MoxiWorks Launches a Sleek Sidekick for Relationship Management

MoxiWorks Launches a Sleek Sidekick for Relationship Management

New Dialer and Messenger Service will Help Brokers and Agents Continue to Nurture their Sphere and Create More Leads 

Key Takeaways: 

  • MoxiWorks launches new Dialer & Messenger as part of the MoxiEngage CRM to help agents and brokers streamline lead generation and sphere marketing. 
  • MoxiEngage Dialer features live answer detection, callback messages, computer audio, choiceID, advanced voicemail, simultaneous multi-line dialing, call recording, and click to call. MoxiEngage Messenger features blast messaging, MMS, and message templates. 
  • There are different packages available for purchase. Brokers have the ability to purchase the fully-featured package for agents, once purchased agents can tailor the minutes and messages quantity to fit their needs.

Seattle, WA (October 12, 2021) - MoxiWorks, the leading real estate technology platform announced the launch of a new Dialer and Messenger that is now part of their MoxiEngage CRM today. MoxiWorks tools are focused around the importance of sphere-focused selling strategies to generate warm leads, strengthen repeat business, and position agents as pillars within their network. Due to this, they have launched their new Dialer & Messenger to help agents create and nurture leads in an easy, personalized way.  

“MoxiWorks is a company that knows the true value of sphere-focused selling and we tailor our products to support that methodology,” says Jim Smoak, Senior Director of Product Management, MoxiWorks. “That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Dialer & Messenger, a tool to help agents successfully create leads by honing in on their connections. The Dialer & Messenger will offer an expedited and easy way for agents to keep in touch with the people that they trust, and who trust them.” 

This new Dialer & Messenger is far from the old-school tech brokerages may have used in the past for getting leads. It enables Moxi-powered agents the ability to stay in flow and spend more time creating opportunities to connect with their sphere of influence.

 MoxiEngage Dialer & Messenger provides agents with the tools to message clients, call and leave voicemails, schedule and send SMS blasts, all while being able to track each touchpoint along the way. The MoxiEngage Dialer features ChoiceID (the ability to call from your own phone number) live answer detection, callback messages, computer audio, advanced voicemail, call recording, and click-to-call. MoxiEngage Messenger features are packed with a dedicated phone number for each user, blast messaging, MMS, message templates, and a mobile app that allows for push notifications to ensure agents do not miss any messages.

Each MoxiEngage Dialer & Messenger package will offer different features available for agents to directly purchase. In addition, brokerages will be able to buy a full-feature package to offer to their agents. Once purchased, agents will be able to tailor the features to best suit their needs. 

For more information on the MoxiEngage Dialer & Messenger and to get a quote on various packages visit:

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