MoxiTalent helps you to recruit and retain agents through automated talent identification.

MoxiTalent helps your recruiters and managers to recruit and retain agents for your brokerage, giving you the competitive edge needed in your market. 

MoxiTalent's intuitive interface reminds users of task due dates, prioritizing tasks for highly valued recruits. Recruit the right people and encourage agent loyalty and retention.

Identify top producers

Identify who to recruit

Not only does MoxiTalent walk you through successfully getting an all-star agent into your office, but it also tells you who these real estate agents are, and which ones will help you reach your goals. It also prioritizes your tasks, so you’re focusing on the ones that could really count vs. ones you’d like to have in the fold.

Retain current agent talent

Retain your existing agents

Recruiting is important, but it’s only a piece of the puzzle. Retention is just as important for your brokerage as recruiting is. That's why MoxiTalent will help you connect with all of your existing agents as well.

Build on the MoxiEngage CRM

Built on MoxiEngage

MoxiTalent guides recruiters and managers through the recruiting process not unlike a CRM. In fact, MoxiTalent was built on the core of MoxiEngage, our CRM and productivity tool. MoxiTalent requires managers and recruiters to set their goals before taking any other action. The goals are used by the system to keep managers focused on a disciplined methodology, despite the noise of daily office life, especially for those with an open-door policy.

Now Available

As the newest member of the MoxiCloud open platform, MoxiTalent is designed to help execute this year's business goals through automation. Are you in?

MoxiTalent helps recruiters and managers identify which agents to recruit, and reminds users of task due dates, prioritizing tasks for highly valued recruits. If you’re interested, contact your Account Manager or set up a consultation team with our experts below!