and more — setting an agent up as the ultimate expert.

  • Create an interactive buyer’s tour, allowing your client to add commentary, view commute times, and the best route to visit each property.
  • Embed 3D tours and videos, even entire webpages, creating an immersive digital open house or showing.
  • Inspire new prospects with information, videos, and slideshows about neighborhoods and local communities.
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Accuracy Builds Trust

Win more business and build trust with your clients by providing the most accurate and current information. MoxiPresent automatically updates using live MLS data, real-time Inrix traffic information, and embedded web content. Throw out your horde of correction fluid and no longer stay up late stoking your backyard fire-pit with leftover property flyers.

Agents Become Hyper-Local Experts

MoxiPresent comes with inspiring templates right out-of-the-box, and also allows the user to get imaginative with content and custom pages. Our unique content delivery system even allows brokerages and offices to customize content and share it down to other office and agent level users — providing relevant, hyper-local content without having to recreate the presentation for every single user.

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MoxiPresent Editing

Ready for Anything with On-the-fly Editing

Imagine: An agent is competing to win a new client. They're at a listing appointment and the seller brings up the neighbor’s house as a comparable property — but the agent didn’t include it. This agent would have to apologize, write down the address and promise to update the analysis and resend it right after the meeting. Not a great impression.

However, when your agent is armed with MoxiPresent, they can adjust value, bring in non-MLS comps, and help guide clients on accurate market analysis and pricing without breaking a sweat. During the conversation, your agent can edit the report on-the-fly, adding in unique details the seller wants to consider, proving their role as a trusted advisor. A 10-out-of-10 from any client, for sure.

Keep Everyone On-Brand

Allow your agents and teams to shine while still compliant to ever-changing branding requirements. MoxiPresent presentations, custom-built or templated, pull in the most current brokerage branding elements, and every presentation looks polished and consistent even if a major brand change occurs. MoxiPresent also allows agents and teams to add custom branding alongside their brokerage, embracing individuality and differentiation among peers while maintaining a consistent brokerage brand.

MoxiPresent Quick Flyer

Perfectly Printed Presentations, too!

While a digital presentation will wow most clients, there will be times when a printed piece is just as necessary. MoxiPresent does all the work, easily converting your entire presentation into a landscape or portrait-oriented PDF.

Export a property summary flyer, just a few pages of your presentation, or the entire journey, and partner with a great print company (or your home printer) to create a professional, eye-catching report.

See for Yourself

Take a look at our sample presentations.

Easily create a seller, buyer, or open house presentation. Use our pre-made templates or create your own. Add images, videos, brochures, and anything else you can think of - the sky's the limit.



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