Comprehensive Moving Concierge

MoveEasy is integrated into the MoxiEngage™ CRM to save agents time on post transaction tasks. When a transaction moves from active to pending, MoveEasy pulls all the necessary details from MoxiEngage ™ into the MoveEasy dashboard. The client can access the dashboard and keep up to date with everything going on and organize schedules for tasks. Everything done on the dashboard is sent back to MoxiEngage™, within the activity section.

How it works

  • Clients can organize their move with a personalized, fully branded moving dashboard, assign tasks, and get weekly email reminders.
  • Assistance in completing moving tasks. From updating utilities and changing their address, to finding storage options and shipping their car. They manage this all in the same place!
  • Connect them with your favorite vendors. Add all your preferred cleaners, painters, and other vendors that you know will get the job done. Clients can find them easily without having to call you. Everything is accessible from the unique dashboard.
  • Stay on top of your client’s mind throughout the entire move. With the entire service branded for you, it’s easy to stay top of mind, even after the transaction has closed.

All of These Benefits. For Free.

There’s no fine print. Whether you’re a brokerage, a team, an agent or a client, MoveEasy’s cost is the same: Zero.

MoveEasy is a comprehensive agent branded post-transaction concierge service. Agents can help their clients with all their pre and post moving tasks through a combination of online, human and Alexa automated concierge while staying top of mind.