DocuSign's Rooms for Real Estate

DocuSign’s Rooms for Real Estate is the best transaction management system in the industry. This partnership allows our MoxiEngage™ CRM to provide unparalleled integration to their fully digital transaction management program, so agents can manage transaction and agreement workflows seamlessly with their clients.

How the integration works

  • When it’s time for a transaction, MoxiEngage™ CRM creates a digital transaction room for the agent with all of the client and property info auto-populated.
  • The digital transaction room enables the creation, editing, and sending of documents to anyone and everyone involved in the transaction. This means clients, loan officers, escrow, etc. can all interact within the same space.
  • Now agents can also see the status of where each participant is in the buying and/or selling process, allowing for proper transaction management and maintenance to take place when needed.

Save money, time and trees.

Whether it’s buying, selling, or refinancing, DocuSign helps you centralize all of your real estate documents, and get electronic signatures to complete agreements faster. DocuSign allows you to work the way you want—on the go or from the office—using online tools that simplify transactions from end-to-end.