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People begin their home search online, looking at properties and finding a real estate brokerage and agent to partner with. It’s essential that you, as well as every single one of your agents, has a strong online presence that communicates your value proposition helps you generate leads and gain brand awareness in your market.

MoxiWebsites is an easy-to-use website builder for brokerage, office, team, and agent websites that makes putting your brand’s best foot forward a simple task. It enables you to easily build a professional-looking website to help you get found, sell homes, and grow your brand.




Monthly Consumer Visits

MoxiWebsites in Action

See real-life examples from some of our creative clients!

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Capture and route leads for quick follow-up

When visitors to a real estate agent’s site connect with the agent, their contact information is transferred directly into MoxiEngage where the agents will then have the tools they need to guide them seamlessly through their sales flow.

As easy or as custom as you want

In one instance, a brokerage or agent can have a fully functioning website in under three minutes, and in the other, the site can be customized to fit more advanced needs.

MoxiWebsites gives your brokerage the ability to create a professional output without requiring any coding skills. In three easy steps an agent or brokerage will have a fully functional, IDX searchable site. If you wish to take it further, you could create custom pages for a more customized, personal experience.

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Live data & IDX search image

Live data & IDX search

MoxiWebsites is integrated with the MLS, meaning the listing data on your agent and brokerage websites will always be up-to-date. It also allows visitors to search through the MLS directly from each website.

Fully responsive, of course

All brokerage & agent websites have a responsive design that makes it easy to navigate, look great, and work seamlessly on all sized screens, such as tablets and mobile devices.

Fully responsive agent website image example
real estate digital marketing and blogging for brokerages

Enables digital marketing and blogging

MoxiWebsites is built on WordPress, a powerful and flexible tool optimized for blogging. Agents can leverage the blog functionality to showcase their local expertise and gain recognition as the real estate expert in their neck of the woods.

Intelligent website analytics

We’ve partnered with Brytecore to integrate their Brytelytics intelligent website analytics into all MoxiWorks websites at no added cost. This gives you visibility such as:

• Real time feed of real estate-related actions taken on your website

• Listings and cities with high web traffic

• Visitor volume and activity

• Activity map showing web traffic for various properties