Don’t go chasing ice-cold leads. ActivePipe helps you find leads that trust you.

If 3 to 6% of an agent’s sphere is thinking of selling at any given time, those are can’t-miss opportunities. With ActivePipe, we’ll help you find them. 

ActivePipe is world-class lead nurturing email marketing software

  • We do the behavioral research and offer up potential opportunities, taking the guesswork out of prospecting.
  • With curated content, a wicked-smart algorithm, and intelligent intent surveys — you’ll make meaningful (automated) connections with all of your sphere.
  • You’ll spend less time wondering who to reach out to, and more time having great conversations.
  • Your agents and your brand should be seen as the community’s expert in real estate know-how. With exclusively curated content, your newsletters and campaigns will make an impact.

  • Brokerages can control and share all content libraries, ensuring their agents share the right stuff.

  • Let email automation nurture your clients and unlock the engagement opportunities hidden in your database.

  • Anticipate your prospect’s needs before they even pick up the phone.

  • Identify prospects as likely to buy or sell based on behaviors or other triggers.

  • When you’re delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time — you’ll win their business.

activepipe email marketing software

Stack ActivePipe with other products

Need more than automated email marketing? ActivePipe pairs well with other products. Check out some popular stacks.

Market Like a Rockstar

Amplify your voice and build your brand across multiple channels.

Print, digital, and social materials without lifting a finger


Deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right contacts


Create 24/7/365 spaces to provide value to your sphere

MoxiCloud Partners

Tie in specialty marketing services like gifting, USPS direct mail, and professional photography


Hear it from them

“[ActivePipe] has 100% helped us to grow and scale. We couldn’t communicate with this many people without this system. The fact that it is so simple and easy — if people aren’t using it, they’re nuts. Once you give it a go, you see that the benefits to the customer are substantial.”

Scott Jackson

Founder and Chief Operating Officer | Ray White Canberra

A 360' View of Your Sphere

An agent's greatest resource is their sphere. Protect it.

Stay in flow, track engagement, and build a reliable pipeline


Deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right contacts


Create 24/7/365 spaces to provide value to your sphere


Hear it from them

“Success in real estate is built on relationships. The key to building a relationship is building meaningful touchpoints and remain front of mind. We’ve been using ActivePipe as the extension of the helpful [service] embodied in our team.”

Alice Callaghan

Head of Marketing | Frank Gordon Estate Agents, Port Melbourne, Australia

Agents Don't Have to Lift a Finger

Confidently conquer time-intensive marketing tasks with automation.


Ready-to-use marketing materials created and delivered right to agents


Keep contacts in flow with relevant, curated content


Automated, compelling ads to the right audience without compromise


Keep track of all relationship touchpoints from a central CRM


Hear it from them

“It’s what you do inside of your sphere that makes a difference — and Moxi, they allow you to stay so in touch with your sphere and what is going on with each of their individual lives.”

Scott Wetzel

President & CEO | Windermere Services Mountain West

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