Boosting buyer data in a big, big way.

With fan-favorite MoxiEngage CRM and superior buyer services from RealScout, your agents are going to be knocking quite a few socks off. 

Give your agents what they really want

Generating and nurturing buyer leads can be high demand but low reward. When MoxiEngage CRM is boosted by the proven flow from RealScout, your buyer journey transforms into a smooth-sailing experience. We track behaviors, web data, and other insights to build you a real-time view of market demand and buyer inquiries. Thanks to our strong MoxiCloud sync, contact history and search activity are saved in both systems — no need for double data entry. 

This isn’t just another agent honey-do list, this is true time-synergy

Both RealScout and MoxiEngage have been proven to increase productivity of agent who adopt them.   

With RealScout’s branded search experience, buyers are engaged in a controlled platform where their potential lead information isn’t leaked to third-party lead scrapers. We take stock of what they’re searching for and turn that information into easy-to-understand reports on demand and guidance for potential sales.  

Every unique activity and data point we unearth about your buyers is synced with MoxiEngage and notifies agents of opportunities to win more business. Unique custom searches can be quickly generated for your client from your MoxiEngage enhanced task lists – no need to jump back and forth between two systems. 

Kevin Knol

“When you fuse real-time buyer demand insights with an industry-leading CRM, agents can increase the level of sophistication they bring to their clients. This integration is just one more step towards making the Moxi-RealScout partnership an ultimate technology duo – enabling brokerages to grow and defend their brokerage.”  

Kevin Knol

Senior Manager of Strategic Accounts, RealScout