Lead routing & intelligence so smart it seems like science fiction 

With rich data analysis across web traffic, customer behavior, and lead routing — MoxiWorks and Brytecore give you a clearer picture of your consumer. 

Lead intelligence truly built for real estate

Technology data silos are over. Brytecore services work natively with MoxiWebsites and MoxiEngage giving you real-time consumer activity — for registered and anonymous visitors. Those same visitors can be tracked leads, routed to the right agents, and followed all the way to closing. You’ll see a convenient lead-to-close analysis that proves your investments and drives adoption.

Wicked smart website analytics

Brokerage-level MoxiWebsites customers receive Brytelytics, Brytecore’s intelligent site analytics service, at no added cost. These smart analytics give you deeper insight into all consumers including prospective leads. Service those same leads all the way through to closing in MoxiEngage when you upgrade to Brytecore’s Lead Voyager.

Never lose a lead to chance

Not only can you get more info on your leads behaviors; Brytecore also offers Lead Voyager at a special rate for MoxiWebsites + MoxiEngage customers. New leads are automatically synced with MoxiEngage through sophistocated lead routing, and any activity tracked by Lead Voyager syncs with your MoxiEngage activity record. Transaction phase status in MoxiEngage and prospect type (buyer/seller) are also updated automatically when they change in Lead Voyager.


The average real estate consumer experiences a 24-month journey from initial web search to closing, but these potential buyers are only ready to transact during a very short window of opportunity. Using Brytecore, brokerages can automatically identify that window, engage an agent, and capitalize it into lead conversion.

Founder and CEO